Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Yin and the Yang of the Law

It's been a few days since I published 

What's going on in Ukraine, Donald Trump wants to happen to the American left

I told a neighbor amiga the other night that maybe that was a good place for this blog to end. I had spent years. blogging, and running for local public office in Key West and the Florida Keys, and speaking during citizen comments at commission, school board and other local government meetings there.

I said I had come to think that ongoing I was trying cases in God's Court, where everyone involved, including me, was on trial. 

Also, I seemed to have started a new book, "The Yin and the Yang of the Law", and had created a new blog to hold it - I wondered if that might be where all my writing energy would go?

I was thinking the night before last of announcing the new book at this blog and a friend called yesterday morning to report a dream she had the night before of me getting a shot in my left arm. 

I write left-handed. 

I told her the dream reminded me of the saying, "A shot in the arm," which to me means getting an boost in energy, interest, purpose, etc.

As of now there are three chapters most easily accessed in the sidebar menu. The 1st chapter's link is at the top of the menu, and later chapter links follow in chronological order. 

Introduction: My Mamma Figured I Would Be a Lawyer
Chapter 1: The Law is a Jealous Mistress 
Chapter 2: We Plan, God Laughs

The book has a good bit of my personal history and the theme is an application of introspection (yin) to action (yang) in legal matters, especially legal conflict.

After Chapter 2 was done, I mailed checks to the Alabama Bar to reactivate my law license. There were quite a few dreams leading up to that. What kind of law I might, or might not practice, I can't say.

The book is being heavily edited in my dreams, and I only write when I feel there is something there to write.

That is how I wrote 20 or so other books, non-fiction and fiction, perhaps 300 poems, and maybe 6,000 blog posts - when I was paying attention to the Muse. Some would say, the Spirit.

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