Thursday, November 5, 2020

Will America's White Supremacist party win again this year?

Trump in Tulsa

This year's presidential election looks to me like a screaming mandate for America to switch to apportioning each state's electoral college votes according to the candidates' popular vote percentages. That's how democracy works: every voter's vote counts.

Meanwhile, as the vote counting continues in a few states that would not or did not have the ability to count all their votes quickly, President Trump is doing what he always has done when he does not get his way: file lawsuits, whine, rant and rave.

In the rant and rave department, this was in my Facebook timeline:


Has anyone ever seen a speech by Hitler where he wasn’t screaming at the top of his lungs ranting and raving like a lunatic? It seems those are the only speeches anyone ever shares or puts in documentaries about him. Was he ever calm? People must be insane to support a madman. Look at facial expressions and body language. He always seemed hostile, angry, violent, bellicose, belligerent, irrational, tense and unstable.
  • Ro
    He gave a great speech at the end of “The Great Dictator.” Wait—that was Charlie Chaplin. We deported him
  • Alex
    I'm still being punished for saying Germans are smart? Apparently my 24-hour Facebook jail sentence for saying the Germans are smart has expired.
  • Sloan
    According to Ivana, hubby Donald kept a book of Hitler’s speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed and sometimes he read it at night.
  • Steve
    Has any of you watched the Greatest Story Never Told on I never found him irrational maybe angered for a reason unknown to most of us . Yet truly compassionate for his own people and the fight against Communism
    BitChute is a peer-to-peer social video platform.
    BitChute is a peer-to-peer social video platform.
    BitChute is a peer-to-peer social video platform.

    • Ian to Steve
    • True. Germany had a right to be angry at crippling economic punishments against them for WW1. If we’d helped them rebuild like we did Japan after WW2, there may not have been a Holocaust or a Hitler. Economic collapse causes fascist demagogues to arise. We know that so we should be able to prevent it but we don’t act on the knowledge. We let people suffer in poverty and just ignore them.

    • Sloan
    • I'm sure millions of dead Jews and Gypsies side with today's Nazi Germany sympathizers. Hitler did not attack Russia to stop it from killing millions of Jews and Gypsies, just like he and his legions were doing in Germany. Hitler attacked Russia because it had oil and Germany didn't, and Germany needed that oil to fight that war.

    • Sloan
    • Here's the book Ivana said Donald kept in a cabinet on his side of their bed, and sometimes he read it at night.
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    • My New Order A Collection of Speeches by Adolph Hitler › Order-Collection-Speeches-Adolph...
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      • Sloan
    • Charlottesville
      Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor
    • Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
      • Sloan
    • How many black people did you see at MAGA rallies?
      Image may contain: 18 people, crowd, text that says 'Lord JESUS, PRESIDENT TRUMP TRUMD'
      • Sloan
    • At Trump's RNC acceptance speech this year?
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      • Sloan 
    • Which Alabama U.S. Senate candidate this year successfully prosecuted Georgia Klansman for bombing the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham and killing black children and adults: former Auburn head football coach Republican Tommy Tuberville or former U.S. Attorney Democrat Doug Jones? Hint, it wasn't the Republican.
      • Sloan
    • If you don't think the Republican Party is the White Supremacist Party, you have not been paying attention.
      • Trump copies Hitler
        Trump copies Hitler

      • Trump supposedly copied the Nazi propaganda movie “triumph of the will” very closely in a campaign ad. The unedited footage of the two line up almost perfectly with Hitler landing in a plane and Trump in a helicopter. The shots and editing and composition are very similar.

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