Thursday, March 31, 2022

Do ya think lawyers can save humanity?

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I called the Alabama State Bar yesterday and was told that just the day before they had made it official that I am licensed to practice law in Alabama, again. I asked about annual Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements, and was told, since I'm over 65, I'm exempt. It's been 22 years since I had an active law license in Alabama. 23 years since I did any CLE. A friend told me yesterday that Alabama is a great place for people to get licensed to practice law 😂.

While I might dream that being a lawyer again makes it easier to sally forth like Don Quixote toward near and distant windmills, hoping to right perceived wrongs and make things better, I think I'd be nuts to actually believe that 😎. Perhaps there might small victories, but holding my breath for more might cause my demise.

I talked last night with a good friend, who has become active in his home state about one of its members of Congress I keep wondering why lightning has not struck and gotten his undivided attention, after the first lightning strike seemed to be wasted electricity. 

I told my friend, all I have been reading and seeing in the news and on social media and in face to face conversations with other people, leaves me convinced America and humanity are working hard on relocating its head to its ass. 

As for my friend and me, we are perfect in every way😇, and we hope you will vote for us when we run for president in 2024 on the Unicorn ticket. We will toss a coin to see which of us is the sacrificial V.P.

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Gloria Reiser said...

OMG, this is hilarious. If you tire of lawyering, you'd make a great stand up comedy act.
Though you might also be a storyteller like Garrison Keillor, maybe even Mark Twain.