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If there were no Devil, could humanity spiritually evolve?


Discussion in an online spirituality group:

I think it was in around 1991 that I met a curious fellow, who had an extensive library in his home. After I told him some of the wu wu stuff I was experiencing, he said he had a couple of books I should read and he loaned them to me.
The first book, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, by a former Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, contained 5 cases of demonic possession. The fifth case interested me the most, because the possessed was a man who had delved deeply, and sincerely, into various occult practices. Yet, somehow he had gotten demonically possessed, and his coming to see that and want to be relieved of it, was what most of that case report was about.
However, what really grabbed my undivided attention began in the book's introduction and finished in the conclusion. 
A Catholic priest in China attempted an exorcism alone in a small room. Someone not knowing what was happening, knocked on the door, distracted the priest, and the demon used that opportunity to get into the priest, who was the demon's target all along, the possessed was the demon's bait. 
In such an exorcism, the priest understands he makes himself the target, the hostage, to give the possessed a chance to be freed of the demon, if the possessed really wants that  to happen.
In this case, the priest became gravely ill, understood his life was forfeit, but hoped to win the battle with the demon before he died. The priest's eyes clouded over with a slimly film. A friend came by sometimes to check on him. The priest prayed hard and read Scriptures. Finally, when the friend came by, he saw the priest's eyes were clear and he was at peace. He died soon.
In one iteration of HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, Malachi Martin said the Catholic church was possessed by Lucifer at a very high level, evidenced by the church having stopped teaching priests the sacred rites of exorcism. (Later, the church resumed teaching the rites to priests.)
That book became my bible for dealing with Evil. Not to perform exorcisms in that way, in which I was not trained by angels. But to understand I always was the target when I engaged something in which Evil was active, even if the people involved were not aware of that.
Now, I had a very good somewhat younger friend, Jewish by birth but non-practicing, who was deeply involved in the New Age, yoga, mediation, Tao, tai chi, organic foods, wheat grass juice, pure water. He was convinced Evil did not exist. He got mad at me for saying he was mistaken.
One day, he walked past me in a room in which there were several other people. I was creeped out to  see in his profile an overlay of Lucifer. Dark, jagged edges, surreal. I said nothing then, nor later, as I had no clue what to say and I was certain my friend would  blow up at me.
Some time passed. I was moved to tell him about HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL. He got  riled up. I told him to chill and suggested he get a copy of the  book and check it out. He said that wasn't going to happen.
Then, he reported a dream in which his favorite grandmother walked toward him smiling, holding out to him a copy of HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL. He said he figured he should get a copy and read it. I said I agreed.
He bought the book, and then he blew up at me for making him buy the book. I said I didn't  make him do anything, did he forget the dream about his grandmother? He cooled down.
A few days later he called me and said realized he had a problem, didn't he? I said, yes. I asked if the 5th chapter was his clue? He said, yes. He asked how long I had known? I told him. He asked why I didn't say something sooner? I said I didn't know how to bring it up.
He then said he felt something terrifying inside of him, and he saw a sinister black cape moving toward him. He begged me to stay on the phone with him, which I did until the episode passed.
That terror and the cape would return many times when I was on the phone with him. 
By then, he was reporting hearing from Jesus and Archangel Michael stuff about him and me. From what he was reporting, verbatim as he heard it, I did not doubt him.
He was Jewish, remember. He knew plenty about Jesus, but had never been drawn to Christianity, nor was he then drawn to it.
Thus. with our agreement after the angels proposed it, began for both of us a truly rugged spiritual training the likes of which neither of us had ever dreamed existed. That was in 1998. Already, I had been put through many grinders by angels. But that was foreplay for what was to come.
We were turned inside out and upside down and every which a way but loose, in many ways, including being chided, teased and rebuked by angels over our ego hubris.
Our human life events punched all of our buttons and stressed us to our limits and beyond, as step by step, we were changed, delivered from what we had been.
No casting out of devils did we receive. We were put to being changed so that we were less hospitable to devils, but increasingly more interesting and attractive to them.
How that all went is another story or two or three, which nobody in right mind would have signed up for knowing in advance what lay ahead.


