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God is like a telephone, but ...

I posted this into an online spirituality forum and got one reply, which I answered:

A woman asked why we are here on this world? I said, to become who we really are. It's really important to dig into things and see what is not visible on the surface. But if research in a library is all we do, then it is for naught. What is important is to take risks, to speak and act publicly on what we know. 

The woman told of being in her office and library after an aunt had died. The books were her own writings and research and school text books. Including her doctoral thesis. She saw her aunt and all the books flew off the bookshelves onto the floor. Her aunt had the final say. I asked if this was a dream? The woman said, no, it actually happened in her office. I said I didn't think she understood her aunt. 

I told her about the movie, "The Razor's Edge," starring Bill Murray. 

A seeker of arcane mysteries, the "hero's" most cherished possession was his small collection of books on that subject. After much searching, he ended up living in a Buddhist monastery, in very high mountains, perhaps northern India. He swept floors and stirred a large black cooking cauldron, day after day. 

One day, a monk told the seeker the lama wanted to see him. The lama told the seeker it was time he went up on the mountain, alone. As he headed out, the lama handed him his rucksack containing his precious books. 

The seeker then is seen sitting in a cave with a view of snowy peaks and valleys. He is seen meditating and suffering. He has a small fire going in front of him. He is not well dressed for the climate. He is cold. He is not progressing. Then, he picks up one of his precious books and tears out pages and puts them in the fire. He burns that book in that way. And another book in that way. And all of his books in that way. He returns to the monastery and the lama tells him it is time to leave.

The seeker returns to Paris, where he had lived before his journey brought him to the monastery. He met and fell in love with a woman. She was an addict and had a pimp. He tried to save her. He came close, but she was an addict and the pimp didn't want to let her go. The pimp was really angry she had tried to leave him, and when she tried to leave him again, he slit her throat and killed her. The seeker wonders what was the point? 

The point was he had stopped seeking and had started living and taking risks and trying to do his best.

The woman said she had wanted to write a book. I said that was her aunt's point. She needed to get out of her old books and write a new book.


Hm, I didn't really understand the point. But I think I need to watch the movie to get it.

I did read the book however, and it was one of most beautiful literatures I've ever perused. Not because of the plot however, but because of how Maugham describes the events and people. He's truly an outstanding master of words.

Thanks for writing this post and remind me of that. Peace and God bless.


Had a "waking dream" yesterday. The fairly new high tech radio in my car is synced with my i-Phone, such that when I'm driving somewhere with the i-Phone and I receive a call, I punch the green ap on the radio display and can talk with the caller. Likewise, I can ask Siri to call someone and the call begins. Yesterday, I was able to receive and make calls and hear the other person, but no one could hear me. So, to the place where I bought the radio I go this morning. However, last night brought a series of dreams going nowhere, the content of which I do not recall, except I woke up around 7 am with the obvious in my noggin. I can hear other people, but they cannot hear me. In sleeping dreams, someone's car represents their ego vehicle, and the same is true in waking life.

Therefore, here is something about Rumi and his spiritual teacher, Shams.

Shams-i Tabrizi and Rumi first meeting

(too old to reply)

By Nasir Shamsi

Rumi's first meeting with Shams-i Tabrizi that turned him literally upside down, because of the mystical shock he experienced in his first encounter with a man gifted with extraordinary esoteric powers on the path of 'Salook' (a measure of nearness to God )-- the goal of all mystics-achieved through completely submitting 'self" (nafs) to the Most High to the point where it starts mirroring in its purified depth the reflection of the powers of the Most High. 

Rumi, in his late thirties was a jurist of the first order with accomplishments in religious sciences, including Quran, tradition and fiqh and was leading a loyal  Muslim community in Konya in Eastern Iran (called Khorasan then), now Turkey. His fame as a theophosopher, it appearshad travelled beyond his  area to Damascus and Allepo, two major centers of learning where Rumi had also travelled to fulfil the academic requirements of a Faqih or Jurist. He had, it appears, attained an honorable position among his peers. But there was a certain feeling of unfulfillment, disquiet, an emptiness, an appetite, a craving, a yearning, a desperate need to go beyond the worldly state, to the world unknown, the world beyond, the higher hemisphere, the domain of the Most High that even angels fear to tread. He knew he could not do it alone. He was in need of a spiritual Guide, a Mentor, skilled in the metaphysics of the intended ' space travel ', a consummate pilot who can help navigate this flight into the higher realms of

Shams Tabriz, a man in early sixties, having accomplished himself in religious sciences had studied under different teachers in Tabriz. He had however epitomized his skills on the path of 'salook' under the affectionate tutelage of an accomplished teacher and a great mystic of the time, known as Baba Kamal Jundi. He secluded himself for years with him, praying in 'chillas' (a mystic exercise, praying for 40 days in total seclusion, seeking His Grace). It was Baba Kamal who had predicted to Shams, when he told him that he had a lot on his chest which he could not adequately express in words, that he was soon to meet a person who will become his 'tongue' , ( his alter-ego ). Led by a dream, Shams set out on a journey to Allepo and then to Koniya where he finally discovered the pal he had been looking for. 

