Monday, March 11, 2019

some thoughts on draining the D.C. swamp of its creatures

An old God-fearing Christian Republican friend put this on Facebook the other day:
PS Makes me wonder how many of our GOP Good Old Boy's Club honestly and truly really support our President or are just hedging their bets to protect their on asses and protect themselves for reelection. The Swamp Is full of raw sewage and the odor is becoming even more pungent! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Gloria Reiser said...

HooDoo Witch chiming in. In my opinion, we of the U.S. have not been residents of a two (major) party state for quite some time. We are minions within a corporatocracy (corporate-atrocity). It matters not who is elected as long as they are malleable and controllable by the corporate-atrocity which is actually running things.

Trump, to the corporatocracy (corporate-crazy) is a trickster spirit. A shapeshifter, Loki type, creature with elements of the jinn/djinn, and even Ivan the Fool. They are working full-time to be rid of him.

As for the sex lives of politicians, or anyone else for that matter, I could care less, as long as they are not involved in human trafficking, or abusing children.

In fact, I believe Napoleon Hill, in his book "Think and Grow Rich," (I'm delving into ancient memory here in an attempt to get this right) either inferred or directly stated that the energy that drives one to high success is the same life force energy that drives sexuality. If this be so, and via observation it seems to be, then why would we expect those who rise to the top in any field to be living plain vanilla, missionary position, sex lives? Few average citizens adhere to plain vanilla sex lives. We have serial monogamy, polyamory, open marriages, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, and a few who prefer fixation on their work, whatever it might be, over any kind of sex life at all.

However, it's sort of a "wag the dog" thing we've had going for some time. Those in power seem to believe the public readily distractible. And the name of the game is to point attention here and there, and keep us arguing among ourselves, while they push the agenda they crave.

Unknown said...

I may be a dog's ass, but the reality of it is- I can see Trump for what he is. He is does not frighten anyone, except those who see his deeply ingrained instability.

A trickerster ? A Fox ? More like Faux everything from the wig on down.

As far as the djinn goes, my brother in law is Middle East. I've discussed the religion and fokelore and I've studied the Q'uaran intently. Claiming Trump has some aspects of the djinn and that makes him "wiley" or "clever"- is completely ass backwards. Were there a creature who he could be compared to- a djinn might suit him, but given the context you've used it in- I don't think you're very familiar with them. They are creatures that travel on the winds, they bring only death, chaos, and destruction. They do no pick a political party or religion or anything else, they bring only destruction and chaos. So in that sense- destruction and chaos- that's about on par with Trump.

The public is easily destractable, I'm speaking to one member of the public who thinks Trump embodies "the fox" or the "the trickster" or Kokopelli. The reality is he has done nothing but run his mouth on Twitter, sow the seeds of discord, stab his blue collar voter base in the back- and in the end ? He'll most likely deliver 2020 to the Democrats in such a sweeping fashion that the American people will still be asking themselves- what happened between 2017-2021 ? A lot of corruption, a lot of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING.

Someone you're clearly enamored with and you want to compare them with the Djinn ? This man isn't a trickster, if he's anything- he's a skin walker.

A Dog's Ass and I know it.

Sloan said...

Gosh, did I miss something? Trump is not a corporate-atrocity ring leader? Ask the contractors and subcontractors he did not pay. Ask the people of New York City and Atlantic City and Palm Beach. Ask former students at Trump University. Look at his tax returns. Oh, shoot. He won't show them to you. His personal and corporate tax cuts made him a whole lot richer. He intended all along to make a whole lot more money if he got elected.

When he was running for president, Trump said the Iraq war had been invented and President G.W. Bush had screwed up. After getting elected, Trump continued the Iraq war. He said on TV last year, that America should capitalize Iraq's oil and Afghanistan's mineral wealth, to repay America for its corporate-atrocity wars in their countries.

I agree, the public indeed is readily distractible. MAGAs think Trump is the messiah. Democrats thought Hillary was the messiah, and before that, Obama. Such politicians make it so much easier for the Devil, who is a master at getting people to look at what "he" wants them to look at, instead of at what they need to be looking at.

You voted for Trump. You still defend that vote as if your very life and soul depend on it. But then, you say Lucifer was framed by people who wrote the Bible. Lucifer actually is the bringer of the light, the truth. The good guy. You say. In fact, Lucifer is behind and underneath everything wrong with Donald Trump, and underneath everything you wrote in your comment about what is wrong with American politics.

The Devil loves it that America spends far more on its military and wars than it spends providing basic medical care to its own citizens, who cannot afford the kind of medical care members of Congress get for free.

One thing Trump said, which I thought would help make America great, if Americans took it to heart, was he had learned from his very troubled older brother to never drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

Alas, being a sex addict makes Trump open to blackmail. He tried to cover up his trysts with two 5-star prostitutes, because he thought the trysts would hurt his chances of getting elected. He then lied about trying to cover up those trysts. I wonder what else he lied about? I wonder what he lies about now? Plenty, I imagine.

