Wednesday, October 13, 2021

What might one nation under God look like?

This Facebook memory of a year ago showed up in my timeline yesterday:

Sancho Panza: Why would you think that only certain people have the ability to communicate with these beings, ET's or Angels? I would definitely want an omniscient, all loving being(God) to be my confidant and adviser! What I think happens is that people do have in their DNA a need to submit to a higher authority that is more powerful, wiser and capable than they are; typically, a Great Leader that seems successful and superhuman! Hitler, Cesar, Napoleon, Obama, Trump, etc... therefore Politics and Religion go hand in hand! Still, it would be nice to be guided by GOD... the real one!

Me: Maybe I need to write more clearly? "Believers" talk to "God", angels, saints ongoing, but what percentage of "believers" hear something back? It's hearing back that seems to be pretty infrequent, and, based on me personally being steered and corrected daily, mostly in my dreams, but there are other ways I have come to know, which are as part of me now as breathing, peeing and pooping, it seems humanity, in the main, does not experience that. At least not consciously. And, based on my personal experience, and the personal experience of a few people I have known a lot better than I know you, such incoming communication changes a person altogether. Such a person indeed becomes in but not of this world, as Jesus is reported in the Gospels to have said, and as has been said in other spiritual traditions, including aborigine shamans.

Facebook reply to yesterday's post: Jackass politics: Democrats hope disenchanted Republicans will cross over while Democrats wage civil war among themselves

Bob: LOL... Sloan, loved your final speech to the jury (since you are an attorney) of the legal arguments involved in the misrepresentation of severity of crimes in our legal system, I won't say justice system, and  characterization of crimes never charged to those in a position of power and control. However, I would argue the neglect of prosecution for crimes will result in not only the demise of democracy, but the ultimate penalty of extinction of humanity, from a variety of causes. But I believe that capitalism is the root cause and most misunderstood of all... deliberately!

Me: My father and his father were capitalists, and I majored in Economics in college and had some loose notion of following in their footsteps, until I entered law school, and that seemed to appeal more to me - a lot more, actually. My father had told me he wished he had attended law school, because knowledge of the law was so important in business, and he financially supported me and my wife when I was in law school. I eventually went to work for him, which turned out to be a bad idea, because I should have gone into the practice of law and had that experience first, and not second.
So, I had a good dunking in business and law, and in tax law after getting a masters in that field, and didn't fare too well in either profession from the capitalist perspective. But I did come away from both with some notions that rich people hate paying taxes more than just about anything, but they want government to protect them and their families and their businesses, and provide roads and sewers and garbage pick up, and police and fire protection, and kick-ass military, and Social Security and Medicare, and figure out how to pay for all of that without their help, is their wildest wet dream come true. Socialism for the rich, it is called today in some circles.
Of course, that can never work. The money has to come from somewhere for government to do all of that and much more, and that's either taxes or borrowing and/or printing money. Parallel, the rich do not want the government to provide decent healthcare to every citizen, nor an actual living wage. At least the rich in America do not want the government to do that. Summed up, that's a religion, and its adherents are as rigid about it as an evangelical Christian is rigid about his/her beliefs.
Looks to me that Donald Trump is a proxy for the worst strain of capitalism, and it also looks to me that most of his followers, as in the MAGAs, don't care just how warped he is about making money and not paying his debts and his taxes. Nor do they care that he is immoral to the core. He is white. He tells them what they want to hear. He knows how to wind them up and get them chanting his name like he is Jesus returned. And if that means armed insurrection, then God is with him and them.
While many Republicans see Trump very clearly, but stick by him because making money and paying as little in taxes as possible is their religion and wildest wet dream come true. While their church going is, well, I think Jesus sees things very differently. All they have to do is read the Gospels to see how Jesus viewed wealth and stewardship and paying taxes to Caesar and treating servants fairly and giving alms to the poor, whom Jesus said would always be there.
Yet, I think all of that wanders from the immediate crises in America, which, succinctly, if you don't factor in China's bioweapon and the Devil and legions of demons possessing both sides fairly nicely, is the Republican Party's view of Democracy is it decides what democracy is and everyone else heils and clicks their heels. While, the Democrats are ravaged by an internal civil war that is the Republicans' second wildest wet dream come true. The Americans who belong to no political party, such as myself, are disenfranchised and have to pick which side to vote for, or not vote, or vote 3rd party or write in knowing it won't change a thing.
All the while, Americans and humanity are killing the planet as fast a they can, and the Democrats at least talk like they want to do something about that, but do they really? So, you are right. The extinction of humanity is imminent, and I can imagine the planet looks forward to that happening before the planet is extinct.
It will go that way if Capitalists have their way. And, some Capitalists and governments will bill rocket ships to save themselves and a few people they can hold in debt for their salvation, and try to save themselves in space or on some other planet or moon, which will not want them there any more than the planet Earth wants us humans anymore. I can only wonder if there are ETs, or angels, or other beings around, who will not let the Earth human virus infect and screw up another world or moon.

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