Friday, January 14, 2022

Idiot Nation: Covid-19 America

In my Apple newsfeed this morning:

"‘We’re Overwhelmed:" Nurses Strike Across the U.S. to Protest Covid Working Conditions 
Madison Muller
January 13, 2022, 11:54 AM CSTUpdated on January 13, 2022, 4:15 PM CST

Chicago nurses joined colleagues across the country Thursday to protest against working conditions that they say have rapidly deteriorated as hordes of Covid-19 patients push hospitals to the limit. 
Scott Mechanic, 36, an emergency room nurse at the University of Chicago Medical Center, said the problems stem from widespread labor shortages throughout the health-care system and hospital leadership who are reluctant to provide assistance. 
“We don’t have food service people … we don’t have supply chain people to deliver our most critical supplies, we don’t have people to repair our equipment,” Mechanic said. “But every job that doesn’t get done by somebody else ends up falling to the bedside nurse. We’re overwhelmed.”
The protests, organized by National Nurses United, a labor union boasting 175,000 members nationwide, was part of a jam-packed day of action across 11 U.S. states  and Washington, D.C. today “to demand the hospital industry invest in safe staffing, and to demand that President Biden follow through on his campaign promise to protect nurses and prioritize public health,” according to the union. In Chicago, members are still working and the action was part of their bargaining process, but other branches are striking. The union plans to end the day with a candlelight vigil near the White House to honor the thousands of nurses who have died from Covid-19. 
Scott Mechanic, 36, an emergency room nurse at the University of Chicago Medical Center and member of National Nurses United, joins a protest for better working conditions in Chicago.
Biden announced today that his administration would double its order of rapid tests for Americans and would begin distributing “high-quality” masks, which have soared in price, rendering them financially inaccessible to some Americans.

I was a good patriotic boy in 2020. I mostly stayed home. I wore a mask in crowds and business establishments. When the Pfizer vaccine became available in early 2021, I got the first shot, then the second. Later, I got the booster. I tapered off wearing a mask in crowded places, unless it was required. I had zero sympathy for anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who caught Covid-19. I did not think it was fair or smart or patriotic to let them into hospitals. I thought it was idiotic to let them into hospitals. I wondered why President Trump didn't think the same? I concluded he was idiotic. Now President Biden thinks issuing free better masks will protect hospitals and their workers and patients from unvaccinated people with Covid-19? For real? President Biden actually thinks that? Why doesn't he, instead, tell hospitals he thinks they should stop admitting unvaccinated Covid-19 patients? What is wrong with his BRAIN? Doesn't he see unvaccinated people in America are terrorists? Insurgents? What's the difference between them and the traitors who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021? Well?

While I'm on a roll, what's wrong with the BRAINS of people in America, who burned the doctor last below at the stake, and thus burned America at the stake? How could any God-loving, worshipping, fearing, patriotic, in God we trust  American not see this doctor was inspired by God to save America from Red China's bioweapon? America could have stayed open, if President Trump had made this doctor's cheap, fast, early stage infection cure freely available. Oh, yes, for sure, half or more in God we trust people in America would have refused the cure God sent them.

If I put this rant on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., it will be taken down by AI moderators, and if I appeal, it will be kept taken down by human moderators, and if I tell them they are idiots, traitors, who trample first do no harm and free speech, they just might close my account.

Link to one interview of Dr. Vladimir  Zelenko: 

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