Tuesday, March 24, 2020

more to China virus than meets the eye

Around the time of the China virus lockdown, the indomitable Sancho Panza introduced me to:
Yesterday, Sancho blessed me with this from The Patriot Post:
I replied to Sancho:

Given how religiously toilet paper is hoarded by Republicans and Democrats alike, I wonder why The Patriot Post doesn't sit down and write all its authors and readers a letter breaking the awful good news that Republicans end up in the same heaven, or hell, as Democrats, so maybe they ought to start sharing their toilet paper with each other now, to prepare them for later.

Yesterday, President Trump, without his top medical adviser Dr. Fauci present, floated that shutting down the economy will do more harm and kill more people than the coronavirus. 
Several days ago, I made this comment under a Patriot Post article:

This morning I wondered if, a la Art of the Deal, President Trump is thinking of declaring America's debts to China will be reduced by America's costs associated with defending against the China virus? This accused lefty, heh, I'm ambidextrous, hopes Trump will do just that, and - wow - the source of funding the China virus relief packages is solved and revealed!

In the big scheme, I think the approach being taken everywhere just might wreck the economic and social fabric of every country where the China virus gets loose. Based on what I'm reading, the virus already has mutated, and will continue mutating. A Bloomberg article quoted several doctors, one of whom said generations of the virus will be around until there is a vaccine, or everyone catches it. If it is mutating, will a vaccine be effective?

China virus deaths mostly are in my demographic: sickly, old people. In olden times, such people often left or were abandoned by their tribes for the benefit of the younger and healthy. Keeping up such people today costs a great deal of money. Perhaps letting the virus run its course is, in the long view, the best course of action? I happen to know the soul is eternal and there is an afterlife, and it isn't exactly as all or nothing as some religions hold forth.

A Patriot Post reader replied to me:

China may or may not owe the rest of the world reparations, but consider this, the U.S. currently receives 90% of its drug supply from China. Telling China that we intend to stiff them and not payoff our debt to them would invite immediate retaliation by China including immediately cutting off all shipment of drugs to the U.S. Would YOU like to be personally responsible for that? Another retaliatory act by China could be to "nationalize" any and all U.S. properties and assets in China. Would YOU like to be personally responsible for that?

Pondering American pharmaceutical companies that outsource production to China, I replied:

Patriotic American drug corporations, which detest the Democrats and the socialist Bernie Sanders, whom they call a communist, manufacture their drugs in super cheap labor communist China, because they don't want to pay hard-working American workers what they are worth, right?

A few days ago, a professional psychic amiga commented at this blog:

One wake up call I hope the U.S. takes from this situation is that of the need to not be so reliant upon China for so many of our pharmaceuticals as well as ingredients for pharmaceuticals manufactured elsewhere.

We have also too readily come to accept shoddy merchandise manufactured in China as the norm. I'm for better standards or bringing manufacturing home.

As for biolabs, whether research is truly for scientific understanding and helpful purposes, or for bio warfare, developing and having antidotes in place as much as possible would seem to be as important as the primary research. Regardless of how secure a facility, stuff can happen, involving human error, human intent, or Mother Nature.

This morning, I saw at The Patriot Post:
Later today, I saw a new headline at The Patriot Post:

China Virus Demands Reckoning for Beijing

Sparing President Trump, the author slams communist China and WHO for defrauding the rest of the world about the China virus. Excerpts:

Because of the cover-up orchestrated by the People’s Republic of China and the WHO’s inexcusable failure to heed Taiwan’s warning, Americans have suffered a serious economic hit. Because of this cover-up, Americans have gotten sick. Because of this cover-up, Americans have died. For what? To avoid embarrassing Beijing’s dictator?
When companies perpetrate crap like this that doesn’t cost lives (see Enron), they face class-action lawsuits. Sometimes, executives even go to jail. We don’t exactly have those options when it comes to what was negligence at best and depraved malevolence at worst on the part of the People’s Republic of China. But we can do stuff on multiple fronts to hold the Butchers of Beijing accountable and ensure that this never happens again. The payment for the rebuilding of our economy can, in a way, come from the hide of the People’s Republic of China — primarily by us extricating ourselves from dependence on China for so many goods. That is not nearly sufficient when Beijing’s BS cost Americans their lives. But it will be a start.
Shifting gears ...

A few days ago, I reported at this blog that a homeless seer amiga told me one of the Seven Seals had opened.

For several days, I have sat on:

I know a man who receives information from Above, which he shares with me and we discuss it. For some time he and I wondered if the coronavirus was man-made? We kept hoping to get an answer from Above. We heard nothing. We kept asking and talking about it. Last week, my friend reported being told in his sleep by Archangel Michael, that some things are terrible, and some things are too terrible to know, but since we kept asking: Chinese government leaders ordered Chinese scientists to develop a top secret biological agent that would reduce China’s population, and a vaccine for that agent. The agent was developed before the vaccine. The agent got loose.

It is my habit to wonder if there was even more? And to wonder when, if, to make public such disagreeable information? Liken that to Dr. Fauci, whose role is to tell Americans the truth about the coronavirus, regardless of what his boss, President Trump, tells Americans. So, while talking on the telephone with my friend the other night, I said I was right then having thoughts for the first time, which I was stating: The biological agent created by the Chinese scientists was a terrible weapon, which, along with a vaccine for it, would allow China to hold the rest of the world hostage. That could not be allowed. The agent got loose in China before the vaccine was developed.

When I shared that with another spirit-gifted amiga yesterday, she said her aunt already had said the Chinese had released the virus to control the population in China.

As Dr. Fauci keeps saying, the truth must be told, regardless.


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