Wednesday, January 5, 2022

My novels were stranger than fiction, and my life is stranger than my novels :-)

The discussion in yesterday's God is like a telephone, but ... post grew some interesting front and hind legs after a 2nd person, P, joined that discussion. I added P's and my dialogue to that post. 

This post today is dialogue with a much younger woman, who commented at my Facebook under the I think Trump, MAGAs and Republicans are right when they call Democrats "snowflakes" post:

I am looking for interesting friends on Facebook and I hope we can become good friends.

Sloan Bashinsky
In my 80th year, I learned how to escape permanently from the Smithsonian. Gnawed off a hind foot and the tracker they put on it, and grew another hind foot, and now they don't know where I am. I am not inclined to be in good moods, but sometimes I laugh hilariously, and sometimes people understand why, and other times not. I tried to get a PhD in "women's studies", and finally figured out that is impossible for a man to do. Arrogant, even. I have lots of aches and pains and groans, have had lots of weird and bizarre life experiences I would not trade for any amount of money, but complained mightily when they were happening to me- nothing has changed about that😀. I'm not looking to get hitched up again, but if some lady came along who lit up all my old and creaky circuits, then perhaps I might reconsider. Meanwhile, I wake up each morning and wonder why I'm still here? The other day, my older daughter told me God was not ready to have me back, probably couldn't cope with having me around, so I should forget about that escape notion. Today, I discussed with a friend the possibility of the mother ship snatching me up to her again. But, jeepers, all the other times that happened, didn't take the mother shippers long to wonder what they had gone and done that for, and they beamed me back down.

I feel bad because I have no idea what you're talking about, are you writing a story?

Sloan Bashinsky
Looking at your FB, you are maybe 1/4 my age, and when I was that age, I would have had no idea what I/me today was talking about. However, you said you were looking for interesting friends, and so I told you a little about myself. Some of it is fact, some of it is parable. I have written lots of stories. The novels were stranger than fiction, and what the novels were based on, stuff that I had experienced, was even stranger than the novels. 

For example, once upon a time, I lived in what most view as an exotic American city, which I realized sat on top of an earth energy vortex similar to that in parts of the Himalayas and the Andes and the Sande Cristo mountains in Colorado, but unlike those places, in that city there seemed to be an allergy to spiritual evolution. However, I did meet there two people, some years apart, who were on their own paths and knew of the revered Sufi poet Rumi and his irascible spiritual teacher Shams, and they took to calling me, Shams. Yet, I imagine, compared to Shams, I was just drinking a glass of the wine from the bottle he had completely consumed. 

There is a good bit about Rumi and Shams in yesterday's God is like a telephone, but ... post.

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