Thursday, June 20, 2019

universal health care

Promising hope and change, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America. 

What happened instead was President Donald Trump, promising to make America great again.

National Public Radio yesterday featured a discussion about candidates for national elected and appointed public office, who have one or more nasty skeletons in  their closet, which they do not reveal up front, even though in this day and age they know that sooner or later the skeletons will be featured in the national news media, much to the chagrin of the backers of the skeleton owners, unless, heh, the backers simply do not care what dirt is aired about their perceived political savior. Nothing new.

I told a friend this morning, that I think it will take the fear of God being put into humanity, en masse, for real change to happen.

For the Bible thumpers:
Proverbs 9:!0
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

Meanwhile, this invitation from Joe Bidden, ostensibly, which I published a while back, grew national health care legs, some of which I think deserve consideration, others of which, well, nothing new.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky Amend the U.S. Constitution to elect national candidates by popular vote.

    Outlaw running for national office.

    Outlaw political parties.

    Candidates are selected by grassroots write-in campaigns.

    Ballots have a "None of the above" space to check, and if "None of the above" gets the most votes, then there is a new election in which none of the defeated candidates can participate. 

    That aside, Biden should have run in 2016. Now the milk is spilt and the wailing and gnashing of teeth is really loud.
    • Sloan Bashinsky And, I am not a Democrat and view the insinuation that I am, as libel. Not a Republican, either. Belong to no political party (religion).
  • Dawn Hawkins Johnson I support Warren because she has actual, detailed policies that will improve my life and stand for my values. 
    I will support the final nominee, but until then, I’m voting for quality.
    • Karyn Hutkin Ellicott Dawn Hawkins Johnson 👌👎🏻
    • David Booker look at Warrens Healthcare plan .
    • Michael Guida She's a liar and a pretend Pocahontas wannabe.
    • Dawn Hawkins Johnson I did read it. It is a good plan. We will not have Medicare for All in 2021. It will take several years to develop a feasible transition plan to it. In the meantime, people with no health insurance or affordable health insurance need protections. ACA exists, people like it, but it has problems (I am currently insured under the ACA). It would be hard to have a Medicare for All roll out ready to go in under 4 years. We need a right now fix, until we can get to a total system fix. Warren supports Medicare for All, but she wants real changes now.
    • Charles Jones My my my such a definite declarative statement. What arw your sources?
    • Dawn Hawkins Johnson Charles Jones The Washington Post article on Warren’s healthcare plan. 😒

    • Dawn Hawkins Johnson Charles Jones But apparently, you need some sources. It will take 4 years from bill passage (which will take 2 to 3 election cycles because we can get it out of the Senate, unless Republicans magically decide to vote for Medicare for All). So, at best you get it in 4 years. In reality, it would be 6 if we can add seats in the senate.

      The Facts on Medicare for All -
      The Facts on Medicare for All -
      The Facts on Medicare for All -

    • John Meggitt Apparently all pro Medicare for all folks do not understand basic economics. And also haven’t paid attention to what happens in other countries that implemented these types of programs. Restrictions on services and the inefficient government that is in charge of your health care now will become broke as costs skyrocket. Health care is not a right. We need to get the government out of it as it is now.
    • Dawn Hawkins Johnson John Meggitt Healthcare is a basic human right. Countries that have single payer healthcare have better healthcare outcomes than the US and they don’t go broke getting it. The US has the worst healthcare of the modern world. There is nothing wrong with Medicare for All. It just won’t happen overnight and we need a plan to fill the gap until we can get it.
    • Jack McGinnis Deadbeat

    • Jack Lewis That comment has no foundation, McGinnis, other than your prejudiced assumptions against someone you've likely never met.

      Are you capable of forming a rational argument that doesn't rely on a throwaway slur? 
    • John Meggitt Dawn Hawkins Johnson you could not be more wrong. You’re rights are life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And I can tell you haven’t been to any of those countries. I own a company in The UK and I can assure you that is not true

    • Nezaet Ferati Dawn Hawkins Johnson then they can fix Aca
    • Nezaet Ferati John Meggitt and why do we hear from family members I Canada n Europe the opposite that it’s good , if you give excuses like some , why do they come to America for health problems I can tell you the same thing why do some Americans to outside of USA for some health issues. They have some doctors or treatments that we don’t have or viscera
    • Mike Perrino are you a fake injun also
    • Christine Boudreaux Shannon She has a long record of honesty and working for the average guy.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Well, in 1986, Warren registered herself as American before the Texas Bar Association. Open link below and see the actual registration card.

      In 2016, Warren and Bernie Sanders both proclaimed Hillary Clinton was not fit to be president, yet after she was nominated, Warren and Sanders, at different times, were on national TV hugging and endorsing Hillary.

      Before that, I was for Warren and Sanders. Not afterward. The Native American drama was bizarre. We already have a bizarre thinking in the White House. We don't need another but from the other side of the aisle. 

      I think she needs to stay where she is.

      New evidence has emerged Elizabeth Warren claimed American Indian heritage in 1986
      New evidence has emerged Elizabeth Warren claimed…
      New evidence has emerged Elizabeth Warren claimed American Indian heritage in 1986

    • Sloan Bashinsky I also think it's a shame America does not provide health care for Americans. I imagine it could, if it did not spend so much money on its military.
    • Sloan Bashinsky And on tax cuts and loopholes for the rich.

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