Wednesday, June 26, 2019

To jump, or not jump, God's ship?

As has been reported many times at this blog, I have a Key West homeless girlfriend, Kari Dangler, who was born with prophetic gifts, which freaked her out. She ran from them, and drowned them out with booze, cigarettes and sometimes other drugs, until she met me in the fall of 2015 and her prophetic gift returned. Yet, she still she fought the gift, despite many attempts by what she knew were angels to get her to shed her drug habits and come around. 

Kari gets put in jail frequently by local police for trespass in and near shopping centers. She was released yesterday morning after yet another one-month vacation in the local homeless Hilton. She called me last night, barely able to speak. She said she was taking a nap on concrete, when she was struck by lightning, which knocked out all the power in that part of town. I said the odds were zero that was not done by angels.

When Kari called this morning, she said she slept like a baby last night. I said that was interesting. She said the bottom of her sneakers are black. I said our friend Young Prophet told me he had a dream during a nap yesterday, that you left town and went to a women’s recovery shelter a day’s drive away. Kari said she knew God had zapped her, she saw it in many ways, but she is stubborn. I said, or stupid. She said, stubborn. God hasn’t killed her yet. I said, well, let’s see what the angels do next. She said, yes, let’s. I then reminded her that our friend Hoodoo Witch had reported to me a recurring dream, in which a man Kari did not know was going to try to hurt her. 

This now comes into my thoughts:
In early 2017, Young Prophet told me in an email that he had  been told several nights running in dreams to contact me. He knew of me but we had never met. He kept putting it off and he kept getting roughed up more and more by whatever was pushing him to call me. He said he is slightly less than half my age, 76. This led to that, we became friends. He eventually realized he had been captured by angels, who were not in the least interested in him being stubborn. 
Young Prophet told me yesterday morning, that Gabriel and Michael had told him in a dream the night before, that what I had told him about women being given more freedom to resist God, than men are given, because women are second-class citizens on this planet, is basically true, but the other side of that is women can get themselves into far worse spiritual predicaments. 
Young Prophet also reported a dream in which he saw a New Age cruise ship filled with people in rough seas. Then, the ocean looked like it had solidified and many of the passengers started jumping onto the hard surface, but it was not solid and they were swallowed up, as if into a black hole. A voice then said: “God’s hands guide the ship and though the waters may never be calm, in those who do not trust and leap, they know not what they do.” 
Kari is not New Age. (Nor a church person)
I told Young Prophet what he heard reminded me of a poem that leaped out of me on June 7, 2004, a very rough year for me. A dream last night reminded me of that poem.
A calling to serve carries its own wisdom,
which legitimates both the calling and the serving
so that the two are one:
Only the one called to serve
can know this wisdom,
and for some who are called
the knowing comes easily,
while for others the knowing is a fiery baptism.
Each calling is different,
and while some callings can be declined,
others cannot,
and those whose calling is without repentance
know they are in it for the duration of the calling,
and while others may try to persuade them out of it,
the calling for ones such as these always prevails;
thus is it advised to all called for keeps
that they view their calling as a blessing
even when it seems at times to be a curse,
and that they try to reconcile the loss of their captain status
and allow the Spirit of God to man the helm of their ship,
and be glad and willing crew members thereon,
knowing that all sailing ships of souls
need a crew as well as a captain
to maintain and navigate the ship through
seas of many tones, depths and flavors;
so consider each league sailed
as part of the overall journey
going to where the captain deigns to go
by using whatever winds and sea currents available
to navigate the ship to the experiences
this ship and crew need to have
in order to fulfill their calling and its wisdom
revealed by the journey of many leagues,
many known only to the ship and its crew,
all of whom come to know,
some sooner than others,
that once conscripted
there is no safe jumping ship.

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