Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sancho Panza on Donald Trump being deathblow to everything the Liberals and Neocons view Sacrosanct, and the woolly mammoth lurking in the Mueller report

Sancho Panza responded to yesterday's post at this blog:
My dear Don Q, take a look at this video summary of the Russia Collusion Saga, you, always misunderstood why I voted for Trump, it wasn't to destroy "just the Republican Party" as you alluded on your blog, but to blow up the bubble, the illusion that those "running" things are somehow legit and of higher moral standing because they happen to feed us what we want to hear(that includes both Politicians and the Media)... I voted for Obama in 2008, hoping he would would be the outsider that would blow up the system, but the cerebral, calculating and very eloquent Obama failed to take advantage of the great opportunity that was given to him... he busted my bubble when he blended right in... becoming another swamp creature and media darling...  and so he left the door wide open to the most unlikely of character; The funny and quixotic Trump has been able to deliver, in his rough-n-tumble way, the death blow to everything that both the Liberals and Neocons consider to be Sacrosanct... he's actually my new Iconoclastic hero, a Sloan on steroids with a billion dollar checking account and an ego to match!

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink
Don Quixote replied:
My God, Sancho!

I think you should send this probably the greatest ever of your take no prisoners state of America howlers to Tucker Carlson, to help him expand a bit beyond his little cubbyhole about the size of his navel. 

But, dang you, Sancho, you went and really hurt my feelings, demoting me so way far down below your new American idol, that I may never again be able to raise my battle-worn lance and mount my trusty steed and charge even one more rickety windmill! I wonder if I have a cause of action for libel or Viagra theft against you? For sure, Trump has a libel action against you for likening him to me, but much better than me, in the same breath! 

Indeed, Trump is a wrecking ball. The so-called deep state, whatever that actually is, it depends on lots of factors, remains alive and well, though, because it don't matter how things end up, guess who's going to gain the most? Right, the Devil. What a great thing the Devil must think all of this commotion is!

After reading your masterpiece, I thought to no one in particular, yet to everyone not particular, that Trump reflects what the Republicans actually are beneath all their clothing and holding forth, and if Trump was caught on a video having sex with a goat, they would pretend it was Stormy Daniels' lawyer and cheer him on! 

I told a feminist friend yesterday, that Trump has so flummoxed the Democrats, that they have splintered into a hydra, taking multiple personality disorder to heretofore unimaginable heights! Barack Obama was a parakeet compared to this T-Rex. 

I told the feminist, that I very easily can see 4 more years of Trump, and more years than that, after he declares martial law. I said that I see Trump pounding the Dems with being communists (socialists), and with viral chants of lock Hillary up! And, best for Elizabeth Warren to lay real low and just tend to her congressional duties. Otherwise, Trump will Pocahontas her black and blue. And, if Bernie Sanders runs and don't get nominated by the Dems and he runs on another ticket, he will do for Trump what Ralph Nader, whom I  would have loved to see be president, did for George W. Bush.

Perhaps I could respect Trump a tiny bit, if he did not covet getting himself a Nobel Peace Prize, too. I think it's probably impossible to get through to him, given how much in love with himself he is.

Actually, what I think you really ought to do, Sancho, is stitch together your masterpiece and my defrocked iconoclast hero's response, and send that tapestry to Tucker Carlson, with a note that we'd love to be on his show with him, live, no taping so he can edit it into something it ain't! 😎

Meanwhile, might be the Republicans and the Dems are overlooking a very big woolly mammoth in Mueller report - that Mueller determined Russia/Russians (Putin, of course, totally not involved 🤣) interfered in 2016 U.S. election to try to get Trump elected. Dems should make that their mantra in 2020 races: Trump and the Republicans are the Russian Party in America. The Dems chant that make America great again until way after the cows come home. While Trump and the Republicans chant: the Dems are socialists (communists).


Don Q

Sancho Panza responded this morning:

I have an ex-colleague who has an obsession with conspiracies that would make your missive below seem like the drooling of a swatting newborn... he has Trump pegged as a triple agent, chess master, working with somebody named Q Anon who is looking to take down the Deep State and return America to the pristine state, prior to the entanglements with Zionists and other foreign and local financial interests... there's an "other-dimensional" aspect to this Q...  sounds like your Angels to me... but what do I know, maybe you are this Q Anon!  EmojiEmojiEmoji

Don Q replied:
Ha! I think Trump is a spoiled rich kid, who inherited a whole lot of money and used it to make a whole lot more money, not entirely on the up and up. His ego seems to have no bounds. He is devious, but I have never considered him in the triple agent class, although the Devil is real good at that and perhaps has Trump on a leash of some sort. Looks to me that the Saudis and Putin might have Trump by the gonads, in some way. Hard to imagine him submitting to the, say, Illuminati, unless they had him by the gonads in some way. 

Hoodoo Witch voted for Trump, hoping he would break up what she views as the deep state. She also has Russian in-laws, and it looks to me she figured Trump would cause less trouble with Russia than would Hillary Clinton.

The Republicans have their view of the deep state: it's the evil Democrat lever pullers. The deep state has been viewed as the bureaucrats in the American government. As the Illuminati. Beneath it all, I still think, is the Devil, on the one hand, and angels of the Lord on the other hand. If that's baby drool, then send me a lifetime supply of pampers.

If the Q Anon really want to return America to its "pristine state", then they should lead the way by exporting themselves back to where they, or their ancestors, originated in Europe, or wherever. Unless they are descended from real Americans - the ones who discovered America long before Spain discovered Jesus, whom I think was not nearly as white, blond and blue-eyed as the religion that claims to follow him made him out to be. 

I can imagine if Jesus took a special interest in Trump, for example, it would become a sight to behold. Same, if Jesus took a special interest in all Americans. I told Hoodoo W/itch the other day, it will take something like that for anything to really change in America. And elsewhere. 

Meanwhile, the Dems look to me like the lost Fukawi tribe, and the Repubs look to me like they think they have a lock on God, and they both are doing such a good job at it, that the Devil gets to spend a lot of time on Maui, sipping fresh pineapple juice smoothies spiked with vodka, and goggling pretty ladies in scant bikinis, or just their birthday suits.

Don Q post-script:
Bernie Sanders (socialist) is no more a commie than was ... Jesus? Sancho Panza told me that he was born on the Dominican Republic; is fluent in the romance languages and Latin; is extremely well-read/educated; is a retired Lucent Technologies scientist; we stumbled across each other in an online forum in 2002, I think; we never met face to face; I have no clue what he looks like; he says he lives in NY City; he kept calling me Don Quixote, so I named him Sancho Panza; he claims never to have had any experiences not completely of this world.


Gloria Reiser said...

LOL! I agree 3000% with Sancho Panza, though 100% is supposedly the max limit regarding such things. This blog post has been one of the more fun ones to read in awhile, regarding such serious matters as the state of the U.S. and its players.

Sloan said...

From time to time, I tell people wringing their hands and lamenting the state of America, humanity, etc., that it really helps to have a sense of humor and to view everything going on as theater, and to participate in it, while watching it and groaning, laughing, crying and raging at it. Sancho Panza has a gift of reducing really serious matters to comical absurdities. He is a court jester, when he feels moved to be one. As am I, which he pointed out, while making me a pipsqueak compared to Donald Trump. All hail the King! Er, your and Sancho's king. I didn't vote for him. Nor for Hillary.

Another of my court jester friends chimed in yesterday. He's not nearly as funny, but he really is funny in the black comedy/gallows humor sense. He gets top billing in the next (today's) post at this neverending fool's errand blog.