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court jesters in the kingdom of neverending make America great again missions impossible

Hoodoo Witch responded to yesterday's Donald Trump Superstar romp at this blog:

LOL! I agree 3000% with Sancho Panza, though 100% is supposedly the max limit regarding such things. This blog post has been one of the more fun ones to read in awhile, regarding such serious matters as the state of the U.S. and its players.
  1. From time to time, I tell people wringing their hands and lamenting the state of America, humanity, etc., that it really helps to have a sense of humor and to view everything going on as theater, and to participate in it, while watching it and groaning, laughing, crying and raging at it. Sancho Panza has a gift of reducing really serious matters to comical absurdities. He is a court jester, when he feels moved to be one. As am I, which he pointed out, while making me a pipsqueak compared to Donald Trump. All hail the King! Er, your and Sancho's king. I didn't vote for him. Nor for Hillary.

    Another of my court jester friends chimed in yesterday. He's not nearly as funny, but he really is funny in the black comedy/gallows humor sense. He will get center stage in the next (today's) post at this neverending fool's errand blog. With his permission, I will shorten the gun regulation middle part of his rant, which is followed by his take on even more make America great again missions impossible.
I do not care if you publish this, but do not attach my name or email to it. If you do, we will never speak again. Not because my feelings are hurt but because the locals will form a lynch mob and fucking tar, feather, and the hang me until I am dead, dead, dead. 

The Mueller Report report, the seeming affirmation of the United States Supreme Court that a sitting President cannot be subpoena'd to testify before a sitting jury- as a constitutional matter- during the Nixon administration(in which then Associate Justice and later Chief Justice William Rehnquist was sitting, addicted to narcotics, and underwent several documented treatments), together with failure of the American people to hold their government to any standards whatsoever leaves me with absolutely no confidence in the in "the system". 

We do not hold our local, state, or national office holders to any standards of personal. social, fiscal, or ethical liability. Haven't in my lifetime. Don't know if you'd say you had a president, national Congressman, Governor or state Congressman, local representative, mayor, sheriff, or DOG CATCHER that was held to any standards that we advertise making up the "American" way. 

Not since the troubles of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom or the  ongoing war that has taken place between Palestinians and Israelis, has there been a situation so volatile as currently exists in the United States

1. There is no more republic despite the facade we maintain. We ceased to have any form of Democratic Republic when Citizens United was hailed AS A VICTORY FOR THE PEOPLE by "civil libertarians", lawyers, politicians, lobbyists, grubbers of the money anywhere, bankers, and the then 5% of the populace that then had 90% of the wealth. It was a victory for 1% of the population that now holds 95%+... and counting of the wealth. There is no American Dream or Make America Great Again with such a disparity in wealth distribution. Yet there is no sense of balance in the USA. It is a shameful situation when you can honestly say that the brightest hope for people is that they work until they die and hope simply to be able to pay their bills, and that is as good as it gets.

