Sunday, January 23, 2022

There is no need to attend church or be a Christian. Simply try to live as Jesus in the Gospels advised. That is what being saved by Jesus really is about.

Jesus with leper

Today being Sunday, when most Christians attend church...

The lament below in a large spirituality forum showed up in my newsfeed last night ...

Is Christianity using fear to manipulate people?
If it is that's really messed up. I find myself when I'm really miserable seeking salvation and thinking Jesus might be it. Then i kinda of turn Christian for a day and snap out of it the next. I read the Bible and see the nasty things it says about homosexuals, the contradictions and just plain absolute nonsense. Some stuff in there really makes no sense and i don't get why god would make me so confused.
Anyway, it seems like it feeds off of peoples desperate need for wanting some loving force out there. Either way, i do believe in something else but there's no real definite answers.
It really makes me depressed and almost atheistic.
I wish there was hope, i wish that miracles were real and that we all have a purpose, but with almost 9 billion people including animals and our habitats we can't help everyone. What does one do to know the truth?

yes. yes it is using fear.. true christianity, true ANY religion really, is nothing but love, and all the beautiful things that branch from that. anything that evokes fear is patriarchally corrupted religion
just follow love… your own heart.. self love. that is the core of all religion

The Jesus in the Gospels was a soul alchemist in the truest sense. There were others before him and afterward, but he was v-e-r-y advanced. What is reported about him in the Gospels and in later letters in the New Testament is (a) very abbreviated and (b) written by people of very limited understanding compared to Jesus in the Gospels. Of the authors in the New Testament, the scribe of the Letter to the Hebrews was v-e-r-y tuned in. Biblical scholars today, in the main, don't know who wrote that letter. I was told by angels it was written by Mary Magdalene, who was Jesus' partner in all ways.
Another v-e-r-y advanced person in the Gospels was Judas, who did what Jesus asked him to do, because they both knew he was the only person who would do it. The three of them were a team, a triad, which is spiritual alchemy circles - triad - has some significance. Advanced souls as those three were, they were stretched to their limits. That is what spiritual alchemy is: being stretched to our limits.
The religion that became Christianity did not heavily "preach" that part of what Jesus was about, because it wanted lots of recruits. So, the that religion preached a cheap, fast ticket to eternal life and used fear of dying and burning forever in hell to encourage recruits to sign up and, of course, donate money to that religion's churches. Jesus and his close disciples were called to serve God, as I was raised to call the Source, and they did it for free.
The Pharisee Saul, who became Paul after being accosted and struck blind by Jesus on the road to Damascus, did not ask his followers for donations. After the road to Damascus experience, Paul endured a searing transition, a very small part of which is related in Acts of the Apostles and Paul's letters. Unfortunately, Paul condemned homosexuality without full disclosure. He wrote that he had a thorn in the flesh, which he had asked God to remove and God had replied the thorn would help Paul grow - be stretched. The thorn was Paul was gay. As far as I know, there is nothing in anything Paul wrote that he ever married or had children, which was his solemn duty as a Jewish man. Paul claimed to be celibate. He encouraged his followers to be celibate. He placed women below men in their relationship with the Christ. He caused a great deal of harm to the collective soul of Christendom, and yet had much good to say, which people needed to hear and do and be spiritually stretched thereby.
Jesus was stretched to and beyond his human limits. As were his disciples after they were taken over by the Holy Spirit - Shekinah, feminine - in Judaism- and were grown into adults God could use. They no longer drank milk but ate meat, and were teachers, as said in the Letter to the Hebrews. Like Jesus and Paul, they were able to and did perform what today would be called miracles. But that was a very small part of what they were about, which was continuing and expanding the new paradigm - way of living - Jesus had brought and taught which he called the baptism and fire and in spirit, which he lived himself as he taught it.
The early church fastened on the miracles, and Christian churches today place a great deal more emphasis on those miracles, instead of on the baptism in fire and in spirit, which stretches anyone beyond any limits they could imagine they have or had. 
I am not speaking here from what I read or heard someone else say. I am speaking from the direct experience of living Jesus' baptism, which for me began in early 1987. It was progressive after that, I was made ready for each next step. Made ready by angels, whose names are known in the Bible: Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, and by the Holy Spirit, which I had come to also call, Rosa Mystica. The female side of God, Christendom had made male, even though She is called Shekinah in Judaism. An all-male Trinity - hmm, how does it reproduce?
I was taught that sexually different people are not evil, but simply are different, and they have their own relationship with God, and with Jesus, regardless of what much of Christendom thinks, believes or says. Did not Jesus in the Gospels tell his disciples he had other flocks of which they were unaware and to judge not and God would not judge them?
What it seems M needs is direct intervention, like I and a few people I have known experienced. But then, that seems to me to be what humanity needs :-), Yet, could humanity accept such a thing? Could humanity endure and survive the baptism in fire and in spirit? I don't know, and I don't know if angels have that much time on their hands, or permission from God to do it.
So, for those who do not get conscripted and turned inside out and upside down and every which away but loose by angels allegiant to God, the raw teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, about how to live and move closer to God, are a very true and very steep soul alchemy path. There is no need to attend church or be a Christian. Simply try to live as Jesus in the Gospels advised. That is what being saved by Jesus really is about.

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