Friday, February 7, 2020

the Republican State of Trump

A Florida Keys amigo emailed re yesterday’s Looks to me Lucifer is delighted with how America is progressing post at this blog:

trump is the devil incarnate !!! he is baffling so many Christians.

I replied:

Looks to me many American Christians are baffling Jesus.

On the other side of the aisle, looks to me Iowa caucus vote counting debacle is screaming message from Above about Democrat disarray.

A mainland amigo emailed re yesterday’s post:

A doomed enterprise: How America is progressing

For 50+ members of the Senate, they turned tail and ran- "Well, screw this..."

Trump has ABSOLUTELY ZERO POWER IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. He is not Sheldon Adelson. He is not the last of the "Southern Democrat Governors" that Clinton embodies for the Democrats. 

Trump is a bad(although I bet it is expensive) hair piece.

Trump is not the god Pan- he isn't some gleeful trickster.

There is no "deep state." The guy who largely started that deep state garbage had to admit on his radio show that he has lung cancer, after years of saying "Tobacco doesn't cause lung cancer" So people might want to check themselves before they continue on with their shared mass delusion of a deep state.

A deep state did not try to take Trump from the office of the Presidency. Trump did. He had an aide pact with the non-Russian loyalist majority of the Ukraine and he did what he's done all his life: attempt to create leverage instead of doing the right thing.

I would like to see him live on the amount of money I've lived on for the past couple of years.

I replied:

Trump has no power in the Republican Party? Perhaps not in their minds, but all outward indications he owns that party like a piece of distress real estate he bought out of bankruptcy on the courthouse steps. Perhaps - heh - Bloomberg will acquire the Democratic Party the same way?

So many deep state religions, the hydra image forms. The real deep state, human that is, are very rich and powerful mostly, if not all, white people, who pull levers behind the scenes, and their lever puller, Lucifer. Along came Trump to make their wildest dreams come true by cutting their taxes and removing financial and environmental brakes that kept them somewhat in check and stacking the Supreme Court with their mammon-wor$hiping lackey$. Maybe they all end up with cancer for it? Meanwhile, I join you in wishing them the exquisite pleasure of living on next to nothing, or nothing at all

mainland Amigo responded:

That's the thing that gives me a pain in the gut. We're Ruth Nader Ginsburg between us and might as well not have a USSC.

And now that you mention it Trump did buy an entire party that was distressed real estate. And he cut down all the trees and shit in their yard. It is the party of the corporate welfare pig. Fuck the stuffed elephant. Corporate welfare pig for GOP Mascot.

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