Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Does anyone besides lunatics think China invented the virus to control its population?

When I saw the Patriot Post had taken down this comment below one of its recent articles, I wondered which of the above parts of their mission statement I had violated?

I know a man who receives information from Above, which he shares with me and we discuss it. For some time he and I wondered if the coronavirus was man-made? We kept hoping to get an answer from Above. We heard nothing. We kept asking and talking about it. Last week, my friend reported being told in his sleep by Archangel Michael, that some things are terrible, and some things are too terrible to know, but since we kept asking: Chinese government leaders ordered Chinese scientists to develop a top secret biological agent that would reduce China’s population, and a vaccine for that agent. The agent was developed before the vaccine. The agent got loose.

It is my habit to wonder if there was even more? And to wonder when, if, to make public such disagreeable information? Liken that to Dr. Fauci, whose role is to tell Americans the truth about the coronavirus, regardless of what his boss, President Trump, tells Americans. So, while talking on the telephone with my friend the other night, I said I was right then having thoughts for the first time, which I was stating: The biological agent created by the Chinese scientists was a terrible weapon, which, along with a vaccine for it, would allow China to hold the rest of the world hostage. That could not be allowed. The agent got loose in China before the vaccine was developed.

When I shared that with another spirit-gifted amiga yesterday, she said her aunt already had said the Chinese had released the virus to control the population in China.

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