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the Monroe County (Florida Keys) Health Department said it will investigate the homeless woman Kari Dangler's claim that Key West's homeless shelter is housing a female client with tuberculosis

If you did not yet read yesterday's  Lower Keys Medical Center and Key West homeless shelter atrocities against the homeless woman Kari Dangler post at this blog, you might wish to do that before reading this "sequel".

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Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. 

LKMC has a contract with the Lower Keys Hospital District not the City.  The District was created by the State and has taxing authority although they have not taxed residents for many years (since signing the contract) and yes— they must provide care to indigent persons but of course how much care is a matter of definitions.   There is a Board and they have an assistant who does the PR stuff. (They have a horrible record when it comes to responding to public records requests. I would give them a medal for being “the worst” - not including the feds of course — but maybe they will look into Kari’s “indigent care” situation if you approach them.)

We are super busy with constitutional challenges and many other things including a very disturbing situation I can’t talk about just yet so am sorry but we have no ability to add this or anything else to our plates. 

Have you written to the Department of Health about the possible spreading of TB via KoTS?  That would be something they could look into - they could override the HIPPA constraints (unlike us) I would think. 


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Morning, Naja and others who did or did not yet read the Lower Keys Medical Center and Key West homeless shelter atrocities against the homeless woman Kari Dangler post at my blog yesterday.

Following up on your suggestion yesterday, I looked up the Florida Department of Health online this morning and called the main number on the website. After hearing this or that choice of numbers to press, I heard a number for communicable diseases, including TB. I entered that number and left a voicemail briefly summarizing what I had been told by Kari Dangler about a woman with TB at KOTS. 

I also got a person in another department, a human, who told me someone to call directly, a nurse, first name Eddi. 

I then got a call back from Angela Giaquinto, who said she is the county epidemiologist. Not a physician, but has a Masters Degree in that field. I told her what I had heard from Kari. She said she would look into it today, and that [s]he tried to place people with TB into private housing.

During that call, I got a voicemail from Eddi, the registered nurse in charge of T.B., etc. at the health department. I called her back and reported what I had told Angela. Eddi said the hospital is supposed to report T.B. cases to her office, and she wanted to speak with Kari. Eddi then said a patient had walked in and she asked me to call her back with Kari's telephone number, which I did later. I also called Angela back and left a voicemail with Kari's number. I gave both their numbers to Kari, because her cell phone ringer is not working and she has to see the screen on her phone light up to know she is getting a call. Kari said she would call them.

This morning, I asked Kari again how she had learned the KOTS client had TB? Kari said again that she had gotten that information from someone at the hospital, after the shelter manager Lottie had kicked her out of KOTS for 2 weeks for talking to the woman client about her coughing in the women's trailer dorm. Kari also said that some time ago she had known the woman client in the county jail and had heard the woman and her inmate friends talking about her having TB, and she had heard the jail infirmary nurse talk with the woman about having TB.

Kari told me yesterday evening, that she had gone back to the hospital emergency room earlier yesterday and was assigned a bed in ER. She threw up water into a sanitary bag and asked the staff if any of them wanted to see her vomit and have it analysed? Nobody said anything. They gave her a prescription for something that would counter her throwing up and told her to drink gatorade and discharged her.

Kari told me last night, that she was so weak from not eating and throwing up, that she could not ride her bicycle away from the hospital yesterday, and she had used a city transit bus to get into Key West. She kept throwing up water. This morning, she said she bought and drank some liquid yogurt and did not throw it up, but felt like she might. She said she still is really weak. 

She sounds really weak on the telephone. She sounds at risk. It is not like her to go to a doctor or a hospital, unless she feels terrible and sees no other option.

Whatever duty, contract or otherwise, the hospital has to receive and treat indigent patients, I think, once the hospital admits someone into the ER, the hospital has a much higher legal, professional and ethical duty to indigent patients.

I don't live in Key West now. I got involved in this because you pointed me to it in a dream. You did not look happy. You looked put out. I can imagine karma that would cause everyone living in Key West to look unhappy and be put out.

No good deed goes unpunished EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


After publishing this post today, I sent this email to the officers and directors of Lower Keys Hospital District:

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Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 3:43:46 PM CDT
Subject: LKMC treatment and mistreatment of homeless patient Kari Dangler

Dear Lower Keys Hospital District officers and board members:

For your information and, hopefully, investigation and remedial action ... 

Below is a link to the day before yesterday's post at my blog, concerning LKMC's treatment and mistreatment of the homeless woman Kari Dangler and her separate but somewhat connected difficulties at KOTS, Key West's homeless shelter, operated for pay by Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHAL).

Below is a link to today's follow up post at my blog:

Please open the links and read the emails from me to local city and county officials, journalists, State Attorney Dennis Ward, and the executive director of LKMC, in which I report what Kari Dangler told me about her treatment and mistreatment by LKMC and, separately, by KOTS. 

Thanking you, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Sloan Bashinsky 


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