The legend goes that Rumi was sitting by the water (a pond) with his students and a pile of books when Shams walked in as a wayfarer with disheveled hair, After greetings, he asked Rumi, pointing to the books (manuscripts), what was it? Rumi answered interrogatively, 'What would you know ?' The visitor reached for the the pile of books and threw them in the water. These were Rumi's handwritten manuscripts and he was greatly upset by the unexpected rage of the unknown man. Shams bent down to the water, restoring the pile of books with no sign of water on them. A bewildered Rumi managed to ask, 'What was it?' and Shams answered him back, in Rumi's own words, 'What would you know,' and left. 
That was it. Rumi threw away his religious raiment and his hat chasing Shams. He found him at the house of one Salahuddin Zarkob where he went in total seclusion in a room for six months.  Only Salahuddin was allowed to go in. Rumi came out a totally changed person. He danced around reciting poetry in Persian.

Another version regarding the first encounter of Shams and Rumi relates to the verbal exchange that happened, when an old dervish stopped Rumi on his the way to the mosque and abruptly asked him: 'Tell me, who is greater, Ba-Yazid Bastami or Mohammad(s)?" 
Rumi's answer was obvious. 
Mohammad(s) is the best among God's creation, how can you compare him to Ba-Yazid who was only a scholar?'  
Shams replied: 
The Prophet says, 'Maarafnak-e haggah marefetek' i.e. I am incapable of knowing You(God) the way You deserve it, whereas Ba-Yazid declares, 'Sobhani maa aazaama shaeni'? (Oh what I have achieved in knowing Him?)
Rumi, who was essentially a man of Sharia at the time, wondered and asked Shams to provide the answer. Shams added: 
The difference is on account of each person's capacity. Mohammad had an unlimited capacity to drink from the river of Ma'arefat (gnosis or knowing God), but Ba-Yazid had yet drank only a glass of that 'wine '. 
Shams-i Tabrizi's answer to the question overwhelmed Rumi, and leaving his disciples, he pursued the visitor to one Salahuddin' house. They went isolation for forty days; Mowlana Jalal uddin Rumi was transformed during this period.


The radio shop said they had to reset the radio, then we reset my phone. I did a test call, and the person I called, who yesterday could not hear me, said she could hear me. I told the owner that he can view me as not being from this planet, this sort of thing happens often to me. So, what do I now have to  reset? He said he believes in signs, and it's a New Year, so what do I do new this year? Right now, I don't have a clue. Maybe something will come to me today, or soon. Perhaps it's for me to stop posting in this forum, as it seems I'm from another planet here, too? 
However, once upon a time, I lived in what most view as an exotic American city, which I realized sat on top of an earth energy vortex similar to that in parts of the Himalayas and the Andes and the Sande Cristo mountains in Colorado, but unlike those places, there seemed to be an allergy to spiritual evolution where I was living. However, I did meet there two people, some years apart, who were on their own paths and knew of Rumi and Shams, and they took to calling me, Shams. Yet, I imagine, compared to Shams of Tabrizi, I was just drinking a glass of the wine. 
I'm sorry about your phone issue. Electronics can be frustrating, especially with interferences, while sometimes it ends up to serve a purpose, like your story serves as approachability now for me.
I spoke to you once before on your posting about C and her healing by the angels help. I could not accept what you told me about desperation being a key element. It has taken me awhile to understand myself.
I've already been in complete desperation all my youth and I thought you were telling me I'd need to go back there and do it all over again. I gave myself to the Lord, Christ, angels, whomever would please take me, probably a thousand times then. I know desperation and I couldn't accept now as I heal myself, I would need to again submit to that process. I suppose we do anyway whether conscious of it or not. Being refined has brought me into desperation many times as an adult now and perhaps the hope it can end at some point was keeping me going.
I don't need false hopes and so that falsity ended and I'm thankful. Thank you. I do read you around here whenever I see your username or posting. The angels are healing me. I don't understand it all, but I'm grateful. 

