Wednesday, January 26, 2022

When people who are not blond dye their hair some shade of blond, is that a statement in favor of white supremacy, since blond peoples historically were white people?

This below was posted into an online spirituality forum and I joined into the discussion a couple of times and borrowed a small part for this post today:

Anyone feeling the negativity of life suddenly increasing as of late without having any significant changes in your life?
I'm not sure why, but life has seemingly only felt worse since 2022 started. Nothing significant has happened but it seems everyone's mood and energy has been on the downtrend as of late.
Maybe it's just current state of life and there could still be plenty of people feeling great as usual. Just wanted to hear how everyone is doing. Have you noticed an uptick of negativity in the air?
It feels like since the start of the year my positive energy has been slowly taken away, either by the general well being of earth or other people. How is everyone else holding up as of late?
I just feel drained for no particular reason these days.

"Nothing significant has happened?"
Do you watch TV? Read online news reports? Talk with people about what is going on in America and elsewhere?
The American right is reminiscent of 1930s Germany. The American left reminds of the Fukwai tribe, which is forever getting lost and gathering in a circle and sitting down and chanting, "Where the fuck are we? Where the fuck are we?" The American middle is disenfranchised.
President Biden's approval rating is 33 percent generally, 25 percent with Independents - according to CNN about 10 days ago.
The right seems to have successfully rigged voting in many red states. The American left and middle just might wake up soon and realize the right has taken over America, along with its God is on our side and the other side works for the Devil mantra.
Meanwhile, perhaps your own life is where you should delve for negativity. Your personal relations. Your personal outlooks. I don't know you. Do you take fearless personal inventories? Does your spiritual guidance stand you in front of mirrors? My guidance gets onto me about me ongoing. I also am put to speaking about what's going on in America.
I had this thought come to me from out of the blue yesterday. When people who are not blond dye their hair some shade of blond, is that a statement in favor of white supremacy, since blond peoples historically were white people?
When you look at the January 6 mob, when you look at photos of Trump rallies, you sea seas of white faces and every now and then a different color face.

This may sound bad but I'm really tired of living in such a negative world, it feels like it's just gotten worse as I've gotten older. Maybe that's just a part of aging and getting a clearer picture of the world, but damn what can honestly be done to make everyone be more peaceful and positive.

The world is birthing a new era; this is the transmutation of energy. nothing can be done except for the process to continue and for each of us individually to transmute our own energy—to see ourselves and each other for what we truly are and to move through life with love and grace.

What can you do to make everyone be more peaceful and positive? Nothing. But making yourself more peaceful and positive benefits a part of the population beyond yourself.
You can be a small beacon of peace and happiness and self contentment that shows those around you what is possible, and gives them hope.

This is everything. This should be the goal.

Your words are enthusiastic. That's neat! I don't wish to diminish your enthusiasm in the least, just temper it a bit. When steel is tempered, it remains strong but doesn't easily break.
This idea is something. To say it is everything I think is an overreach. And it can be your goal, if you so choose, but it's not a universal goal. Not all that glitters is golden. Not everyone here can be someone else's beacon.
One reason we cannot unify everyone is we are not all here for the same reason and on the same path, nor did we start from the same place. People will be where they are at in this life, and it's not for me to judge that place. Doing so sets up an impossibility for both of us.
If you step back and look at us, down here on the planet earth, it might look like a school. But there are no classrooms, no grades, no formal tests or graduations. Lessons aplenty, but no formal school for spirits.
And yet everyone learns or adapts or gets through stuff or passes on by. Everyone is on their own path. What a miracle of life.

My experience is there very much are schools and there very much is grading, of each person, tailored specifically to each person, because, as you said, everyone is on their own path. We can spiritually expand, stay the same, or retreat. How we live our lives is reviewed after we cross over, we get to see everything clearly, whether we want to see it clearly or not. Then begins the next part of our soul journey. Unfortunately, that is not part of what western religion thinks. Yet, when I look at Eastern religions, and aborigine religions, which recognize the continuum of a soul's journey in time and space, I wonder about people in those traditions who behave as if karma does not exist? As I wonder about my own behavior and karma, and wonder why Western religions carry on as if there is no such thing as karma?

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