Monday, March 14, 2022

Are McDonald's and Burger King more dangerous than Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump?


Sloan Bashinsky
I think the mess America is in today after the Trump experiment, which kinda reminds me of lab-creation of huge zombie masses, and perhaps they are replicating arithmetically, algebretically or even exponentially, the coupe Hillary and the DNC pulled off in 2016 gave Trump the opponent he could barely beat, and here we are, and I don't see that in Heather Cox Richardson's history recounts, nor do I see it at any Democrat forum. 
Ol’ Flawriduh Cracker
Sloan, in the rear view everything looks so much more obvious. I really feel that the Democratic Party and their “meritocracy” based society came off to too many disenfranchised working class people as taking care of the needs of a disconnected elite.
What is amazing is that the “fascist promises” of a return to glory days, the weeding out and removing of “untermenschen” (foreigners and Blacks and immigrants) who were seen as undeserving benefactors of their sweat and toil… There was a lot of anger, hate and spite (aggrieved feeling seems like such and understated way to express pent up hate and anger over the wrong reasons) that positioned Trump and his minions as some kind of avenging angels, returning for the End Times I guess.
We both have interesting introspection of this nightmare, which I’m afraid we will never wake up from… I hope our future generations can find a way to avoid this disaster.

Sloan Bashinsky
Excerpts rom my blog post today:

an inverted shaman sees just about everything very differently

This morning, a American lady friend in another state called to report a dream last night, in which there was a Burger King and three black men in front of it were looking at her. She is an empath and feels things when I ask her about this or that. So, I asked her if the dream was about me? No, she said.
I said Burger King is a huge American fast food chain. A steady diet of Burger King food causes people to be fat, have heart attacks, strokes and other medical problems. Is the dream about the fast food American politicians feed Americans? Yes, she said. Is the dream about the divide between American blacks and whites, which American politicians have caused? Yes, she said.

Ex-President Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin a genius. When recently asked how he thought the Ukraine conflict would end, he went on a rant against windmills.
I caught myself thinking yesterday that something like Ukraine might happen to the American left, if Donald Trump becomes president again.
I got that notion from listening to and reading about Donald Trump and lots of his followers on FOX, CNN, Facebook and Twitter. Clearly, Trump and his legions think blacks stole the 2020 election from him.

Ol’ Flawriduh Cracker
My brother - a working class guy (that I suspect secretly voted Trump) texted me to say that McDonald’s has closed operations in Russia. What an act of corporate courage, huh?
I told him that the best thing we could do is ramp up the beef, fries and sugar for the Russian population as a bio-warfare weapon. 
Sloan Bashinsky
Saw that yesterday, and just now Burger King followed McDonald's lead. To recoup those lost sale$, they will have to sell a lot more of their biological weapons in America :-). 
I can't imagine any working class person voting for Donald Trump or any Republican candidate. But then, I can't imagine any woman or Christian voting for Trump. And then, the blacks who voted for Trump. Will never figure that out.
Ah, just now see on NBC that today the Pope called the Russian invasion of Ukraine barbaric.
I wonder how it would go in Russia if Big Pharma pulled out of there?

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