Tuesday, June 11, 2019

imagine the stigma for any Alabama School of Law graduate practicing law outside of Alabama

A Tuscaloosa, Alabama lady lawyer posted this below yesterday. The Hugh Culverhouse and related emails with Alabama School of Law officials made for interesting reading. When I checked back last night, my comment was not showing. Buck is active in Alabama politics and the Democratic Party.
Here are Culverhouse's emails with UA officials trying to bully them into hiring and firing who he wants hired and fired, demeaning them and reminding them that none of them are prepared to deal with someone as rich, and powerful as he is. It also shows an email from Joe Espy (good democrat) on May 25 saying they need to give him his money back and be done with him. This guy is such a prick. I can't believe they put up with him as long as they did.

Email corresponded between University of Alabama representatives and Hugh Culverhouse, Jr.

  • Ginger Buck By the way, Culverhouse's cell phone number is on there if any of you want to hit him up for a donation.
  • Lula Creitz Todd Very interesting.

  • Stan Glasscox Imagine if Mr. C gave $20+ million to a state school not part of the UA System to start up a new, 2nd state law school. Or if he bought Bham School of Law, got it ABA accreditation, then "gave" it a state university not part of the UA system. Either would be a game changer. A broken clock is correct twice a day; and while Mr. C may be a bit loud and course for some, his analysis of the current direction of UA Law School isn't wholly without merit. To this UA Law grad there seems to be a slavish worship (and unnatural devotion) to the US News rankings process than to training lawyers for service to the State of Alabama.

  • Sloan Bashinsky I have a J.D. and LLM in taxation from the University of Alabama School of Law. I think the Einsteins who accepted the "bribe" and changed the name of the law school to the "briber's" last name all should be dismissed, because they don't have the common sense or good judgment to be in charge of law students being prepared to practice law. I further think, if the law school did not, right after it was passed by the state legislature and governor, condemn the new abortion law for not having exceptions for rape and incest pregnancies, also should require the dismissal of said same people. I think anyone, especially women, wanting to go to law school, but not practice law in Alabama, should not apply to my alma mater. Imagine an Alabama law graduate today trying to compete with, say, a Wake Forest Law school graduate for a job with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Ralph Nader's outfit, Planned Parenthood, etc. Imagine the stigma for any Alabama law graduate practicing law outside of Alabama.
On a very different front, I saw "Rocketman" the other day. Shazam! I didn't know anything about Elton John, other than he is a superstar performer, and is gay. I learned from the film that he also is a superstar music writer, is beyond gifted on the piano, and during his rise to fame fucked everything and used every known drug, including booze, to the max. The film lays it all bare, including his terrible childhood, gender identity struggles, disappointments in love with women and men, betrayals by lovers, and descent into booze and drug hell, and how he came back from the dead to the living.  Perhaps some day, the University of Alabama School of Law will enjoy a similar soul-search-retrieval.


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