Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Who invented socialism: Jesus or the Devil?

Yesterday brought comments from three people who follow my national politics ramblings.

Great Lakes area Catholic Republican businessman
Sacrilegious to compare Bernie “BS” Sanders to Jesus, Sloan... 

Well, Mark, how about MAGAs claiming God sent Trump to lead them?

That aside, I compared Jesus to socialism and socialism to Jesus. Trump, Republicans and MAGAs hate socialism. Is that sacrilegious, old friend?

Pirate Captain Bellamy, former professor at Trump University:

You know how I feel about Trump.

But I feel Sanders is another ideologue with no grasp of applying the philosophy he is espousing. The rich will not take a major wealth redistribution. The rich talk about entitlements but the reality is this: they feel so entitled to their filthy lucre that they'll fire every damned worker in the country, deadlock Congress, and the whole thing will go all to hell because of riots. Not race riots. Bread riots. Be like the Ford Plant Riot back in the 1920's. Except in every city. People have no idea of sustainability or how to survive, although it isn't like you can grow a garden in the concrete jungle.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates talk a good game but if you reduced their wealth to a level in which in they'd have to worry about money to sustain their lifestyles as is, they'd suddenly start stuttering and grousing about how "WE EARNED THAT MONEY".

Young people support causes with verbal and e-support. That seems to be a big thing for Bernie. Latino vote is a major thing for Bernie. Young people, once Ron Paul had no chance to win, well, they went back to their smart phones. Latinos face real obstacles to vote. Obstacles like: Prove you are who you say you are, prove you are a citizen, and if Republicans can stop their vote- they will.

Bernie is running as a hardline socialist.

Reality 1: Socialism is political theory always rejected in this country and based on empirical evidence- rightly so. Government has always shown the greater the size of government and its bureaucracy, the more people employed in the government, the more inefficient the bureaucracy is. Look at how most people feel about auto tag offices as well as drivers license offices. If such simple governmental works can be gummed up by bureaucracy, expand it to health care- hell Sanders is saying expand it across the board- all services are government services and you've got government's hand in it? Then people have a right to be skeptical.

He is comparing what he wants to Denmark, Norway, Finland, and the Swedes- there is a harsh reality 2. Compare the populations between any of these countries and our counties combined. People have a high enough level of wealth that those that can- leave for private pay health care in other parts of the world.

Harsh Reality 3: There is no practical difference between socialism, communism, and national socialism(not the NAZI PARTY- THE POLITICAL APPLICATION). This has been proven by the Soviet Union, China, Germany under National Socialism(before it morphed into the NAZI PARTY), Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea. Those are exemplary successes- wait what the hell am I talking about- those are the worst dumpster fire hellholes in the world.

As for "Democratic Socialism"- that's a conciliatory term., Democratic socialism, is socialism.

We're headed down the road to 30 trillion in national debt. Socialism won't work. Maybe back when we were only 7 trillion in debt during the Clinton administration, that would have been different. We have no money for "democratic socialism" or "national socialism".

You need older Americans to vote as well as younger. Older Americans remember Stalin killing millions in WW2 from History class, and from the famines of the USSR. Older Americans remember Nikita Kruschev saying "We will bury you." They remember a war being fought in Vietnam over socialism.

Older Americans do not differentiate socialism from communism from Marxism from Trotskyism from...

If Sanders runs with AOC- he is running with a  young Hispanic woman with no policy experience- less than Barak Hussein Obama had. She could not afford her own rent. A key issue I've had with Trump which I see as unforgivable is he brought in people to cabinet positions who were/are completely incompetent for the job they're given. You know what? AOC makes a great political commentator, but she has shown no effectiveness in policy making.

Who else is going to run with him? He is essentially what Trump is at the GOP Convention 2016- no one entrenched in professional politics wants him as DNC Nominee but they're going to get him, which means the DNC can choose to try to run another candidate and be damned on the caucus system.

Personally, I think he is the most on the right track of doing "WHAT IS RIGHT."

What is right. What is just. What is closest to God. Three things MOST Americans don't get behind- costs too much.

Heh, you took your time getting down to the meat of the coconut. Meanwhile, how many trillions spent on rich white mens' foreign wars could be spent instead helping America's middle and lower-income people?

Hispanic Facebook friend, Luis:
the russians are only interfering with trump's and sanders' campaigns. but they have no interest in electing ms. pelosi, for example. if the russians control the candidate and his most radical opponent (in reality, due to the relatively old age of the candidate, of a dangerous ideology), the US is, in fact, is ruled by russia. it happened in venezuela, which was invaded by cuba in a bureaucratic coup. it can't happen because you're less stupid than the venezuelans in 1999, or the germans in 1933, or even the russians in 1917. you're the land of apples and kardashians. this time, the soviets will finally do as they promised they would do, an control al superpowers. the international is the title of their anthem. have you'all heard of it? because you seem surprised, not you, Sloan, you!, et al. would you want a ruler that does not has the will to defend himself, other cheek and all? a guy that goes to the stock exchange market and starts shooting the computers? willing to be judged and crucified to teach us a lesson, your know, like Jesus? can't elect Jesus before his crucifixion, because then he's not yet the resurrected christ, and can't elect him as resurrected christ, because he's in heaven by his father's side. so maybe sanders is willing to be crucified in 21st century terms. who's herodes and who's pilates? but in practical terms: how do you solve it? how does trump & sanders avoid being helped by russia? is this something that needs to be solved legally, politically or judicially? and what if, say, mr trump tells russia that if they don't stop meddling in our elections, he'll propose legislation to congress with suggestion on how to deal with the threat to the national security of the US; do we declare war on russia? how do we confront this accusation/allegation/suspicion? is it a true threat? or is it invented as a propaganda tool of the anti-freedom group?
I think you tried to cover too much ground, Luis.

Russia very much wants Trump re-elected. Russia today is run by one man surrounded by oligarchs. That one man wants his oligarchs to be able to operate their business enterprises freely in America, which the Magnitsky Act prevents. America today is run by one man surrounded by oligarchs, who want to be allowed to operate freely in America and everywhere else. The Russian does not allow serious public criticism of himself, and Trump decries public criticism of him as treason.

Based on my personal experiences, Jesus remains very much alive and well in America, and elsewhere on this planet, but not wearing the human body he wore in Palestine. That does not mean, however, America, for example, embraces Jesus "whole hog", or "hook, line and sinker". Rather, in the main Jesus is embraced piecemeal. What I tried, perhaps poorly, to point out is, many of Jesus' sayings and deeds reported in the Gospels remind me what socialism much later sought to achieve. Yet the Republican Party and MAGAs, most of whom claim Jesus is their Lord and savior, are convinced socialism was invented by the Devil.


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