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angel healing vs.

From an online spirituality forum showing 260,000+ members:

I've looked through thousands of guided meditations and I'm still anxious and depressed. I have a minimum wage job. I've met SO many fakes in the spiritual community. I need socialization too. They always ask me for money and say stuff that doesn't sound right. Please bless me in advance.

Since you cried out for help...
In "The Gladiator" movie, the hero tells his fellow Roman prisoners/gladiators, "What we do here today echoes in Eternity."
Starting 1986, and running through perhaps 1993, I spent a lot of money on clairvoyants, healers, etc., who helped me develop new ways of seeing things. Some of them helped me get in touch with and experience really rough soul wounding in myself. Yet, they were not able to help me feel better physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. A couple of them told me that whatever I was going through was beyond their range and they could not help me with it. I also encountered a few, whose egos and money drives I felt needed a few prayer meetings with Jesus, so to speak.
In early 1987, in my 43rd year, I realized I was at the end of my rope, out of bright ideas, a total failure as a man. In that state, one day I prayed, "Dear God, I do not wish to die like this, failed. Please help me." I paused, said, "I offer my life to human service." I got a bit choked up. Went on about my day. About 10 nights later, I woke in the wee hours and saw two spirit beings hovering above me in the darkness. Shaped like shifts, white with slight blue tint. No wings, but I assumed they were angels. I heard clearly, but not with my ears, "This will push you to your limits, but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you." I remembered the prayer I had made. I saw a white flash of light and was jolted physically and otherwise by something electrical. That happened two more times, quickly. The beings dissolved and were gone.
It had begun. Even as I kept going to clairvoyants and healers, and I suppose that was part of what the two angels had arranged, until the time came for it to be between the angels and me. Then, then began the real work, the soul alchemy with accompanying healing no human being I had met could imagine or predict. It was a long, wild, sometimes terrifying ride. I met me in ways I did not want to meet me. Many courses in looking in the mirror. Later, came courses in seeing other people differently. I was put face to face with Evil, demonic entities, in spirit and me, and behind and/or inside other people.
This is not a course you can buy. It is not a course you can find. It is not a course any person can give to you. But it can be given to you by angels, but whether it is given is beyond human control. There has to be an agreement with a person's soul, which is willing, even if the person is not entirely willing. For there is no way for the ego to begin to imagine what such a course entails, and the ego probably would never agree to it knowing what is to come.
I came to know other people, who had their own version of such angel intervention. I watched it happen to three of them, and I saw a few other people it happened to a lesser degree. I know someone right now who seems to have been told in her sleep that she is headed into it, and it will not be easy, but all will be well. She is a longstanding professional psychic and was on a spiritual path long before we met in 1990, I have felt for some time that she needs such an intervention, and I hope it goes easier and quicker for her than it went for me.
It is my observation that the angel course for women is different than for men, due to fundamental differences between women and men, and due to the massive prejudice against the feminine on this planet. The course awakens and heals the internal feminine and has equivalent effect on the internal masculine, and on perspectives and behavior. It is a CHALLENGE.
It is still going on for me, in my 80th year. I am tested ongoing. Instructed ongoing. Corrected ongoing. The corrections can be quite jolting. I still mess up and need my attention gotten. It can be really unnerving to be "spanked" by an angel. And, it takes some adjusting to be put through so much and still not feel all that great physically, still have lots of unrest in me, yet I am an entirely different person, inside of which lives the person I was before the angels came and told me I would be pushed to my limits.

I shared the above with my professional psychic friend, who replied:

This is a good response detailing your personal experiences for "Echo" ......  I wonder if "Echo" has tried brainwave entrainment for anxiety or depression.  There used to be many available at no cost to view or listen to on YouTube.  The thing is, it's a short term help, like taking an aspirin for a headache.... when the aspirin wears off the headache may return still needing to be addressed... as in getting to the root cause.

Me back to her:

I gave Echo a method to get help that humanity cannot provide. The requirement to receive such help is utter and total desperation and openness to receive whatever angels of God are allowed to provide with agreement of the supplicant’s soul. There is no way to know if such a supplicant will receive such help, and if it does come, there is no way to imagine what it might be and when it will begin and how long it will take and what will be required of the supplicant in return.
I’m somewhat amused you were direct to become acquainted with two Christian women, Teresa de Avila, and much later with Julian of Norwich. Teresa fancied herself a servant of God, Julian angels made into a servant of God after she prayed intensely to have a vision. I’m amused, because you left Christendom and delved into other paths, and for many years were reactionary against the God of those two women’s Bible. 
I told quite a few people, who were born into and then left Christendom, including you, that they had to go back into Christendom and experience its essence, and emerge from that into something much bigger and different than they ever could have imagined. 
Julian seems to have done that, Teresa of Avila did not, but her friend Juan de la Cruz did.    
Me, well, I have come to think I will be roughed up and messed with by angels, and suffer physically unceasing in this body, and I will go to my grave feeling I failed by the human definition. 
So far, no response from Echo, nor anyone else at that forum.


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