My personal thoughts:
Based on books I've read and my own understanding, evil and pain can only exist in the lower densities of vibration. Planets such as Earth which are in the 3rd dimension are hospitable by negative energies. High vibrational worlds in higher dimensions are in turn only hospitable by higher vibrational beings, since energy is love is creation is light is consciousness. Evil and fear is the absence of energy/love/creation/light/consciousness. Earth is a 'young' planet. Some souls/entities which aren't able to ascend due to life experiences which have rendered them 'evil', get stuck to earth when they die in fear of knowing they won't be ascending upon departure of planet earth. This fear is rooted in their knowing that they'll have to re-incarnate and experience more pain due to the karma they've accumulated. That being said, they cause turmoil to other beings on earth to pass the time, and devote their existence to perpetuating this fear with the belief that they themselves are fear.
As I've spiritually evolved and raised my vibration, I've found it much easier to see/hear/feel these negative entities, because I've opened my eyes/mind to these worlds. When I was young, I told my mother I felt possessed by demons and I suffered from severe depression and mental illness. Now that I am aware that negative energies had a hold on me, I am no longer suicidal/depressed since am now in power of my energy/being, versus being a 'victim'. The only way they can come in contact with you is if you match their frequency which is why they try to evoke fear, to lower your vibration and try to contact you. Sometimes, when I feel or see these entities, the only way for me to get them to 'leave' is to remember my power. I harness the light within me and feel love in my heart. I tell them out loud to leave, that they won't be able to find what they want here because I am love and light and I feel no fear. Since I started doing this, they haven't come back to me in my dreams/astral projections/sleep paralysis or in my meditations/daily life, and I've had some very terrifying experiences with them.
My assumption is that those of us who are connected to spirit are not more affected by these negative beings but rather aware that these negative beings are affecting us, which can be scarier because we know they're there. This helps in our spiritual evolution in regards to learning not to become fear, since we have to overcome/face it.
I personally would not read this book, and no longer watch horror movies (or the news for that matter) because they evoke fear. I believe this fear is perpetuated intentionally. We all have free will, and we are all here to simply experience life, good and bad. Unfortunately some of us don't choose the path of 'light'. However, we are all one. These evil entities are a fragment of source as you are. When you think of it this way, it's much easier to feel less fear. They aren't a separate evil entity, but rather part of the energy of the collective and of you and therefore you can decide whether to harness this fear or not. Nothing bad will happen to you as long as you don't give into the fear, and as long as you don't perpetuate fear in your own life by thinking about this too much. It's the only way out of such a cruel world in this third dimension. Rise above.

"The only way they can come in contact with you is if you match their frequency which is why they try to evoke fear, to lower your vibration and try to contact you."
So, Jesus matched the Devil's frequency during the three temptations in the wilderness? Or, did the Devil come to Jesus to try to derail what the Devil saw Jesus was going to set out to do later on? I imagine the Devil in that report, a parable or an actual event, was inside of Jesus and also a very real entity.
It has been my experience, that as I progressed deeper into the spiritual path, which involved a great deal of me being stood before mirrors looking at myself, the more interested the Devil and that realm became in me. Just calling this a spirituality forum draws the Devil's attention to it.
My Jewish friend had his entire belief system and spiritual perspective demolished very quickly by what he was convinced were Jesus and Michael. Before that, he had no interest in either. He was completely immersed in the New Age, Yoga, Tao, Tarot, Runes, Astrology, etc.
However, later stuff happened that put him face to face with the evil in himself, which the black cape coming toward him perhaps had forecast. He had a real struggle with that, the evil in himself. And, with the evil in people very close to him. He had a hard time also letting go of his old systems, such as Tarot, Runes, Astrology. That is part of God, but God is so much bigger.

