Thursday, November 19, 2020

America's Great Reset, move aside MSM, Netflix, Stephen King

Twice Obama, twice Trump voter Sancho Panza responded to yesterday's Does King Donald want every American to catch the coronavirus? post at this blog, and then the old farts fun began:

Best thing you can do is to just stay away from the MSM and Social Media Left Wing Propaganda on Corona Virus.... that shit will drive you crazy! Whenever you see somebody talking about it, just run the other way! You've heard of the Placebo effect? There is also the Nocebo effect... and it is been put to real good use by the vaccine voodoo doctors and other nefarious opportunists looking to usher in "The Great Reset"! 


Did I say anything in my blog post today about any media? Dr. Zelenko's early stage cure would allow for reset. Will watch Carlson video. I sometimes have liked what he said, sometimes he reminds me of 


Tucker wore me out pretty quick, I wonder if he wears a mask in crowded places?


YOU and I... and probably, most old farts in America today, are nothing less than walking zombies of the MSM, Big Pharma and Big Tech and their 24/7 communication blitz ! You don't have to quote them... it reeks out from every pore of your skin, like the smell of fear on prey being chased by wolves!  

You are pretty much as ready as you will ever be to meet and defeat the Chinese made, CIA designed, Sweet and Sour Sniffles... so don't worry about cytokine storms and keep taking care of yourself to strengthen your immune system... look forward to being with and celebrating LIFE with your daughters and friends for Thanksgiving(take extra quercetin & zinc)... I am planning to be with my family, fuck Gov. Murphy and Cuomo!   EmojiEmojiEmoji


By MSM, main stream media, I ass-u-me you also mean FOX, which I understand has the lion's share of the "news" and "commentary" market. 

I get most of my "news" from the Internet, multiple outlets, mostly articles, opinions, and from you, and from one other person. 

I wish CNN would quit wringing its hands like it never imagined in forever that Trump would roll over if he didn't win Nov. 3. He has never played by any rules but the ones he makes up. How that plays from here is like watching a Netflix psychodrama. 

I thought CNN did a good job explaining how the votes in Philadelphia and a number of other Pennsylvania urban areas were heavily weighted toward Biden and would give him Pennsylvania, even though when the polls closed, Trump had won Pennsylvania. I took a wait and see, but it looks like CNN got that one right, and other close states using that method. 

I only got a TV a couple of months ago, had not  had one in years. I mostly use it to watch sports. Watching Biden stuff on TV doesn't arouse me. 

I have been wary of Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex for decades. What they did to Dr. Zelenko, and the Front LIne doctors using his cure, without giving him credit, perhaps because they had big egos, perhaps because they figured saying "Zelenko" would be the kiss of death, it certainly is on Facebook, was catastrophic for America. As was Trump not doubling down and making Zelenko's cure freely available, when only FOX was in Zelenko's camp. Schizophrenia, for sure.

I saw something on TV last night, or maybe a Netflix movie, where some old codger said one thing about living a long time is you get over worrying about what other people think about you. You just say what you think. Amen.

I'm taking quercetin, zinc, C, D3, K2, Magnesium, etc. If I catch the Chinese Sniffles, I'm going to bug the shit out of you in your dreams.


CNN is probably the worse of the worst, a total propaganda machine of the establishment... but that's OK their audience loves to get their "fix"... like the Church goers that go to their priest for absolution and to receive the Eucharist and feel they are now one body with The Christ, Dominus Vobiscum!  

I have Netflix... but I also have Amazon Prime and I am thinking of dropping Netflix, kind of redundant... it seems that all of Netflix original productions have the Woke, Reset Agenda baked into the cake, even more so than the rest of Hollywood! I am looking for entertainment to get away from Politics!!! 

Speaking of the devil, I got this sent to me this morning.....  there are a lot of rabbit holes on this blog page for those who like to get lost in them....... 

This was blocked by FB


Have my own issues with FB censorship. For example, FB noticed me that my blog post today could not be boosted, violated FB community standards. 

Trump fired the guy who was trying to keep American elections secure, after the guy announced the elections were the most secure ever. 

In addition to all the media you and Republicans decry, and FOX, I get ongoing input from angels in my dreams about everything I publish, or will publish, and about lots of stuff I don't publish. 

Looks to me people believe what they want to believe. Trump asked Russia to help him get elected in 2016, see no mention of that in his "declaration of national emergency to prevent foreign interference in American elections" ... "news" you sent me.


FB has done that to me also, prevented me from sharing videos I found in youtube... they are part of the Status Quo and have builtin censorship algorithms to kick out certain words related to covid, vaccines, election fraud, etc.! 

You always bring up this issue of Trump in one of his rallies asking Russia for help with the Hillary Clinton illegal home server and the 30,000 deleted emails which showed her peddling access as quid pro quo in funneling of funds to the Clinton Foundation when she was Secretary of State, as if that was evidence of Trump's committing treason, but if it was, Trump would have been impeached for that a long time ago and Mueller would not have had to waste 3 years and over $40,000,000 of tax payers money trying to prove Trump's collusion with Russia and coming out empty handed... sometimes I wonder how serious you really are about all this? Emoji


Hillary was awful, I said that many times in 2016. The FBI, ie. Director James Comey, later villained by Trump, Republicans, MAGAs, perhaps you, released Hillary's emails close to the 2016 election, despite his wife trying to talk him out of it. Comey determined Hillary was grossly negligent but had committed no crime. Comey knew that would help Trump, and yet he sat on what he had about Trump, which information would have cost Trump votes. Comey was fired by Trump after he won and along came Mueller. If you followed Mueller, he said he was not investigating Trump criminally because of longstanding Department of Justice policy not to criminally prosecute sitting presidents. Trump and his entire entourage stonewalled the House of Representatives impeachment investigation. Now Trump is stonewalling the 2020 election results. That's his style. He's been a crook for a very long time. We may never know what really happened, but then, if Trump ever leaves the White House, who knows what might come out in state and federal Trump & Crew investigations. If I were Trump's lawyer, I would advise him to  make a deal with Biden & Harris that he and his family and cronies will not be federally prosecuted if he concedes the election, stops firing everyone who didn't lick his ass and suck his dick and heil him, and cooperates fully with the transition.

If Trump had fought as hard for Dr. Zelenko's cure, as he has all his adult life fought his creditors, and as he now fights conceding the election, America could have safely reopened in April and remained open. That was his Rubicon and he did not cross it. If he had embraced wearing masks in crowded places, that also would have made a big difference. He deserted in a real war. In the U.S. Military, that's a court martial.

In the United States, before the Civil War, deserters from the Army were flogged; after 1861, tattoos or branding were also used. The maximum U.S. penalty for desertion in wartime remains death, although this punishment was last applied to Eddie Slovik in 1945. No U.S. serviceman has received more than 24 months imprisonment for desertion or missing movement after September 11, 2001.[50]'

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