Thursday, March 5, 2020

Alabama "Black Warrior" politics

Speaking of political payback, former Trump-appointed-and-fired U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not get endorsed by President Trump in Alabama’s Republican primary. Former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville, who steadily chanted God sent Donald Trump to save America, got a few more votes than Sessions on Super Tuesday, after Trump tweeted a nod Tuberville’s way.

Lost in the dust bin, God-wants-me-to-win Roy Moore came in very dead last in the Republican primary. Now that’s kinda absolutely amazing to this Alabama bred and born, because just two years ago, twice-removed from the Alabama Supreme Court, Ten Commandments in every Alabama courtroom, many times accused sex with very young women Roy Moore was lily-white, God-fearing, Bible-thumping Alabama MAGAs’ God-sent candidate to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacated U.S. Senate seat.

The winner of the all-white Tuberville-Sessions run-off will face the white winner of the 2018 U.S. Senate race, Democrat Doug Jones, a former U.S. Attorney in Birmingham, who successfully prosecuted Georgia Klansmen for bombing a black Birmingham church. While south Alabama U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was accused of racial prejudice against blacks.

I’m betting on political newcomer (drain the swamp) Tuberville to put Sessions out to pasture, and I’m betting on Alabama blacks, progressive whites and maybe Hispanics voting for Jones.

From a parallel universe, a Pirate Captain Bellamy south of the border homeland security breach lament, which perhaps miraculously wended its way into Alabama.

We actually had a "progressive judge" screw those of us who want a return to sanity. Why?

He allowed the immigrants, legally stopped at the border into the US. Millions of them may now come in.

They're searching for a better life- I think most of them- but there are some who are up to no good, and we do need a vetting process, and we need to think it through.

For US taxpayers to be charged with taking care of them at US detention centers or camps is insane. It's insanity. It's one step away from internment camps of WW2.

If we allow them to walk, and give them a court date to come back for an asylum or residency hearing, we're also fucked. Nobody in their right mind who is off the grid is going to get on it.

Me not having to pay taxes, get free health care, subsidized housing, medicaid, and live like a ghost with no one to find me? That's like a dream for me and a lot of other people. No taxes, cash in hand, free health care because you don't pay, medicaid because your family qualifies for it via income, turns $14k in cash into a $33,000 straight job where taxes get taken.

People are still the best way to move drugs, arms, and evil on both sides of the border- including a suitcase nuke or a biological weapon.

Historical Perspective, by moi

Aye, Captain Bellamy - 

Why, my not always humble self opined numerous times that the one thing I saw eye to eye with President Trump was sealing the American borders, but I went a bit farther. I thought immigration should be stopped entirely, even from predominantly white countries, such as Norway, and I opined the lovely rich white patriotic American men's foreign wars should cease instantly and American troops brought back to the States and stationed all along the southern American border, fully armed and ready for bear. 

I'm now in my second Netflix series about Mexican drug cartels with Colombian cartel connections. Perhaps there's a redneck mystic metaphysical connection? Looks to me, Mexican and down-below-there natives, if you rule out descendants of Nazi expats in South America, predominantly are a blend of Native American peoples and Spanish and Portuguese explorers, and perhaps less than chaste immigrant Roman Catholic priests. 

At one time, the Spanish Empire was spread throughout the entire American southwest and much of Colorado, Nevada, Utah and California. Santa Fe, New Mexico was founded a little while before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. When I lived in Santa Fe in 1986-87, about half the residents were Spanish and/or Native American descent, and in some nearby hamlets were older people who spoke only Spanish. 

Being the good God-fearing savers of souls and adventurers they were, early white American pioneers, backed by their Great White Father in Washington, and the all-white U.S. Congress and U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Army, took it upon themselves to migrate westward. After Napoleon sold the middle half of what now is America to Uncle Sam, to raise money to invade other white European countries, or keep those countries from invading France, white folks American west was born and Native American and Spanish west went the way of biting the dust. I can't help but wonder if Native Americans around Plymouth Rock ever wondered if they should have killed the Pilgrims?

Meanwhile, being a redneck mystic, I also can't help but wonder if the invasion from south of the border is fueled a bit by Uncle Sam and his rich white American oligarchs and their military and CIA meddling in south of the border politics? Ollie North told a bit about that to the U.S. Congress back when America and Iran were a bit more chummy and Ronald Reagan was president. Central America became a rough place for many of it citizens. Still is. Many Central Americans prefer visions of better times in America, instead of in peace-loving Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, etc.

Cutting to the chase, I can't help but wonder if mass migration norte of not lily-white Spanish speaking people, with good or bad intentions, with or without contraband weapons and/or drugs, is, well, yes, cosmic payback.

Pirate Captain Bellamy

It is definitely cosmic payback. Fuck you Hernando De Soto.


According to Wikipedia, De Soto met Chief Tuskalusa, whom I kinda doubt was an ancestor of George Wallace or Roy Moore.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama sits atop a bluff overlooking the Black Warrior River.

Tuskaloosa (TuskalusaTastalucaTuskaluza) (died 1540) was a paramount chief of a Mississippian chiefdom in what is now the U.S. state of Alabama. His people were possibly ancestors to the several southern Native American confederacies (the Choctaw and Creek peoples) who later emerged in the region. The modern city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is named for him.
Tuskaloosa is notable for leading the Battle of Mabila at his fortified village against the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto. After being taken hostage by the Spanish as they passed through his territory, Tuskaloosa organized a surprise attack on his captors at Mabila, but was ultimately defeated.
Contemporary records describe the paramount chief as being very tall and well built, with some of the chroniclers saying Tuaskaloosa stood a foot and a half taller than the Spaniards. His name, derived from the western Muskogean language elements taska and losa, means "Black Warrior".[1]

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