Saturday, March 16, 2019

Archangel Michael's view of the spiritual path and America

Below are the parts of a mainland amigo's recent email to me, which contained Archangel Michael's views of the spiritual path and America, and of the recent Is America a jinn nation? post at this blog. My answers to Archangel Michael's questions to me are in bold.

I was met in a dream by robed angel, with long blond hair. I thought maybe I'd caught something in my old house on fire. Just an angel with a flaming sword. He held the sword in his hand, produced a whetstone and asked me if I knew what the trouble with flaming swords is. Other than being scared completely shitless, I replied no, and he told me that if he tried to apply fine hone to the blade, the whetstone would transform to glass from the heat.

If a person venerates a Djinn or Al-Shaitan they are lost and they are so over powered by the djinn that they will back track, change their story, and the djinn will use the person to try to hide again. They will come up a retroactive continuity for their reasons, they say they meant something else. The djinn overplayed its hand and it revealed itself to you. It was calling to you and anyone else who would read to see if it could spread to you, make you more receptive. Notice that rather than a deep state angle, she now was selling the United States as an oligarchy- which is true, the rich have destroyed the middle class and there is only rich and poor)- but Russia is just a more advanced oligarchy. He said you are correct, there is no purification without fire, without pain, without being able to admit a person is wrong and has wronged. A Melchizedek priest understands why the Roman Ritual of exorcism fails or many times takes multiple exorcisms to work- the person must truly wish to rid themselves of the demon/djinn. Only then can they free themselves with the help of the Melchizedek priest.

The final part of this is in questions for you(they are not my questions- I am merely the hapless messenger): 

In all your years have you(or Brenda for that matter ?) charged for the spirit work that has put you through such pain, anguish, and through such great physical, financial, and spiritual pain? No. I came to understand I could not charge, it was not allowed, and if I charged, it compromised me and the work.

The second question is this: If in all the years that you've known a person, if they deny God, have you known them to have truly come around to know God ? No. No matter how likeable or intelligent a person is, if they deny God, if they believe they have the solution for God in mantra or a self help book or a new age aphorism, what they have is a denial of God. If you deny God, if you deny Christ, if you deny the Angels, do you, Sloan Bashinsky believe that such a person can be spiritually sound and capable doing spirit work ? No. Do you believe they have a connection with God such that their divination is pure, despite their denial of that God ? No.


VM Elliott II said...

The reality of the United States is that we live in a one party system. The rich control the one party that operates under two franchises, like sports teams. The reality is that democracy and the little guy have absolutely no chance in this current system. The rest of the world refers to it as Oligarchy. In the must read book Red State, the oligarchy of Russia and its infectious nature had a transmitted the disease of Oligarchy to the US, and no matter the best efforts of the Magnitsky Act, the Oligarchy has taken over America. There is no deep state being fought by a crusading trickster- it is all just a matter of how much money any person is willing to throw at a problem, and to further that- it is a matter of whether the person throwing the money has the right people in their pockets.

The common man has neither an important person in his pockets, nor does he does he have unlimited funds to fight the Oligarchy. This is as true for the Russian Federation as for the United States

Sloan said...

I think Bill Browder's book, which details how he persuaded Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act over the opposition of Pres. Obama, Sec. State Clinton and Sen. (future Sec. State) Kerry, is called "Red Notice." Browder is not kind to himself in the book, which provides a pretty good view of the Russian brand of Oligarchy and its patron, Vladimir Putin. A lawyer buddy loaned me his copy of the book, and said it explains everything. That was during 2016. It explained why Putin did not want a Democrat elected. Putin was infuriated by the Magnitsky Act, which banned a bunch of his oligarchs and their money from America. What fueled Congress to pass Magnitsky was atrocities by Putin against Browder's Russian lawyer (Magnitsky) and other people who got in his and his oligarchs way.

I did not hear back from anyone who was reading my blog, that they had then read "Red Notice". I thought it should be required reading for all Americans. I still think that.

I also think every American should be required to see Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 11/9", which crucifies Trump, Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton," and nails them all as Republicans in actuality. I figured "11/9" didn't do well at the box office, because Moore nailed the Democrats' idols, too.

Sloan said...

Sloan said...

I saw the new movie, "Captive State", last night. About aliens who took over Earth and were ruling over the humans and had humans working with them to control and use the rest of the humans. The action takes place in Chicago, one of the ETs headquarters. Other large cities in America and in other countries also are ET headquarters. I sometimes have quipped (not entirely quipping), that maybe humans will be saved by ETs. "Captive State" left me thinking, Be careful what you ask for. I sometimes have called Trump a Klingon. Some humans became the resistance in the movie. Other humans were hunting them down. The movie didn't get good reviews, but I figured there was a reason I saw it.