Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Does King Donald want every American to catch the coronavirus?

I spent this past weekend in Mississippi. Driving back to Alabama, I saw the tire warning light was on and pulled off at a truck stop and drove around back to the garage. A mechanic said they only work on trucks, but the cold air that came in the night before could have lowered the air pressure in the tires and caused the warning light to come on. He said AutoZone had a device that can turn off the light. I thanked him, said cold weather had caused the tire warning light to come on once before. 

Passing through Reform, Alabama, I saw a local AutoZone-like business and pulled in there and parked in front of the store. A white man and a black man, without masks, walked into the store. I put on my mask and walked into the store and saw maybe a dozen male employees and customers not wearing masks. The employees were white.

I told a young man behind the counter about the tire warning light. He got an air pressure gage from another employee and checked all four tires and said the pressure was over 30 pounds in each tire. I thanked him, tipped him $5, and left, wondering if the men in that store worry about catching the coronavirus? If they catch it, do they think they will receive the same expensive experimental treatment Donald Trump and his wife and son received after they tested positive? Are they taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc as prevention, like Donald Trump once did after some of his staff tested positive?

I wonder if Donald Trump wants everyone in America to catch the coronavirus? I wonder, because he refuses to liaison with Joe Biden while coronavirus infections are spiking upward in America (and everywhere else), straining hospitals, putting doctors and medical staff at greater risk, and putting non-coronavirus patients at greater risk, because they cannot get into a hospital, or they can catch the virus in a hospital, so they don't go there. 

But wait, there will be a vaccine soon. How soon? Who will receive it? Meanwhile, how many Americans will catch the coronavirus and risk what a friend wrote to me recently after being told by a doctor that he may have had coronavirus this past March, when he had what he thought then was a really severe flu:

Cytokine storm damage to heart was one of the MDs many theories. Cytokine storm damages organs months down line. They thought electrolytes were a cure at one point. My heart rate has been slowing down so that of this last century my ass would have been buried alive. Crazy shit can happen to your heart, kidneys liver stomach and gut. The shit can effect you for months or even years after. I get out pf the hospital Monday and get to wear an expensive heart monitor for a week and upload the data every 4 hours for a week. I showed no antibody to covid, M.D. continued changing guesses.

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