Monday, March 7, 2022

Do politicians and their lemmings think they are karma proof?

In my inbox yesterday from an online spirituality forum showing 250,000+ members:


If there's no right/wrong, good/bad, then why shouldn't I kill a lot of people like Stalin or Hitler?
I'm not trolling, this isn't a joke, this is serious question.
I really can't understand spiritual communities and spiritual teachings.
If there's no right or wrong, good or bad, if everything is just game, and universe is just a neutral observer,
Why should I raise my vibration? Why should I spread love and light? Why should I help unfortunate people? Why should I develop empathy and sympathy?
If I choose to be born as neo Hitler in next incarnation and decide to kill millions of people in China or India, why would universe/Source would see me as guilty, bad, wrong?
Really, I don't understand.
Let's say I'd take all karmic responsibility, then why should I be a good person at all in the first place, if everything is just game?
And why is Putin bad guy if there's no such thing as right or wrong in spiritual pov? If he dies, he'll reunite with us as a pure energy ball, won't he?

I think we all, regardless of spiritual outlook, or lack thereof, have much to look forward to experiencing at some point in space and time. In that way, more and more questions are answered. Meanwhile, I doubt we would care to be dealing with Hitler or Stalin or Putin's karma😎. Nor Trump's or Hillary's, nor lots of prominent Americans' karma. I have enough karma of my own creation chewing on me😎. Looking in the mirror a lot, not by choice usually, isn't all that much fun.

I wrote that comment yesterday. To it I now add using the edit feature:

In my Apple news this morning is a prickly Guardian article entitled "Putin's Hollywood pals- the stars who snuggled up to the the Russian dictator" - quite a star-studded cast.

I sure don't want those celebrities' karma.
I sure don't want the karma of my friends who voted for Donald Trump and still have not repented.
One of those friends, a professional psychic for many decades, vigorously defended voting for Trump, because she thought Hillary would be much worse in the White House.
She has Russian in-laws, and she vigorously defended Putin in the past.
Recently, she told me that she was told and shown in dreams that she's going to be taken into something likened to peeling an onion, and the onion will vigorously resist being peeled, but all will be well.
I woke up this morning wondering how all will be well in Ukraine (and in Russia) and in America, with Putin and Trump and their hordes on the loose? 
I woke up wondering if part of the onion peeling will involve revising my friend's positions with Trump and Putin? 
I woke up wondering if peeling the onion will adjust her positions on Putin and Trump's leader, Lucifer, whom she has vigorously maintained was falsely maligned and actually is the beautiful morning star?
I woke up wondering if peeling the onion will get my friend over her deep aversion to trusting and asking help from the God in the Christian Bible, the spiritual tradition into which she was born and raised in her youth?
I wonder if she will experience the baptism of Jesus in the Gospels, which was not in water, but was in fire and spirit?
I experienced that baptism for decades, and still experience it, administered by angels whose names are in the Bible, and it's not much fun.

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