Monday, June 24, 2019

Summer Solstice, the coming of the dark: Alabama's Roy More says God wants him to run again for the U.S. Senate, and Key West and the Florida Keys love Mother Nature so much

One of my first cousins posted this on Facebook, on the Summer Solstice (the coming of the dark):
Just saw on the news Roy Moore announced "It's God's Will he run again". I think God has already demonstrated his will in the last election Roy. Or, do you think God made a mistake and He's giving you a Mulligan.
  • Bet Wise Horrible for State of AL
  • Dianne Lawson Baker Or....maybe he’s going to split the bozo vote so Doug Jones can remain where he belongs 🤞🖖

  • Sloan Bashinsky Hilarious, Cuz

  • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe we all will be blessed for Roy to ride his painted horse to the polls and the heavens open and he hears, "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord, thy God," as he is knocked out of his saddle.

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  • Sloan Bashinsky Looks to me that Jesus represents the one spiritual path that actually works. Not my but God's will be done. Maybe, some day, Roy Moore, the evangelicals and the rest of the mainstream Christians in America, will figure that out?
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  • Meanwhile, the following excerpt from what I published yesterday at this website drew a rebuke from my Key West friend, Naja Girard, who, with hubby Arand, publish boat-rocker Key West the Newspaper, sometimes with Arnaud's exquisite political art:

    The other night, I dreamed of living upstairs in a new home owned by my Key West friends Naja and Arnaud Girard, who publish Key West the (Blue) Newspaper, which rocks the local establishment boat. On the first floor landing at the foot of the stairs was a fat wallet containing money and credit cards. I picked it up and gave it to Arnaud, thinking it was his. He gave it back to me and walked away.

    Yesterday, this new blue paper article was published.
    I recall back when the blue paper and an Everglades environmental law firm hosted a forum at NOAA in Key West, and I kept trying from the audience to ask NOAA's head guy back then, Billy Causey, why he had said during his comments that the best way to deal with the chemical pollution in Lake Okeechobee and the east-west canal was to release that water into the Everglades, which would filter clean up that water before it reached the Bay of Florida? I also wanted to ask the other panelists how they figured building holding/treatment ponds around the east-west canal could trap and treat all the poisoned water coming down from central Florida?
    Those chemicals were killing sea grasses manatee on the east and west coasts ate, but the red algae was not affected and the manatee were eating it and were dying, and people on the east and west coasts were raising hell.
    Despite my efforts to ask the questions, I was not called upon by Naja.
    I accosted Causey in the hall outside the auditorium after the event ended and gave him a piece of my mind. I knew then NOAA was really messed up. When later the complaints were made about Causey's management style, and he was, as I recall, re[a]signed elsewhere, I was not surprised.
    Before that NOAA meeting, I tried to get Naja to invite Brian Lapointe, an environmental scientist, who had his own company and had presented to the Key West City Commission. He had different views from NOAA. Naja told me La Pointe had had his say before the city commission and he would not be invited to the NOAA presentation.
    I later heard he and Causey did not get along and Causey would not have stood for being on the same platform with him.
    When later I told LaPointe, whom I knew somewhat, what I had heard at the NOAA meeting, he said he disagreed with the panelists. He was convinced chemicals from the Florida mainland were responsible for the death of most of the reef.
    Harmful Algal Blooms : Florida Atlantic University - Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
    Here's a link to the NOAA (Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary) website:
    As with many government agencies, the advertising is pretty, but the main course leaves something to be desired.

    About this website

    NOAA Hides Contents of Investigative Report Jun 222019   by Arnaud and Naja Girard Last week The Blue Paper published an investigation into the apparent protections that government agencies are placing over large contractors who wreck the Keys’ environment. This week we (finally) received a respo...

    • Naja Girard d'Albissin Sloan Bashinsky The Blue Paper had nothing to do with setting up that panel. I was at the time on the board of Last Stand. Last Stand was working with a team of lawyers who set up the panel. I was not running the event. I was not the MC. I believe it was Last Stand’s attorney that handled the Q and A period. And yes I believe Mr. LaPointe has a difference of opinion about releasing water and apparently there is some bad blood between him and Causey - so the attorneys chose not to invite him. Again this had nothing to do with The Blue Paper.
    • Sloan Bashinsky You spoke to the audience at the NOAA event. You said everyone would be given a chance to ask questions. I spoke with the attorney and another person having sway during the break. I told them they needed to address my questions prompted by Causey and other panelists. I kept raising my hand in the audience. The attorney kept looking at me and asking another raised hand to speak. You told me after I learned of the event and said Lapointe should be invited, that he would not be invited and he had had his say before the city commission. You were a member of Last Stand. If not then, you later were its president. The blue paper was advertising the event. That's why I came to you about La Pointe, who would have done to the event what the blue paper does to the flakes in local governments. I came to view Last Stand, which once was a force in the Resistance to be reckoned with, like I came to view NOAA, Florida Fish & Wildlife, Relief Relief, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the city and county commissions - Mother Nature was not their priority.

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