2. We have a firearm crisis. I had not played a computer or video game until someone showed me a game that has been in development for a number of years and has recently debuted. The gun had the largest array of real world weapons that I've ever seen, realistic sighting, z for iron sights, the scroll on your mouse button could configure scoped zoom. It realistically simulated recoil, shot placement, adjustments for windage, elevation, and distance. Anyone with access to cash or a credit card and Internet can buy a copy of the game, despite its rating of "M" for mature, as I understand that Valve Corporation, Epic Games, and other distributors do not perform due diligence beyond "I affirm I was born after this date." If a kid has access to a credit card, or has cash to stick on their Paypal account, or cash to stick on burner credit card(Prepaid Gift)- they can access and play these games single or multiplayer. The multiplayer facet is most disturbing as the real "glory" and "enjoyment" people receive from playing these games comes from their stated love of "PvP" or play versus player which players attempt ambush, rob or torture each other. I learned about trap bases, man traps, and worse. Games to see this kind of toxicity: Rust, Arma, DayZ, Hunt Showdown, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Online. We had an entire generation that got their first gun with their first console: the Nintendo Entertainment system released in the 1980's was bundled with a "Zapper" to play the combination cartridge of Mario/DuckHunt. So everyone who is 45 or below grew up with games that made "toys" out of guns. Pre-1980's- guns were either firearms, sporting goods, or ordnance. Now we have in common parlance enormous online forums where gun "enthusiasts" talk about their "new toy" or "what have you bought that was fireams related in the past 10 days ?" or "share a photo of your gun of the moment together with your (insert meal here)".  That last item is not a joke btw- I'm serious- there are pages and pages of pictures where people have their rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, etc with their breakfast lunch or supper/dinner(depending on where you are in relation to the Mason/Dixon line). We have gun laws with no parity state to state, since Ruby Ridge under Bush '41 there has been no permanent sitting director of the BATFE- rather it is always a temporary or sitting director so that when they fuckup or get caught doing something scandalously stupid- they can be fired in an obscene game of musical chairs except with body counts. With a firearm, the purpose has always been to kill game for survival or kill enemies in battle. Since the days of the Volstead Act and the Crime Prevent Act of 1926, a citizen of the United States has not been able to purchase a "machine gun" or "assault" rifle unless purchased through a  Class 3 FFL under Form 4 with an ATF tax stamp- the registry that was maintained of these weapons was closed in 1986 under the Hughes Amendment- a last minute rider that was passed as part of a crime bill. Otherwise, new true machine guns and assault rifles are regulated to police, military, and dealers who service the police and military and must maintain a dealer FFL and pay a Special Occupational Tax, any arm which they purchase must be demo'd and a proof of demonstration to approved end users(de po-leeese man or the gubamint), and all paper work, the firearms, and at minimum the FFL's home and vehicle and its contents can be searched 24 hours a day without any form of warrant or notice or probable cause. Should an FFL decide that the SOT is no longer worth the hassle it often brings, they must turn in their logs of those weapons purchased under the SOT in particular and the SOT weapons become property of the Department of the Treasury. 

Because the reality is that if a gun confiscation scheme were to be enforced, there would be bodies dropping on both sides for the initial period and when enough of the extremists and LE saw that bodies were dropping, most people would rather turn in a gun than get shot or face a 10 year/10 thousand dollar federal fine. The 10/10 is what you get if you're caught with an unregistered, stolen, or diverted select fire. You kill LE/soldier doing what congress has ordered, they'll shoot lightening out your ass. You get caught with a gun after confiscation, I imagine the 10/10 would be a starting point. 

3. We no longer have a majority of Americans that practice centrist politics. Politics is approached with a sport mentality in which "I'm backing my team." Politicians are the progeny of the oligarchy- both sides. If someone were to "drain the swamp"- it would look like a genocide on lawyers, judges politicians, and lobbyists until the country were so deep in assholes and elbows that you could not move. "Drain the swamp" is not possible. There is a swamp in every town, county, state, and Country in the world. 

4. Drugs, alcohol, sexual exploitation of others, mass communication(including the Internet at large) and sports have collectively become the bread, circuses, and gladiatorial matches of Rome- NATION WIDE. WORLD WIDE. From fuckin' Siberia and North Korea on bootleg satellite internet and sat-smartphones to an entire season or series of broadcast television downloaded via 5G in a manner of minutes to every corner of the world having a problem with some kind of dope or drink(the Irish Times roasted the U.S. on gun policy but stated that everyone in the US takes Rx opoids- I'm sorry for the poor bastards but I guess they were in too much a drunken stupor to remember that they have a problem with abuse of benzodiazipenes, abuse of gabapentin and lyrica, and they can buy codeine or Brown's over the counter in the UK and Ireland). 

5. The mob and he who yells loudest and with the most voices triumphs via social media like Twitter, Facebook, any major Newpaper's news article comments- in which the mere character limitation means that you are not going to say anything meaningful, yet politicians treat it as "The New Forum For the Public" or the new town hall.

All these glass houses....

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