Thursday, June 6, 2019

D-Day, 2019: saving Mother Nature from Earthlings

I turned in last night figuring I would write about D-Day today. When the Allied Forces landed at Normandy, France, to begin the final brutal push to end the Nazi reign of terror. I figured I would write about the untold by mainstream news media story of Adolph Hitler and his top henchmen being possessed, altered, enhanced, manipulated and driven by demonic beings, as described in the Grail knight Trevor Ravenscroft's chilling THE SPEAR OF DESTINY, and the goal of the Allied Command to find that spear in Berlin, which Hitler and his henchmen had used to ally themselves with the demonic beings, and return that relic to its historical resting place in an Austrian museum. 
I also figured I would say, that beneath all the political, economic, military and religious unrest in America, and in the world, is what is called the Illuminati, which pulled strings on both sides during World War II, and before that, and since then. A mysterious cabal of very powerful men and women, who believe they are in charge. Yet, even they are puppets. Lucifer's puppets awares or unawares. Thus, the futility, I think, of human attempts to actually change humanity's fate on this planet, absent Acts of God or ETs intervening. 
As evidence, look at humanity's history. Has anything really changed, except for technological development? Did Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Rumi, Francis of Assissi, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Mother Tersea, Mandella and other holy people change humanity's base drives? Is humanity, in the main, still in the spiritual vibration of the earth is flat and the sun revolves around it? Does humanity today think Lucifer is a character in a Netfix serial movie? Has anything changed since what we learned from Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobe in a universe a long, long time ago, far, far away? And, thanks to Disney, still is happening there. STAR WARS?
However, my dreams last night pointed me in another direction today. Toward humanity's relationship with what perhaps a billion, or more, religious people view as the only planet inhabited by so-called sentient beings. Toward what Earthlings are doing to their physical home. Which Armageddon, gosh, really should worry the Illuminati and Lucifer, because the destruction of complex biological life on this world will end the Dark Side of the Force's reign on this tiny planet in a small solar system dependent on a tiny star in, according to science, an expanding unfathomably huge universe. 
Earth's oceans, land and atmosphere are contaminated by plastic, hydrocarbons and other chemicals, and radioactive wastes. That contamination and resulting increased solar radiation are rising. Will America do a D Day about that? Will the other nations? Will the Illuminati? Will the Dark Side of the Force? Will God? Will ETs? At 76, I doubt I will live long enough to find out. My daughters and their husbands and children might live long enough to see if saving Mother Nature from humanity is the top priority. 
The intent of the evil monster Thanos in the super all-time blockbuster movie,  AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, was to save not only the universe and sentient beings in it from over population and pollution, but to do the same on planet Earth. For his good deeds, Thanos later was killed by Earthling super heroes in AVENGERS: END GAME. They were far more interested in resurrecting their dead comrades and half of humanity, than in saving the planet and the half of humanity Thanos had let live.

Humanity needs a large injection of estrogen, and a lot less testosterone.

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