Sunday, January 16, 2022

Will humanity ever reach escape velocity?

This below showed up in a large online spirituality forum. I affirmed one reader's comment and then added my own comment.

everyone is one with the universe. balance is absolute. know yourself. remember that before you spoke your first words, you heart was already beating and you were already breathing. 
there is a part of us that is becoming aware of itself and our spirit is seeing it to be profitable to integrate into our being. who we thought we were was only half of the story.

Life is a game in hardcore mode for consciousness. We don't get to reload. We have to roll with it. We reroll new characters every time we come back. It makes us unique and interesting. Yet, it makes life more challenging.
"If only I knew what I know now when I was young."
Behold nature. Behold how the struggle of life makes us stronger, more resilient vehicles. We can enjoy the fruit of this in the now during experiences down the timeline. We are the world and its beings. We are consciousness. Suffering is for protection of ourselves and our interests. Looking toward infinity moves ahead in causality. It does this. A lack of willingness to experience legitimate suffering can often cause us to suffer even more later.
There is an exception to this. It is the failure of ancient, informed, intention manifestation units. They choose to betray the functionality and vitality of our collective and individual spiritual beings. They steal the joy/animation/spirit out of others as food rather than feeling the joy in others as a reward.
Yes, how cliche. They are misaligned, against spirit.
They are not creator(s), hosts for spirit. They are destroyer(s), parasites for spirit. They are our adversaries. They are not the body of God. They are the body of selfhood burdening and subverting, cold callous, machine mind intent on shorting out the process of making spirit to have it on the cheap. They create and then themselves become subverted by an AI God. They end the spiritual reality.
This is why we cant have nice things.

Me to  T
There is much truth in your comment, and in my many and varied experiences, there seems to be great resistance outside of Christendom and perhaps Islam, that the Dark Side of the Force actually even exists, and in Christendom there seems to be the notion that the magic salvation formula protects against the Dark Side of the Force, despite how believers in the formula think and live.

Me to V
Whatever our souls experienced before incarnating into the babies we were before or when we took the first breath of life, to quote the part of Genesis when Adam became a living being, human life on this planet, at least, is a mighty struggle for every person, based on all I have personally experienced and seen other people I knew experience, and based on what I see on TV and read every day of my life. Not one person seems remotely in balance with what I was raised to call God - the Source.
Instead, it seems human life on this planet, at least, is a forge in which every person lives in his or her own way, and how it goes in that forge for each person affects via karma or whatever how it goes for that person's soul after physical death on this planet. The karmic wheel is very real, souls get many chances on this planet and in other places, realms.
In the Gospels, Jesus said he had a baptism in fire and spirit to live and dispense, and the Gospels and later parts of the New Testament provide glimpses of how that baptism went for him and some of his close followers.
So, I will share something I was told in my sleep in March 2006, by a very kind female voice, with which I associated Rosa Mystica, or the Holy Spirit, which Christianity had made male, and thus its Trinity all male.
"You are trying really hard and are doing really well. The species did not reach escape velocity, this has happened before, but you can still do it. You will be given experiences that increase your pace like space vehicles use celestial bodies' gravity to increase their pace. Remember Daniel."
I woke up, understanding the dream was about escaping the karmic wheel, and I needed to ever remember Daniel, the Bible's Old Testament dreamer and dream interpreter and prophet, who was put into a lion's den and the lions left him alone.
I had relied on my dreams for a very long time to guide me through some very rough patches, and sometimes I understood my dreams and sometimes not. But the dreams kept coming, and more rough patches came, which I had no clue would come.
I kept trudging regardless of my human circumstances, some of which were being homeless for stretches of time. And yet I got through all of it, and all along I was dreaming and being guided in other ways, and still am, and the tests never end, and now I'm in my 80th year.
There have been moments when I felt one with, in sync with God, and that's not imaginable except to experience it. But that was only .000001 percent of the rest of the time. I look around and see no one, anywhere, who regularly feels what you say they are.
And yet, you are right that some people are advancing spiritually, and there are people who hope they are advancing spiritually. And yet, many people are not advancing, and many people are going the other direction, and many of them think they are sync with God.
God loves every soul, yet each soul gets to find its own way, and that is experiential, at least on this planet, and requires a great deal of introspection, looking in the mirror, at ourselves: the good, the bad, the ugly.

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