Sunday, March 31, 2019

What would Key West do without the blue paper to shine sunlight where swamp creatures roam and reign?

The other day, I met an interesting, amicable fellow, who handles apartment leasing for a Birmingham, Alabama property management company. He had an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment for rent in an old apartment building in Birmingham's beautiful "Southside". Large living room. Large bedroom. Large kitchen with stove and refrigerator. Large separate bedroom. $875 per month, plus utilities added to the rent, plus $250 deposit and $100 application fee. No first, last & deposit equal to 3 months rent like happens all over Key West. He said he used to live in Key West and loved it. He left there in 2007 and hopes some day to live there again and not leave. I think I will send him this latest Key West the Newspaper blue lighting strike documentary video and reader comments about what looks and sounds to me like major league ravaging swamp creatures running loose in Key West.
WRECKERS CAY REDEVELOPMENT: The relocation study was finally filed with the County on March 14th. It concludes that the trailer park residents will easily find 3 bedroom homes [in Key West] to rent for around $800/month...

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    • Sloan Bashinsky Shazam!

      The blue paper strikes again! Imagine Key West without the blue paper causing the sun to shine where swamp creatures roam and reign!

      I was in the county commission chamber in the Marathon Government Center in 2007, as I recall the date, when land use expert developer attorney Jim Hendrick, representing a Pritam Singh redevelopment of a Stock Island trailer park, as I recall the location, told the county commissioners something like, "A special place in hell is reserved for developers who buy trailer parks and then evict the residents."

      As much as I hate stealing someone else's line, here's what I think about the fellow in the video, whose company prepared the scam document, and the developer(s) who paid him to do the scam document, and the developer(s) lawyer(s) who were in on it, and the county staff and elected officials who did not do the fact-checking and disclosure Arnaud and Naja Girad did of the scam document in the video:


      If the Sate Attorney Office and the Sheriff Department and the Florida Attorney General do not damn the torpedoes and steam full-speed ahead in that direction pronto, I will think they are in cahoots.

    • John Q Smith Your not eligible for a library card ....but please feel free to travel from Florida City for a job in Winn Dixie...'s all a big joke.

    • Eileen Kaiser Redmond Please show me one of these 3 bedroom houses in Key West for $800 a month.

    • Steven Atherton THAT’S BULLSHIT . CAN’T FIND A ROOM FOR $800.00 A MONTH 😡😡

    • Kelly Varney Why not name the officials!?!

    • Joe Martinet 200k lol. I cant find a house for 500k in Key West that in livable condition.

    • Pamela Snyder Kenyon I’m speechless 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Bo Simpson I paid $800 a month to rent a bedroom in a 3/1 house No A/C 27 years ago

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