Thursday, February 27, 2020

hazardous U.S. weather advisories

From the Black Belt:
James Clyburn gives a master class on what Democrats need to do to win the election. A must listen for all White Democrats - especially those who live in blue states. So many whoppers and gems in this interview (also found in today's FiverThirtyEight Politics podcast feed).
  • Sloan Bashinsky What I hope happens is all blacks who are eligible to vote, vote for whomever the Democrats nominate. I also hope blacks in the U.S. military go on strike against fighting in rich white American men's wars for corporate profit, such as the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. After Dr. Martin Luther King came out against the Vietnam war, he was killed. Same had happened to President John F. Kennedy after he got cold feet about expanding American military presence in Vietnam.
From Mother Nature:
  • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe when hell freezes over?
    • Victor Clarke Ever the Optimist !!!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Well, I figured not even Trump, Republicans and MAGAs could miss hell freezing over clue.
    • Sloan Bashinsky All the fire down there left and burned up the planet.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Last summer the hottest where I live in Alabama that I remember since I was born in 1942. This winter the warmest since I was born. So far, I think, two short patches of below 32 F at night. Unheard of during winter here.
    • Victor Clarke Yeah no worries all part of Trump's Plan to MAGA
    • Sloan Bashinsky MAGA kinda rhymes with magma.

      A friend of mine called to say he dreamed last night that the Dems nominated Bernie Sanders and Trump got elected again.
    • Victor Clarke That’s not a dream .....It’s a Fucking Nightmare !!!!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky hope not never ending, but it don't look swift-ending to my old eyes that have seen a heap since they started getting opened wide by a band of angels 30+ years ago ...

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