Thursday, January 13, 2022

Hee Haw America

Some years ago, I stumbled across something perhaps about the Sufi poet Rumi's irascible spiritual teacher Shams, as it was set somewhere near Turkey, Armenia, etc.

Through the rural grapevine, a small village learned a Dervish was headed their way. It was a great honor to be visited by a dervish. The townspeople spruced up their village, cooked food, put on their best clothing, and gathered at the side of the town where the dervish would arrive. After some wait, they saw someone in the distance walking their way on the cart path leading into their village. As the traveler neared, they saw a dirty, poorly-dressed old man. He walked through their midst to the well in the town center, where a donkey was tethered to a hitching post. The traveler leaned over and spoke in the donkey's ear for a while, then straightened himself up and walked out the other end of the town. 

That story also could be about Jesus in the Gospels, who repeatedly berated his own disciples for not hearing what he was telling them. If his disciples then did not hear him, how could Christians today hear him? 

The more news reports I read online and see on TV, the more it looks like self-declared one nation under God, whose money says in God we trust, is being held together by hay bailing wire, which actually is heavy string, no metal in it whatsoever.

On the right is the rising dictatorship party, which knows what it wants: total domination of America. On the left is the perennial jackass party, which forever gets lost and gathers in a circle and sits down and holds hands and chants, "Where the fuck are we? Where the fuck are we?

In the middle are the people who get to choose whether to shit or go bind.

Meanwhile, businesses are reporting worker shortages and are paying $25 an hour to attract and keep line workers. Product supply lines are not moving well. Gasoline and diesel  prices are quite high. Schools are closing, again. Hospitals around America are filling up, again, with Covid-19 patients, most of whom are not vaccinated, belong to the rising dictatorship party, and don't like socialized medicine unless they benefit from it.

From today's online New York Times:

Lauren Ancel Meyers, who runs a Covid analysis project at the University of Texas, said that people might soon look back on Omicron as a turning point. “At some point, we’ll be able to draw a line — and Omicron may be that point — where we transition from what is a catastrophic global threat to something that’s a much more manageable disease,” she told The A.P.

Of course, as we all should have learned by now, Covid-19 could also surprise again. Another possibility, Meyers said, is that a dangerous new variant could emerge this spring. That outcome is both unlikely and plausible, which is always a tricky combination to understand.

Where the fuck are we? Where the fuck are we? 

If only President Trump and America had listened to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. See his letter below.

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