Sunday, March 1, 2020

Can't imagine any wild elephant liking Donald Trump

An amiga reported a dream last night, in which I rode an elephant, wearing only a loincloth. She wondered why she had dreamt that? Why was I in a circus in India? 

I asked if there was a circus in the dream? No, she said. Was I in India in the dream? She said that's the only place there are elephants. I said there are elephants in Africa. They are larger and have bigger horns and ears than the elephants in India and other parts of Asia. She said it was an African elephant in the dream. A male. Why on earth would she dream of me riding that elephant wearing only a loincloth?

I asked, what is the symbol of the Republican Party? She said, a male African elephant. 

I said a charging African male elephant also is the symbol of the Alabama football team. She asked how she could have known that? I said her dream maker knew it.

I said I wrote yesterday about President Trump blaming the Democrats for creating a coronavirus scare hoax in America. She laughed.

I called her back later and said Tarzan wore a loincloth.
Last week, I mailed her A SOUTHERN LAWYER WHO BECAME A MYSTIC, available in paperback and kindle at She said yesterday that she broke down crying many times reading the book. I said the book is supposed the have that effect on readers, unless something is wrong with them. 

She said today that she is on the last chapter, "The Devil's Greatest Trick Is Deceiving It Doesn't Exist". I said I told another amiga recently that I thought that is the most important chapter for many people. That  amgia had steadfastly maintained Lucifer was framed and actually is the good angel. She voted for Donald Trump because she could not stand Hillary Clinton.

Trump reminds me of Lucifer painting himself as America's savior and a whole heap of people believe him. I feel the same about Hillary, but she is not president and that's why I don't write much about her and write often about Trump. In fact, I can't imagine any wild elephant liking Trump.

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