In the fall of 2003, I was told in my sleep that God wanted Jimmy Carter to be president. Carter had only served one term. He could have run and, if elected, served another term. I thought he was a decent, honest man.

I do not think Trump is a decent, honest man. He appears incapable of introspection. I think he's in it for himself. And, I think he is owned by Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia.

Is your comment and my response the dream you had about me painting the outside of our yellow by the sea in your dreams, red, but it turned out a hideous orange?

Gloria Reiser said...

Certainly the Trump family runs a corporation, and have been accused of all sorts of crooked dealings and unfairness to contractors, subcontractors, employees, and others, as have been many if not most corporations. Trump's corporation is not the only corporation out for their own bottom line, with little to no care for individuals.

I would cite the auto industry currently. Many vehicles are equipped with Takata airbags. These airbags, or actually I believe it is the airbag casing, can explode and maim and kill individuals. I own a vehicle on the recall list. More than a month ago, we received notice that our truck is one equipped with this dangerous airbag; to phone the dealership and schedule replacement. I phoned the dealership, they told me they would order the replacement and notify me to set a time for servicing when the replacement was received by them. We are STILL waiting. The letter states that the company is not requesting owners stop driving these vehicles while waiting (I wonder HOW frickin' LONG) for servicing. It would seem that perhaps they prefer to face lawsuits by those injured and families of those killed, than to have owners hammering them for loaner or rental cars while waiting (again HOW LONG) for the danger to their lives to be remedied. This is the way of corporations. I suspect some number cruncher has determined lawsuit settlements will cost them less, than providing loaner vehicles until those that pose a danger to lives are repaired. It's all about the financial bottom line, not about any care to do no further harm to people who purchased said vehicles.

That's not what is meant by those who reference our nation as a corporatocracy (corporate-atrocity). Our nation is not ruled by the Trump organization, powerful as it is. We are ruled by Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about. I'm sure I've left out one or two more behind the scene players and script writers. They do what they do by owning politicians. They don't own Trump.... trickster or fool that he may be. He's a wild card they want removed from the game.

What Trump's businesses do is tiny small potatoes in comparison. Trump and his businesses have no power in or over the corporatocracy, also sometimes referenced as the Deep State, or the Puppet Masters.

Back to the sex thing, Trump is not the only politician who has been involved in sexual scandal. The list is quite long. I believe (philosophy of which elucidated above) that leaders should not be expected to lead plain vanilla sex lives.... few if any actually do. Few if any, citizens in fact do. But they get off on a good scandal. It's like a soap opera that works as a distraction from more important issues, as our freedoms slip away, as the middle class is being gutted.

I agree with you concerning Jimmy Carter. He was and is a good man.

Sloan said...

Amen, Anonymous, except I am not so sure of a 2020 Democratic Party sweep. The way the Democrats are carrying on for protecting vexatious late-term abortions, and the Republicans chanting Democrats are all socialists (communists), the 2020 election could be the next step toward America having a djinn monarch who signs Bibles.

Sloan said...

Got a phone call from a friend yesterday. He said he'd had a dream about me telling him I was involved in a lot of things that were vexatious and it was really wearing me out. I asked him if I was being vexatious in the dream? He said, no. What other people were doing was vexatious.

In a dream last night, I was preparing things to say in a school board race I was in down in the Florida Keys. I was having trouble getting it all put together. I got a phone call from a man I knew in the dream, but not for sure in my waking life. He insisted that I put what he was telling me, first. But I was having trouble getting what he was telling me. I woke up.

I recalled the telephone conversation with my friend about vexatious people. I recalled learning during the 2016 presidential race, that Donald Trump/his companies, had been involved in 3,500, or so lawsuits. The king of vexatious litigators, him.

Vexatious describes Trump. He is a vexatious person. A real dijnn.

I had thought, after reading your second comment last night, that your argument in Trump's behalf is idiotic and disingenuous. The deep corporate state you say wants to be rid of Trump, love his tax cuts for corporations and their rich executives and shareholders. The military industrial complex loves his beefing up the U.S. Military. The mega American corporations love his trade tariffs. They love him outsourcing his MAGA product line overseas. They love his daughter Ivanka outsourcing her women's apparel line overseas. That gives them every reason to see him as one of them, even though he claims he is not.

I read online recently that Trump said when he was running for president in 2016, that all Americans should have affordable health care. He was appalled at the super inflated price of medicines in America, which were far cheaper in Canada and elsewhere. What did he do about that? What bill to fix that, did he get the Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives to push through Congress before the Democrats gained control of the House in the 2018 mid-term elections? Instead, he staked everything on getting his great wall built, and on beefing up the military, and imposing trade tariffs, and getting a tax cut passed, which made him a whole lot richer, instantly.

