Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg enhance Red China and Donald Trump's chances of winning?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

After the coronavirus reached America early this year, a friend called me to report a dream of Archangel Michael telling him that the coronavirus was developed in a China biolab and there was supposed to be a vaccine, but the virus got loose before the vaccine was ready. Out of my mouth popped, China having the virus and the vaccine would be a terrible weapon that could hold the rest of the world hostage, which could not be allowed, and an angel did something that set the virus loose before the vaccine was ready.

After I published Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's letter below, the same dreamer friend reported Archangel Michael and other angels liked Dr. Zelenko's cure, as did President Trump and Sean Hannity on FOX, while the liberal news media, the Democrats, the medical industrial deep state, and Facebook did not like Dr. Zelenko and his early stage infection cure.

As time passed and I read reports of other doctors having same success with Dr. Zelenko's cure, I began slamming President Trump for not making Dr. Zelenko's cure freely available in America, which would have allowed America to reopen safely.

From time to time, Facebook blocked what I posted there about Dr. Zelenko, and recently I was suspended for 24 hours. Yesterday, Facebook added to my Thank you, Red China, your bio weapon stopped America's rich white men's wars for corporate profit, for now, and put America on the brink of civil war post that it was false regarding the coronavirus being a Red China bioweapon.

Last week, the same friend emailed reports of what angels told him in dreams about Mark Zuckerberg:


October 27, 2020

Zukerberg has made his organization the clearinghouse for people to communicate, sell to each other, and even establish more intimate connections. At the same time, he used that power to create a huge informational database through which he sells the data that FB's machines harvest, examine and store such that people's entire relationships, job histories and how they interrelate to one another can be sold to the highest bidder. He hides behind the Cambridge Analytical Branch to say it is not Facebook that directly does it, and such breaches of privacy are only legal because he cooperates with the intelligence agencies and law enforcement to entrap, entice, and otherwise stimulate individuals to a position where they may be prosecuted and imprisoned, or just have their lives and the inner workings thereof be meddled with and taken apart.


October 27, 2020

Zuckerburg may become the first omen of the anti-Christ. He is a false prophet. He has created a modern tower of babel. He is the first of many false prophets until the anti-Christ returns.


October 30, 2020

Zuckerberg and Cambridge Analytical did more to ensure the election of Trump, than almost anyone but the Russians. Zuckerberg's ability to use Facebook to combine like-minded individuals allows those with extremist views to come together, making their ability to social network online not only stronger, but they can meet in real life- leading to incidents like Charlottesville Unite the Right, and peaceful protests turning violent when MAGA's could infiltrate social networks of peaceful protesters, and MAGAs show up to violently counter attack.

Zuckerberg's Facebook, for access to countries in which there is restricted access to the internet, shares information with these regimes. This has a chilling effect on what little free speech there is in China for religious movements like Falun Gong, and for ethnic minorities like the Uyghurs. If these groups make plans to meet or practice their culture or religion in private, Facebook can and does stooge(snitch) to oppressive regimes for Facebook's continued ability to do business in these countries.

Oppression, the suppression of free speech, and the cooling effect that Facebook has on open discussion means that Facebook is one of the great threats to democracy and free and open exchange of ideas, debate and free thinking.


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