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Lower Keys Medical Center and Key West homeless shelter atrocities against the homeless woman Kari Dangler

Two days of increasingly bad feelings in my gut and body fluids, and accompanying slowly revealing dreams of mine and a mainland friend, led to the cheery email below, to Key West city officials, the Monroe County State Attorney, Lower Keys Medical Center, various esteemed Key West and Florida Keys journalists, and Monroe County, Florida (Keys) officials:

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Sent: Monday, March 18, 2019, 10:55:57 AM CDT
Subject: Lower Keys Medical Center and KOTs atrocities against Kari Dangler

Dear Key West Mayor Teri Johnston, City Manager Jim Scholl, City Attorney Shawn Smith, City Commissioner Sam Kaufman and other city officials, State Attorney Dennis Ward, Lower Keys Medical Center Chief Executive Officer David Clay, various esteemed Key West and Florida Keys journalists, and Monroe County Commissioners, County Attorney and County Administrator :

I was told this morning on the telephone by Key West homeless woman Kari Dangler, that she went to Lower Keys Medical Center (LKMC) Emergency Center Emergency Room (ER) yesterday, complaining of several days of throwing up water. She said she had been unable to eat food during that time. She was admitted and examined by an ER doctor, and was given morphine and was sent away. 

Kari and I speak daily on the telephone. 

She told me yesterday, that she had spoken with her mother on the telephone, and was told this is not a good time to come home to live with her parents on the mainland. Kari has no place else to go and not be homeless.

Kari is a long-time vodka addict. She told me today that she had not drunk vodka for about 5 days, and before that her vodka intake was minimal, because it did not agree with her after two earlier recent hospitalizations at LKMC, for gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, pneumonia and blood in her urine. You can read more about that, and about her first two unconscionable discharges by LKMC, in the copy of the email below my sign off to this email. 

Since shortly after the first of the three unconscionable discharges, Kari has sounded clear-headed when we talked on the phone. She sounded clear-headed this morning. She said she does not think she is in the DTs, which she has experienced by going into private rehab seven times, and by being put into the Sheriff's jail on Stock Island maybe half dozen times and being detoxed by the jail infirmary. 

It is my understanding from what I have heard on US 1 Radio, and have read in the Key West Citizen, Florida Keys News and Key West the Newspaper, and from having talked at length with the latter newspaper's publishers, Arnaud and Naja Girard, in whose home I was renting an efficiency apartment in Key West, that Lower Keys Medical Center has a contract with the City of Key West to provide medical care to indigent residents. 

It is my understanding of the law, that hospitals have a legal duty to property treat and care for patients they admit.

It is my understanding of the Hippocratic Oath, that physicians have a professional and moral duty to do all they can to help and to not harm their patients.

It is my understanding from many years of observation, that Key West's official "One Human Family" philosophy is selectively enforced.

It is my understanding of journalism, that journalists have a professional duty to report the news regardless of their personal sentiments.

While I know it is not the view of any recipients of this email, Kari Dangler is a seer. I have personal knowledge of her predictions. One was, a few days before Hurricane Irma would arrive, she told me she had seen two giant hands and arms come down from the sky and nudge Irma slightly eastward.

Kari told me that, since she was a young woman, she had predictive visions and dreams. 

Kari being trapped in Key West was why Angels of the Lord nudged Hurricane Irma slightly eastward, which spared Key West the catastrophic direct hit the more easterly keys up US 1 received.

I tell you that about Kari, to round out my suggestion that all of you would do well in the karma arena, to also read the copy of the email below, and then do all you can to help rectify what LKMC and KOTS have done to Kari Dangler and, I can only imagine, to other homeless people.

The REDACTED second topic in the copy of the email below was about a different topic.

Sincerely yours,

Sloan Bashinsky
(305) 407-4285

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Subject: Fw: Kari, LKMC, KOTS and REDACTED

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To: Naja Girard <>
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019, 7:18:13 AM CDT
Subject: Kari, LKMC, KOTS and REDACTED

Good morning, Naja and Arnaud -

Hope all okay with you.

Naja came to me in a dream before dawn today, pushing me to report on two different topics.

The first topic

Kari Dangler had a number of interesting things happen in the past month or so,  which caused me to try to persuade her to leave KW on Greyhound back to Missouri and her parents, before something a lot worse happens to her.