The angels see so much more than human beings, more than even people like Shams of Tabrizi, see. Angels take people where they need to go next, and next after that, and next after that. That's why I, who have had very much and very intense experiential training in healing, of myself and of others, and who do hear ongoing from angels, recommend people open themselves to being healed and redirected by angels, and see what then happens. And yes, desperation seems to be a key ingredient for such healing and redirecting, And, and being open to the unexpected and even unimaginable. 

A woman I once was with was a licensed mental heath professional and also a healer. She was paid money for her work. Sometimes she accused me of trying to put people like her out of business. I agreed, but said it would take a massive angel intervention for that to happen :-). 

Makes sense you'd heal yourself first before healing others. That way you can intuit and empathize better and also have real faith that they can heal too.
Well, the angels certainly are some kind of humor. They use the tools I have to teach me and I'm grateful because before accepting their help and healing, I was worried there is no way to meet them, I'll never be a frequency high enough to work with them. That's when I learned higher frequencies lift up. Lower ones drag down. The dehydration is a huge issue for me. I am constantly having to hydrate and it is, it's right on that edge of no longer tolerable to me as I feel I'm forcing myself to drink water constant.
My trauma healing kept getting to the point I knew I couldn't do this work myself without intervention. I've already been through the mental health system and they could no longer help me. I also felt it was unsafe for them to. I was seeming to traumatize my last psychologist and that hurt me a lot. I do not wish to spread traumatization.
Ha ha, that's funny about your friend saying you may put her out of business. Well, I almost think in a perfect world, or a more healing conducive one, the work would pay for itself in real currency; energy and the ability to help.

I came to understand, in my line of work, it is forbidden to charge money, or anything. I was reminded of that in the summer of 2000, when a voice I associated with Archangel Michael told me in my sleep, "You cannot do this work correctly, if you are are looking to get anything back from the people you are trying to help." I then got dunked in that advisory. Not money, not love, not friendship, not thanks, not anything could I look to get back, if I was doing the work correctly. As for healing others, a healer can only take someone are far as the healer has gone him/herself. Again, healers are human, very limited compared to angels. Who knows where angels will take you? Or how much of what they can provide you can tolerate? That only you and they know.

Yeah, it's human to look for some benefit back, I think. My own gratitude is enough. It grows and I didn't know it would become vital to me. I pay less attention to what I am receiving from others now and more attention to my gratitude to be able to help anyone at all and I know it's not me. It's what has been healing me/other.
I was pretty shocked to learn someone whom told me I was ritually abused then couldn't stomach the work. I felt pretty alone and angry for a long time. Then, I realized, I don't want or need anyone to understand this when it spreads it. She tried for me. She really did. It was time I take up my own strength anyway and acknowledge it. She was really impressed Mary found me. With the ritual abuse, I was very apposed to any religeous anything. She was relieved Mary found me and so was I. I would need something to replace the dark.
Well so far, the angels just encourage me which is why I'm saying hello. :) I keep telling them someone needs to make a legit oracle deck for them. The ones I've seen are really poorly done. You'd think, these guys bringing us magic and all, they'd get someone to channel a decent oracle deck for them. What gives? In fact, I hope so much more material becomes available concerning them. I don't know much, but I know they've been with me all this time and they did help me survive. I want that for other people. For it to be better accessible.

I dunno about angel cards, which practitioners would use, and, I suppose, get paid for using. Cards are very limited, compared to angels doing what they do and can do. There are very good tarot readers, astrologers, psychics, shamans, spiritual healers, but compared to angels, they are very limited in what they can do. Jesus in the Gospels said it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Jesus was very clear about being in but not of this world. He would go off and be alone and meditate, and, I suppose, commune with angels assigned to him. Then, he would return to the fray, which is human life. He did not stay in meditation. He did not stay in a a cave or ashram. He did not require payment for his services. He simply advised new ways to live, and he, or something unseen with him, made miracles that helped people and demonstrated objectively that something very definitely not of this world was with him and on his side.
Jesus was sexually abused by his mother, and that explained his curtness with her in the Gospels. In spirit, things are very different than in human form. After she was Jesus' human mother, Mary came to many people with help.
Your needing to hydrate frequently is proof of the heaven-earth (soul) alchemy you are experiencing and doing. Such alchemy requires fire, and air to fuel the fire, and water to quench the fire, and wood for the fire to burn. Chop wood, carry water?


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