Sunday, February 16, 2020

Donald The Great tweets recent dreams

Donald The Great@realAmericanPatriot
...Well, hell's bells! Last night, I saw a FOX report that small Michael Bloomberg ducked answering if crooked Hillary Clinton is his running mate this year? I then fell asleep and had a string of uplifting ducky dreams!

...MAGAs believe my orange capitalist few billion$ piggy bank funded by inheritance and hook or crook more Godly than Bloomberg's 50 billion$ earned the old-fashioned way!

...Crooked Hillary got 3,000,000+ more popular votes than me in 2016 was fake news, so no worries there, either!

...After socialist New York City Mayor Bloomberg cracked down hard on black citizens with stop and frisk laws, same blacks clean forgot I was immensely pleased to receive endorsement of KKK Grand Imperial Wizard Dragon in 2016, and I later defended fine white supremacist hordes waving Confederate flags in Charlottesville! 

...African-Mexican-Central American Americans campaigned hard and voted often for me!

...Loved ones of Americans killed in mass shootings joined NRA and campaigned hard and voted often for me!

...Loved ones of American soldiers killed or maimed in body, mind and spirit in foreign wars and every American combat veteran and their loved ones campaigned hard and voted often for 5-times draft-deferred me!

...Mother Nature lovers and climate-change haters campaigned hard and voted often for me!

...Poor Americans, especially street persons and those unable to afford decent medical care, campaigned hard and voted often for me! 

...Contractors, subcontractors and many hard-working construction laborers I stiffed campaigned hard and voted often for me!

...Women I paid to be quiet about having sex with me campaigned hard and voted often for me.

...My good buddy Jerry Epstein The Immaculate rose from the dead and spent every penny of his hard-earned sex-trafficking billions urging every American Evangelical to campaign hard and vote often for their Messiah, me!

...I and my pet Attorney General Matt Barr having great fun playing who can get more bad guy friends of mine lighter sentences, to save me pardoning them during an election year!

...My good buddy Vladimir The Great became President for Life of Russia and pulled out all stops again for me this year, and I won by a landslide, while I continued faithfully serving my Saudi lord and master!
...Republicans swept the House and Senate in 2020 and amended the Constitution and made me President for Life, and 45 states ratified! Thank you, Czar Putin!

...Congress amended First Amendment to allow the President decide what news American news media publish. Thank you, Czar Putin!

...Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and I appointed twice-improperly-removed-from-Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore and his paint horse to replace her. Moore was overwhelmingly confirmed by Congress and immediately voted Chief Justice by the other Justices. 
...The Justices rightly struck down Roe v. Wade and made all abortions illegal - Death Penalty for all involved - mother, father, doctors, nurses, staff. They outlawed Planned Parenthood. They outlawed all but Christian prayer and made and the Bible required reading in all public schools. They outlawed gay marriage, spouse benefits and child adoptions.

... Native Americans went back to where they came from.

...Where do the America-destroying liberals Bernie, Joe, Elizabeth, Amy, Tom, Tulsi, etc. fit into my dreams? Pipsqueaks, compared to goddamned James Comey, Robert Mueller, The Whistleblower, Mitt Romney and Bill Weld! Good thing MAGAs and most other Republicans hell of a lot more loyal to party, than God!

... Where do journalists, bloggers, social media critics of me fit into my dreams? Ask Czar Putin and Saudi prince who ordered Saudi journalist tortured, killed and sawed into pieces.

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