About a month ago, Kari said a man come up to her in her hidey hole the night before, after she saw a shooting star. He said she knew who he was and where he had come from. She thought he meant the shooting star and he was an angel. He said she had a purpose, she needed to change, and she needed to leave Key West. He turned and left. She was terrified and shit in her pants.

Then, she contracted a urinary tract infection, gastroenteritis, and pneumonia. Then, she was in Lower Keys Medical Center. Then, still at death's door, too week to even be allowed by her doctor and the nurses to get up and go to the bathroom in her hospital room, she was discharged by her doctor after the supervisor nurse had told her they sent a lot sicker patients than her, home. That night, Kari was back at the ER room, and was diagnosed with blood in her urine. The doctor said that would be caused by either stomach or liver trouble. Liver tests were done, Kari's liver was okay. Kari was readmitted and given a room in the hospital. Same doctor came into her room and told her she was being discharged next morning and sent home. Kari said she had no home, she lived on the street, was banned from KOTS. That also was in the hospital's records. The nurse supervisor called KOTS and they told her Kari could stay there at night. I don't know if that was because the ban had been lifted, or KOTS wanted to help the hospital. Kari stayed at KOTS that night, and thereafter.

I emailed Mayor Teri Johnston, City Manger Jim Scholl and City Attorney Shawn Smith and City Commissioner Sam Kaufman about all of that, and that Kari had said the KOTS director, Lottie somebody, was doing a great job, including crawling up under the women's trailer dorm and trying to fix the air conditioning unit.. Kari told me the AC then was fixed. Kari later told me that the mayor,and  city commissioners and city officials came to KOTS to check it out. 

Kari later reported to me an incident with a women in the trailer dorm at KOTS, which caused the night monitor to make the woman leave for the night. The woman was talking after lights out. She would not be quiet. She was handicapped. Used walker crutches. And seemed mentally compromised. I emailed Teri Johnston, Jim Scholl, Shawn Smith and Kim Romano about that. Kim is Teri's executive assistant. Before that, Kim ran Womankind in Key West.

A few days ago, Kari reported riding her bicycle into town from KOTS on the North Roosevelt Blvd sidewalk. She was run over from behind by a man on a speeding electric bicycle and was knocked off her bike onto the ground and suffered bruised limbs and lacerations. Her homeless friend Joe Patton was following her and saw the whole thing. A woman on a passing bicycle said she was calling 911. The man on the electric bike started to leave. Kari asked him if he wasn't going to stick around until the authorities came? The man said he had to get to work, and he rode away on his electric bike. No authorities came. Kari called KWPD. They said nothing they could do, because she had moved away from where she was run over. Kari called City Hall and asked to speak to the mayor or her assistant, Kim. Kari was told the mayor was not there and nobody named Kim worked there. I had told Kari that Kim Romano was Teri Johnston's executive assistant.

Two days ago, Kari told me that she was called on the carpet by the KOTS night monitor, because she had asked a woman in the female trailer dorm to stop shuffling papers and keeping Kari and the other women awake. The woman reported that to the night monitor. The monitor told Kari to bring such complaints to the monitor, instead of talking with the clients. Kari said she preferred to deal with people directly.

Last night, Kari told me she was kicked out of KOTS for two weeks, by Lottie. Here's how Kari said that came about. 

A woman client was coughing, coughing, coughing in the female trailer dorm, keeping the other women awake. A female client told the woman she was keeping everyone else awake. The coughing woman did not stop coughing. Kari told the woman she was keeping everyone awake. Another female client went to the night monitor and complained about Kari harassing the coughing woman, who was sick. The monitor told Kari she had to come to the monitor. Lottie then kicked Kari out for 2 weeks. It was raining. Kari went to the hospital and spoke with someone there she knows about the coughing woman. Kari was told the coughing woman has TB. Kari called Lottie and told her that. Lottie told Kari that was confidential information. Lottie asked Kari how she knew about the TB? Kari said she had friends in high places. Kari said she got soaked last night, got no sleep, and a man came to her in a vision during the night and told her she needs to stick close to KOTS and try to speak to someone there who has authority over the other people working there.

I will copy Teri Johnston, Jim Scholl, Shawn Smith and Sam Kaufman with all of the above. 

Please let me know if you will investigate the above. If not, I will copy it to the Key West Citizen and Florida Keys News.

The second topic is just for your information, for now.

The second topic



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