Friday, March 27, 2020

Archangel Michael and Dean Koontz advise coronavirus requires better foxholes

I posted this below on Facebook yesterday, and boosted it. A Key West amigo made a cryptic comment, and I responded. An amiga in Vermont commented, and I responded. I then received a text from an Alabama amiga, who knew nothing of my post yesterday, containing photos of the cover and pages in a 1981 Dean Koontz novel about a deadly respiratory virus bioweapon developed in Wuhun, China and released in 2020 ...
  • Wjames Baldwin " told in his sleep by Archangel Michael, that some things are terrible, and some things are too terrible to know, but since we kept asking: Chinese government leaders ordered Chinese scientists to develop a top secret biological agent that would reduce China’s population, and a vaccine for that agent. The agent was developed before the vaccine. The agent got loose."
    Sloan Bashinsky well it must be true then in some sense and dreamy in another sense and bullshit in another sense.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Sloan Bashinsky Yes, that's what my friend reported. He reports ongoing being told in his sleep all sorts of things by Michael, mostly, but sometimes, with Michael there or not, by Gabriel, Raphael, Khamael and Melchizedek. He also told me of many in-person visits from those angels in his home, when he lived alone. In one visit, Melchizedek seemed to be the angel-in-chief.

    I was told in my sleep a few months back that I am this friend's John the Baptist. I took that to mean, I am his herald.
  • Sloan Bashinsky He detests being used in this way, wants zero public exposure, doesn't like my reporting what he is told and shown.
  • Sloan Bashinsky I report only a small part of it.
  • Sloan Bashinsky i felt early on that there was something fishy about this virus, as did my friend. I mostly wondered if it was designed by angels or Mother Nature, but as more came out, I moved to my friend's sense that it was made in a Chinese lab. Doubt any way to prove such a thing. Nor disprove it.

    People thought i was insane when I reported the day I learned my brother went missing in 2010, that I, in Key West, and a Birmingham News journalist in Birmingham, at about the same time, out of the blue thought my brother had killed himself and tried to make it look like murder. Nobody knew what had happened, if he was dead or alive. His body was found a couple of weeks later in a public golf course pond, several hundred yards below the pubic tennis courts where he had met both his wives, who were the tennis pros there, and were the Alabama state women's tennis champions. The Birmingham police detective assigned to investigate,and the county medical examiner both determined it was suicide made to look like murder. The Birmingham News reported that.
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson I'm ok with your friend's report. Well, not ok, but definitely not discounting him.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Great response, Paula. My friend said that Michael told him,"Some things are terrible, and some things are too terrible to know."

      3 nights before 9/11, Michael asked me in my sleep, Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity
      ?" I woke up wondering what that was about, made the prayer, went back to sleep. On 9/11, my concern was America would retaliate by starting another very bad war. America started two very bad wars. It is unfortunate world leaders, so as not to just pick on American presidents, including the current one, do not seem to themselves open to or receiving information from the likes of Michael, nor do they have people around them, who do.
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson Marianne Williamson could be a nice addition. I think it's very cool that she ran and didn't hide her spirituality.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I knew from my dreams that Michael and other angels agreed generally with Williamson and all other Dem candidates during one of their debates. Williamson spoke of a general toxicity, which needed to be dealt with. I would have said it was demonic energy. I published that at my blog.

      There is very little interest in what the "spirit world" has to say about humanity. Lots of people read the Bible and attend church regularly, but it doesn't look to me they have something like Michael, or Jesus, or Melchizedek on their case. I keep wondering what that is? For I know this would be a very different world if what my friend and I experience with angels was applied generally to humanity. I'd love to see President Trump and Joe Biden taken over by what dragooned me and my friend. But then, maybe that's a bad idea. Maybe Trump and Biden would be thought to have gone mad and no one would listen to them.

      I told a Republican friend this morning, as much as I don't care for Trump, I think he's right that more harm will come from locking down America and destroying its economy and social fabric, than will come from letting the China virus run its course. His daughter, a physician, had told him hospital doctors are having, and more will have to do it, to let the very sick die, and treat the less sick, and hopefully not infect each other with the virus.

      My dragooned friend told me a while back that Michael said how people respond to the virus will be really important.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Hey, Paula - an Alabama amiga forwarded this pic, which another of our friends put onto FB today. I asked her if she had seen my post yest today? No. She opened and read it, called back, Wow! I said, I put up my post today, you the get this pic on FB, in my line of work, that's God saying that's what happened, China made the coronavirus just as Michael told my friend in today's post. She said she couldn't argue with that, but what a strange thing. Click on this pic and see for yoself, Sista.

    • Sloan Bashinsky The morning after ...

      Last night ,my friend who reported being told by Archangel Michael that China invented the virus for population control, reported a nap dream of yesterday afternoon, in which he and I and Archangels MIchael and Raphael and War Angel Khamael are in a foxhole together, and a giant bomb with "coronavirus" written on it falls from the sky and hits the ground and explodes and nearly throws the five of us out of the foxhole, and Michael says, "Build better foxholes." My friend and I took that to suggest the virus has bigger plans generally, and perhaps for us.

      About two weeks ago, a different friend of mine, who has visions and dreams, said one of the Seven Seals was opened.

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Gloria Reiser said...

Actually, the paragraph circled on the page on the left is a quote from Sylvia Browne's 2008 "End of Days." (I was not a fan of Sylvia Browne and viewed her as an entertainer rather than a "real deal" psychic or medium). As for the Dean Koontz' novel, "The Eyes of Darkness," in the 1981 edition, the virus was 100% lethal, or nearly so, and was called Gorki-400. Gorki being a Russian City. After the end of the Cold War, editions from 2008 forward changed the city to Wuhan China, and the virus name to Wuhan-400.

Hmmmm. I wonder if Browne plagiarized Koontz, or if Koontz lifted the new viral name from Browne.... or if it was coincidence.... a strange synchronicity? Fiction perhaps foreshadowing the future ala Jules Verne and others