Your arguments in Trump's behalf are vexatious. I'm not picking on you. Everyone else's arguments in Trump's behalf are vexatious. Trump is vexatious. America is vexatious. Has been a good while. And Trump is president, to tell America that.

The Democrats should not feel good about that. Hillary Clinton was vexatious. By running her, instead of Bernie Sanders, the Democrats handed the White House to Trump.

I don't reckon I will be elected to that school board in my dream last night. I imagine that little red school house dream being set in the Florida keys pointed me toward the fool's errand blog, which mostly was produced when I lived in the Florida Keys.

Sloan said...

My friend Brenda called me this morning to report a dream she had last night, in which she thanked me for everything I had done for her. I did not tell her that I wondered if the dream meant she is going to die.

She has many life-threatening medical problems she cannot pay for. Some of them are paid for because she got Social Security disability. Other medical bills are absorbed by the providers. Some medical help she needs she cannot get. She worked hard all adult life, until she became medically disabled. It was years before Social Security paid her disability, though. And only then after a Social Security judge overruled Social Security's steadfast refusal to declare her medically disabled.

Anyway, Brenda is an empath, as well as psychic. When I told her I was in a bothersome debate with you, she said the left side of your brain is fucked up. She could feel your brain. I said Gloria has a really high IQ, which is the left side of her brain. I said it amazes me that Gloria is psychic, but is so wrong about Donald Trump, Lucifer, and other things. Perhaps the left side of her brain is messing up the intuitive right side of her brain. Brenda called me back after going online and reading yesterday's post and the comments under it. She said your left brain is fucked up.

Not picking on you. Trump's left brain is fucked up. Most Republicans' left brain is fucked up. Most Democrats' left brain is fucked up. Most people's left brain is fucked up. My left brain was fucked up when the angels grabbed me. It took them a long time to make my left brain less fucked up, and to get my right brain to working better.

Gloria Reiser said... few comments: When I referenced "wag the Dog," in a comment above, I should have capitalized those words and clearly indicated that I was referencing the movie "Wag the Dog," released in 1997. I will attempt to post a hyper link to information about the movie and why it is still relevant today. That said, the story line of "Wag the Dog" was about creating (what today would be called) Fake News to divert attention FROM a sex scandal to something else. That's rather backackwards from today, when often sex scandals are utilized to divert attention from some other thing the public may take issue with IF they were paying attention to what might be taking place behind the scenes.

Here's the link. Hope it works.

I'm sorry if anyone reading my words considers me vexatious. It's not my intention, nor anything I've ever been known for. I am, however, recognized as one who speaks truth as she sees it. This particular blog post reveals how easy divide and conquer works. That's my opinion, for what it is or isn't worth.

Kudos to Brenda on being an empath and psychic. I believe we all are to one degree or another. Some of us avail ourselves of these senses and skills, others discount them in self, or others; some touting their own, while besmirching others; some others claiming such senses and skills do not exist and that those who claim so are irrational, delusional, or lying. This type of thing is why readers of another blog are hesitant to come out of the closet and share their own experiences. What if Brenda or someone like her diagnoses them as "fucked up"?!? Not everyone is as thick skinned as you and I.

My reputation as a professional in this field stands for itself, and has done so since 1983.

Regarding Brenda's diagnosis of the state of my left brain, I will refrain from comment. But again, this is what the owners (whom we know well) of another blog are attempting to prevent, while seeking to assure those who may venture out to post that it is safe to do so and that personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Sloan said...

Brenda reported an anomalous experience she had with you, which is totally in keeping with your deep interest in anomalous experiences.

Here's what Brenda submitted after reading your comment:

"When I was reading your comment on what I said about your brain being fucked up on the left side is exactly what I was feeling. And when I read your comment about what you thought about me. I was getting my oxygen suck out of my lungs. And I felt evil in my head. I was picking that up off of you. I wish you could be like me Gloria. And walk in my shoes and feel everything from everybody and had to live like do then you would know what my life is like. I hope you get to exsexperie it for yourself."

Sloan said...

My apologies to President Trump for not having included in his make America great again achievements, the conservative-right Christian men he appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It has always looked to me that you voted for Trump because you and a Russian woman have the same grandchildren and you were worried that Hillary Clinton would be more likely to cause more trouble between America and Russia, or start a war, than would Trump, and your Russian in-law then would not be able to come to America to visit you and her grandchildren. I have viewed your arguments for your voting for Trump as wag-the-dog diversions.

The other website is a safe platform where people can share, anonymously or using their real names, their life-changing anomalous experiences. There is plenty there they can read to get a take on me and some of my own anomalous experiences. There is much less there about you.

This fool's errand website challenges the status quo in any form it takes. This website is not for the faint of heart.