Sunday, February 9, 2020

Who stands to profit from 2nd American Civil War? Russia, China, Iran, Islam

My non-partisan mystic friend Young Prophet responded to the Hillary Clinton could have been worse part of yesterday’s How Democrats beat Profiteer Party president post at this blog:

She's damn equal. That was a close fucking popular election.

If more people knew about the "Clinton Body Count" and that fact that she literally shape-shifted like the Wendigo or the Skin-walker of Native America lore- she'd never been nominated and we might not now face this ugly.

You may well be alive to see 2nd Civil War.

Empirical research by social scientists shows there are strong single issue voters: Pro 2A, Pro 1st Amend Religion single issue: ELECT TRUMP, on the other side: ANY BODY BUT TRUMP SINGLE ISSUE VOTER.

That means we are no longer motivated by civil discourse. Most Americans- except you me and maybe your family members and some of my family- the rest is all about their "single issue".

When there is no civil discourse left- there is only violence.

Rafael Truillo
Pine Ridge Reservation: GOONs VS AIM vs US GOVT
Fulgencio Batista
Doc and "Baby Doc" Duvalier

When there was no more talking there was just violence. In sociology and political science this is studied in third world countries. BUT NOT SELF RIGHTEOUS WORLD POLICE AMERICA- NEVER HAPPEN HERE, HELL OUR BOWEL MOVEMENTS DON'T STINK

I replied:

In 2016, I repeatedly called Hillary a shapeshifter and a man in female garb. I discovered and reported she once was a Barry Goldwater hook, line and sinker swallower. I repeatedly told Dems Hillary was very bad news, and after Trump was elected I told Dems they elected him by making Hillary their candidate, so stop complaining about Trump and start getting their own stinking house in order.

A lot of people, including nationally recognized psychic friend of mine, voted for Trump because they preferred him to Hillary. I told that friend last night that I thought anyone who voted for Trump needed brain surgery. I thought but did not say the same for people who voted for Hillary.

My friend thinks Hillary is angling to wriggle her way into somehow getting herself nominated this year. Hillary was a terrific Russian asset in 2016, the very ammo Putin needed to get his candidate elected, hoping Trump would undo the Magnitsky Act passed by bipartisan Congress, over President Obama’s opposition, to shut down Russian oligarchs operating in America. My friend was closed tight to that being in play, she has Russian in-laws she wants to be able to keep coming to America to visit, and she doesn’t want anything that might shut down America-Russia relations.

It seems there ain’t much breathing air above single-issue voting, and your 2nd American Civil War opine I opined often in 2016 and since. Gosh, who stands to profit from 2nd American Civil War? Heh, Russia, China, Iran, Islam. 

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