Friday, June 21, 2019

senile nation, America?

From a Vermont amiga:
It’s not like I was considering Biden at all, but, no to Joe

Joe Biden once said he did not believe abortion was a “choice and a right”,…

  • Jane Storrs A lifetime of schmoozing does not a leader make. And now the flip-flop meets the road lol.
  • Sloan Bashinsky His position might make him the only dem who can beat Trump
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson that's uncomfortable
    • Sloan Bashinsky I think the Democratic Party went overboard with abortion. The evangelicals are overboard the other way. A middle ground needs to be reached. 20 Dem candidates. Tower of Babel? Multiple Personality Disorder? It appears Biden is beating Trump in Trump's own polls? I think Biden was the Dems' obvious candidate in 2016. He was the Vice President. Alas, for whatever reason, he did not become the Dems' candidate. Trump got elected and poisoned the U.S. Supreme Court and federal circuit and district courts. He will ride the Dems want to kill babies issue hard in 2020. My older daughter is a Democrat, she has two children, and she is not comfortable with the extremism on either side of the abortion issue. She will never vote Republican, but she is not happy with the state of disarray in the Democratic Party.
    • Meg Berlin Sloan Bashinsky "extremism" on either side? huh?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Meg Berlin Yes, the Dem Party is full of people who view abortion at any time for any reason as an absolute constitutional right, so to speak. If the Dems don't see how that can kill them at the polls in 2020, then they need to scurry to their nearest eye doctor.
  • Paula Heikens-Mathewson It's just that I never vote like it's a game. I always vote for who I want. Just a Pollyanna at heart ….

    • Sloan Bashinsky That's how I vote, too. Alas, that's now how most people vote. For examples in the Democratic Party. Both Sanders and Warren said in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was not fit to be president. I totally agreed. Yet, after Hillary and the DNC did their scheming and Hillary got the Dem nomination, lo and behold, Sanders and Warren were on national TV (at different times) embracing and ra ra-ing Hillary for president. That's when Sanders and Warren lost me. Warren lost me again with her idiotic crusade to prove she was Native America. It came out that back in 1986, I think, she had told the Texas Bar she was American Indian. The other day, I found the form she filled out saying that, here's the link. 

      New evidence has emerged Elizabeth Warren claimed American Indian heritage in 1986
      New evidence has emerged Elizabeth Warren claimed…
      New evidence has emerged Elizabeth Warren claimed American Indian heritage in 1986

    • Sloan Bashinsky Is she senile? Is Sanders? Trump seems senile to me. What does that say about their backers?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Is Biden senile? Did he forget what he once said about abortion?
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson Warren backed Hillary in 2016 ( off my list permanently). Biden is living in the wrong century, plus a few decades. Bernie is fine. He's clear. Unwavering and will stick with his message until we make it happen or he dies.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Paula Heikens-Mathewson I'd like to see and hear Bernie say on national TV that endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016 was the worst mistake he ever made. She was not fit to be president. He should have stayed true to that view.
  • Dan Anderson Buttigieg said the legal and moral decision on politics of abortion issue "was above his pay grade."
  • Dan Anderson What Biden said was his position in 2006 most likely has no relation to his current position, if he even has one. Biden is one of those wily creatures whose very essence changes depending on the latest political winds.

  • Mari Vogel Oh no. Lost my support

  • Paula Heikens-Mathewson I agree. I thought at the time Bernie was being threatened or his family .. it was just so heart breakingly weird what happened.
  • Sloan Bashinsky If he was being threatened, then he needs to say that on national TV, and by whom he was threatened.
Then, from a Tuscaloosa, Alabama lady lawyer:
Squeee!!!! I was hoping.

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Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore announced Thursday that he will run for U.S. Senate in 2020.

  • Carol Marie Shaw They are going to have to drag out his horse's Facebook account.
  • Scott Taylor Morris While I would love to see a boost for Jones, I fear that there will still be more straight-ticket markings next year that will swamp him even with this throwback on the ballot. That being said, I would crawl over broken glass to vote for Jones
  • Sloan Bashinsky I suppose nearly half the people in my home state agree with Moore because he says God is on his side. He said that 2 years ago, and God disagreed.

Further comic relief provided by a south Alabama amiga, who views abortion as a right:


God help us!
Elizabeth Hinds Davis


At least I KNOW I was being fucking used as a Mary figure.

Mother of humanity’s new savior? Immaculate conception and without sin or sex before and ever since? There must be posses of 3rd and 4th timemension lawyers itching to sue God or something or someone for you.
Elizabeth Hinds Davis

lol I love God. The people? Not so much.

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