The truth is that there is no evil, the only things that are truly evil are measurements we use to evaluate certain thoughts, our mind does this cause it's just very simple. If your shadow is being determined as evil by you, that's also not a complete healthy of thinking about yourself. As the bible says there is a time to hate and there is a time to fight. Our Shadow is sometimes necessary to let a divine idea to come out of a situation. But that's just my opinion

You begin with what you say is the truth and end with saying it is your opinion. The truth is, I have encountered various angels, and also Evil, Lucifer (as I came to call it), demons head on. Head on with Evil, Lucifer, demons was absolutely terrifying. I also have times have met Evil, Lucifer, demons inside of myself, which is in every person. I ongoing get into situations, which usually seem "arranged' or 'destined', where a person or people are being influenced, usually unawares, by a demonic entity. When I speak to that person, or persons, I also speak to the entity. I am frequently attacked by people and demonic entitles. None of that is opinion, and none of it can be proven by me or disproved by anyone else. The truth is, the Devil's greatest trick is convincing it does not exist. People who assert otherwise draw the dark side of the "Force" to them.

Basically, there is nothing else than love or fear and every other emotion is based on one of them, because one Emotion never stays what it is its developing into something different. Lucifer was the first one to doubt the gift of god, through this doubt lucifer was creating fear itself. Love is older than fear and this story confirms, that fear is a construct of the mind in the first! As Jesus said don't be afraid of the evil, he said that because He knew in reality there is no evil. The only demonic forces are within yourself as Donald Neale Walsch said in his books doubt and fear are the only enemies of the human.
The devil is symbolic for the duality of thinking in good or bad, there ultimately is only love and god. When you are afraid of the "devil" your feeding the force in you and magnetically let events happen that you tried to avoid. I get your point and its true that we all have a shadow side in us.

The Devil is very real, nothing symbolic about it, or its angels and demons, and, yes, we all have that inside of us as well. People like Donald Neale Walsh mean well, but their perspective needs expanding.

Then live in fear of the devil your choice

I live in reality, where there are many things that I wish didn't exist, and many things I am glad do exist, all part and parcel of being human on this planet, and being tuned into and interacting with other realms as well.

Let's say the devil is real, then what do you think that god and his angels fight against the devil and his demons? Like god would solve problems like we humans do and that god or the devil throws us into hell for beeing "evil"?

Lucifer's presence is huge, the planet Earth is just a small dot in the Creation where there are many sentient species of varying expressions, where God has as many names as there are stars in the heavens.
In the Gospels, Jesus told of Satan and his angels, which were present around Earth. I have had direct encounters with that side of the Creation, which were terrifying. It was part of my training by angels aligned with God. Yet, there is warfare in the heavens, or other realms. It extends to this planet. There is only so much angels can do here, as there is some kind of give and take. As in, if an angel does something here to change something that cannot humanly be changed, the other side gets to make a change here that it was not able to make.
Jesus in the Gospels told people how to live and become closer to God, to deliver themselves from evil. Unfortunately, Christendom, in the main, fastened more to the miracles reported in the Gospels, than to Jesus's teachings. Unfortunately, Christendom, in the main, invented a miracle salvation formula, which sent people to heaven, if they believed it, or to hell, if they didn't believe it.
What sends people toward heaven or hell is how they live. Saying it another way, people are saved by Jesus to the extent they live his teaching in the Gospels. He said his baptism was in fire and spirit, and he had it to live and to teach. John the Baptist had prophesied that would be Jesus's baptism. Not in water, but in fire and spirit. That is a grueling baptism, which goes by many names on this world and in the Creation.
There is no absolute dying and going to heaven or to hell. Everything is relative, fluid, in motion. A soul has many incarnations, on this world, elsewhere, in physical form, in other forms. The soul progresses toward God, or it doesn't. How long that is allowed, I cannot say, nor can anyone, I don't imagine.
Just because this is called a spirituality forum does not mean Lucifer is not infiltrated here. Just calling it a spirituality forum invited Lucifer to infiltrate it. Just claiming Lucifer, by whatever name, does not exist, invited Lucifer to infiltrate this forum.
A poem jumped out of me in 1994, which I felt was the spiritual itinerary for human beings on Earth. I wonder right now how the poem could even work properly, if the Devil wasn't around to provide the necessary friction?

the sacred prism
through which souls are refracted
into their elemental parts,
purified in Holy Fire,
then one-forged
and sent on their way
to not even God knows where,
simply because they are all
unique emanations of God,
evolving ...

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