Monday, October 18, 2021

It's easier to be someone else


Some wisdom of the ages:

It’s easy to be someone else and harder to be yourself..
Being yourself requires you to absolutely not give a fuck about anyone else’s (including your parents/families) expectations of you, your beliefs or the trajectory of your life. It’s being 100% honest with yourself and with others around you, that the way you present yourself to others isn’t swayed by what others may think of you. That’s what’s authentic. That’s what’s hard to do.

Beautifully said, a life lesson for me, and akin, once I ruined my reputation, I could be free😀. And, being someone else, for whatever reason(s), takes a lot of energy and tangles the soul and innards and causes all manner of psychic disturbance that can morph into various kinds of illness of body, emotions, mind and soul.  Alas, I found there were parts of me about which I wanted to know nothing, and I had the good fortune to have some angels show up and start pointing out those parts of me to me, and keep pointing out those and other parts of me I didn't want to know anything about, or knew about and didn't want to be reminded😎.

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