Friday, January 21, 2022

Lawyer representing Trumper asked me where I stand on Covid-19 and I told her to read my blog today

I told the lawyer that I had three Pfizer jabs and take something (quercetin and Vitamin C) to transport zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication, and she should read my blog today.

Just by happenstance😉, MaddieMom's comment down below had come in early this morning.

Dr Zev Has Been Banned and Threatened, You Need to Hear This!

Published July 28, 2021 57,414 Views for Video of Harris/Zelenko pod cast)

Rumble — Dr Zev Zelenko has been a family physician for 20 years. When Covid tore through NY in March 2020, his office visits went from 50 visits a day to 250 a day. He is the reason Trump took HCQ. His research and real-life experiences are something that every American needs to hear!

What I wonder is why it took Mr. Harris so long to get acquainted with and share with his audience what I have known about since May 2020, and then tracked, and tracked, and tracked, as Democrats/the Left, the Mainstream Media, the Medical Industrial Complex, much of the right, and President Trump by caving in to the witch hunts and burnings, allowed the greatest crime against humanity in this century, the Devil literally walking on the earth in plain view? 
How about someone, say Mr. Harris, with clout, trying waking Sleepy Joe up with this video, followed by Sleepy Joe sitting down face to face with Dr. Zelenko, followed by Sleepy Joe doing what the Orange Flake didn't have the cojones to do. Make zinc and HCQ freely available in America, which will defeat the nice gift (bioweapon) from Red China, and put an end to all the Covid 19 mayhem in America, and perhaps that will be contagious and the other countries will follow suit, then they can get back to doing the things they did before the world turned upside down, for better and for worse, including killing the planet, which perhaps is rooting hard for Covid 19 to rescue it from humanity?

Leave Trump out of it. He was being fooled just like you and the rest
If us were at first. Trump loves Americans and was trying to get everyone covered. You don’t have cajones.

Actually, Trump caved to the backlash and witch hunts, perhaps because he feared losing too many votes, perhaps because his cajones were not as big as he claimed, perhaps because he was not a very stable genius at all, but was about as smart as, say, Joe Biden, who had criticized Trump for promoting hydroxychloroquine and zinc.  As you see, I’m not a lefty, nor a righty. I am for what is best for America, and Dr. Zelenko’s cure would have spared America (and thereafter the world) a lot of deaths and maimings from Covid-10 and its variants, and would have allowed America and the world to remain open. The mask and then the vaccine wars would have been trumped and headed off at the past. Right, not way enough Americans, right or left or middle, were smart enough to put their trust in Dr. Zelenko’s early stage infection cure, which kept his at risk patients out of hospitals. Instead of attacking me, you could have promoted Dr. Zelenko’s cure be implemented now – if you had the conjones and smarts, anyway.

Knew it!!!!! Said it, no one would believe me that America had been HAD, sold to china and the left is proud of this..the only thing missing in today's horrendous nightmare is Schindler......this is Biden's list!!! MURDERING thousands upon thousands....for the new world order, the great reset.....SATAN!!!! This is media/agenda/ destroy America and all she stands for!!! GOD help us!!!!! I hope all rot in HELL.....shame on all doctors that never ever prescribed Hydroxy..that would have saved lives!!!! Covid..go home..stay home, rot....we don't what happened.......stay home...NO RX...nothing...stay home.....Trump was right.....100% all because of the hate for Trump and America......GOD come now!!!!

Well, Biden did dis Dr. Z and his cure in 2020, but, come on, Trump had the cure in his paws and when he saw it going sideways, did he fire his FDA director and get someone to replace him who would get the cure to the American people? Nope. Trump launched Operation Warp Speed instead, and, my goodness, did the Medical-Industrial Complex love that. I heard recently that Trump had invested in Pfizer. I wonder if he cut a secret deal with them in 2020?

Covid was thought to be pneumonia in the early cases. I had a friend who thinks he got it in November and was in the hospital for days and thought he had pneumonia.

I caught it in December 2019. At the time, they didn't know what it was so they called it pneumonia. Breathing was uncomfortable for a few days but, it wasn't that bad. I have been around symptomatic positive people often since then and never re-infected. My natural immune system works as it should so, I don't need any vax.

I'll take back to July 2019...not all personal details but my doctor stated, ' we are fighting an unknown virus which can turn into pneumonia." Hence, very strong antibiotics needed to fight it others words a "preventive" measure was used based my personal medial history; plus, it helped biggly that I already do holistic and organic approach he said.

Covid19 produces pneumonia. An elderly relative died in early 2021, her family told everyone it was a massive heart attack, they were responsible for looking after her. Her death certificate listed prime cause as Covid19 pneumonia, and underlying cause as NSTEMI, which is a kind of heart attack that usually does not cause death, whereas STEMI is a kind of heart attack that often causes death.

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