Friday, February 21, 2020

swing voter hideouts like Key West hold the keys to defeating Donald Trump

Three nights ago, my mysterious friend, Young Prophet (YP), reported by phone a dream of a monster flaming bear, much larger than a Kodiak grizzly, set North Carolina ablaze and did that down through Georgia and Alabama into the Florida panhandle and down the west coast and central and south Florida into the Florida Keys until it reached Key West where do-gooders resisted and the bear self-immolated.

I said, in Native American lore the bear represents introspection and perhaps the dream was about that happening all the way down to Key West, where the bear flamed out because that city is not open to anything fresh?

YP then emailed what he later had heard in his sleep:

A voice said, the bear is the fear the MAGAs spread, no matter whether you tread that path or not, the MAGA's will undo any good on the path you take.

When YP and I later talked on the phone, I said, okay, the bear didn’t get its way in Key West, which is a Democrat stronghold, Trump lost in Key West in 2016, but won most of the precincts above there in the Keys. We talked about Russia being known as the bear, and Russia helped Trump get elected in 2016. It was in the news later yesterday that the National Intelligence Agency announced Russia is doing it again, and Trump went haywire that it was made public.

Last night, I reread what YP had emailed and took it personally and emailed YP:

"A voice said, the bear is the fear the MAGAs spread, no matter whether you tread that path or not, the MAGAs will undo any good on the path you take" 

Addressed to me from TPTB [The Powers that Be], looks like it don't matter what I do, the MAGAs will undo any good I do, so I should, what, just play bridge and chess, watch Netflix at night, forget the new book, shut down the blogs? 

YP emailed this morning:

A reply from TPTB:

Simply because the Priest is shocked to find no fish in the Sea of Salt, does a Priest stop his trek to the Sea of Galilee, and give up fishing? Do you abandon all fish?

Simply because you encounter the worst of man, the type of man like Hitler, do you hide in a bunker because all men MUST be this way?

The answer is no. You do not retreat.

The answer is Monroe County and Counties like it represent the swing voters and if they wish for the terror of the bear to self-immolate- those areas vote. Those areas don't let the bear off the hook.

I replied:

Thanks, that’s what I felt I needed to do, regardless, and told God same last night.

Getting out to vote mantra had not specifically occurred to me but I was beating around that burning bush.

You summed up America and Russia well: two self-proclaimed kings and oligarchs run the show, and Trump, Bloomberg and Epstein cartel say plenty more.

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