Wednesday, March 4, 2020

black Alabama Baptist minister said Biden should pick Kamala Harris running mate and Mitt Romney Secretary of State

Yesterday’s Should never-Hillary centrists and liberals suck it up and vote for a Bidden/Hillary or Bloomberg/Hillary ticket? post at this blog drew a critical comment from Pirate Captain Bellamy:

Justice is justice. That everyone should receive just treatment is imperative.

Lives matter. All lives.

When we are so divided and we have such an inability to deal with reality that we require adjectives be added in front of justice, to specify a special justice- "social justice"- we've seriously gone off the rails.

All lives matter. It is unnecessary and shows how little we comprehend that life is precious to say "blue lives matter"- police. "brown lives matter"- Hispanic lives. ALL LIVES MATTERS. Adding an adjective implies those "insert special adjective" lives are somehow more important than say any other life.

Shooting equality of justice and the value of life in the head, not in the foot, but in the head.

Again, the message means well, but it misses its mark. It also falls into the trap of "Anyone but Trump" politics. A lot of people hate him because he shoots off his mouth, they could not legitimately tell you any major policy decision in this administration that they hate, they just hate he shoots off his mouth.

Me later yesterday
Today’s musings were spawned by my never-Hillary midwest amiga's dream described in the post. 

My Key West amiga took a nap after you sent your email this morning and dreamed I was a matador, killed a bull and ate it. I said maybe the bull is Trump.

Pirate Captain Bellamy later yesterday

Ok. I'll prepare for the Secret Service to be seeing me in the next few days.

Ah. A few days peace and quiet at Club Fed.


And it's not that I didn't like your post- don't jump to conclusions with me and try to read my mind, Wizzo the Wizard King.

I just see this as a "sea change" election. I don't like which way the sea is going.

Me later yesterday

A black Baptist pastor amigo laughed his ass off reading today's post, said if Biden gets nomination, he will make Kamala Harris his running mate and will get the black vote. And, he will appoint leading Dems to top positions. I said I had several times published the Dem nominee should say he/she will appoint every Dem candidate to a cabinet position. The black pastor agreed and said Mitt Romney should be appointed Secretary of State, and I laughed and amen'd.

Pirate Captain Bellamy later yesterday

Well, he's talking sense. If Biden wants to win, he stays the fuck away from Hillary, picks Kamala, and looks at some Hispanic voters.

Does Biden have that much sense?

I doubt it. I very much doubt it.

My prediction: If Biden gets the nomination, he asks Sanders to be VP- so as not lose that "youth" vote.

Just because Biden won SC doesn't mean anything, SC is a state where Republicans can crossvote- it creates a monkey wrench effect where you can't tell who the lead horse is. It's an old Lee Atwater strategy. It's why Georgia is deceptive- you don't have to vote in your party.

Sanders is asking for a lot of money without putting up a lot of his own. If Sanders was anything but an ideologue- he'd start self-funding. The more I find about his wealth and assets, the more he says one thing, and does another. Rubs me wrong way.

Me later yesterday
I voted this afternoon for Tulsi Gabbard, and for the maximum number of Joe Biden electors allowed by law (Tulsi had no electors on the ballot), and for the maximum number of non-committed Democrat electors allowed by law. I decided months ago to vote for Tulsi, because she said she would end America's foreign wars. A lot of good could be done in America with money not spent on foreign wars.

In raising money, it seems Sanders and Trump are much alike: heaps of money thrown at them by people who believe in them.

Super Tuesday survivors

Biden slightly ahead of Sanders. Bloomberg dropped out and endorsed Biden. After coming in third in her home state, Massachusetts, and way behind both Biden and Sanders, Warren declined to drop out. I read online this morning that Trump and his machine are gearing up to go against Sanders in November. 

I heard today that there are Republicans who are fed up with Trump and will vote for Biden if he is nominated, but will not vote for Sanders. 

I can imagine if Sanders is not nominated, many of his followers will not vote in the general election. I can imagine if Sanders is nominated, many of Bidens' followers will not vote in the general election. I can imagine that keeping Trump in the White House.

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