Thursday, October 21, 2021

Jesus in the Gospels made a big deal about how people thought, lived, behaved and treated other people

I put this part of yesterday's Will something save America from the machines? blog post on Facebook and got a few nibbles.

Sloan Bashinsky
Had dinner last night with a dear old friend, who is a very talented actress and is devoted to historic restoration and her old line elegant church where she sang for years in the choir. She is lesbian and quite moderate about most things. However, she was not moderate last night about a young minister the church "regents" brought in.
The young minister is an evangelical, the first of his kind in this church, which has been infiltrated by evangelicals. He goes on and on about Jesus this and Jesus that, as if no one in the church ever heard of Jesus. My friend was in a state about it, and some of her church friends are in a state about it.
Finally, I told her, the young minister is a robot. It didn't seem to go in. I said again, he is a robot.  A robot. Still it didn't seem to go in. I said, he is a machine. That seemed to go in. A machine.
I said the only thing that can reach him is something like Saul of Tarsus experienced on the Road to Damascus, which led to him becoming Paul.

You go Sloan preach the truth

Each of us has our own personal relationship with
God & Jesus.

Sloan Bashinsky
What about people who are not Christians?

Sloan Bashinsky Jews come to mind.

Sloan Bashinsky
Elizabeth Yes, Jesus was a Jew. And Muslims, another branch from Abraham. But according to many in Christendom, only they die and go to heaven, and all the rest die and burn in hell forever. Even people who never heard of Jesus. How people of other faiths, or of no faith, thought, lived, behaved, treated other people is irrelevant. Yet Jesus in the Gospels made a big deal about how people thought, lived, behaved and treated other people.

Sloan Bashinsky
Elizabeth You might find interesting, even amusing ...
My friend said yesterday that she had thought, then discarded, asking me to attend a church service and hear this evangelical minister. I retorted, I did plenty of that in the past and why would I attend a service knowing I would get up and walk out of the church in the middle of the service, which had become predictable in that other time. So, guess what? A dream with women last night pointed me directly toward doing what my friend had suggested. Her friends in this church, who do not like this minister are women. In a later dream, I was lining up to play a softball game against my former senior law partner and another man I knew in the dream, but not on waking. This was my senior law partner's church, too. He sang in the choir, it was very important to him. His philosophy was to try to treat other people respectfully, as he wished to be treated. So, I will go to this church Sunday morning and perhaps attend a Sunday school class as well as the morning service. And, I will play softball, not hard ball.
Also, last night my G.I. tract got really tight, burning and hurting. That tends to mean something new and gnarly is coming my way. During the early morning, there was a big electrical storm. Historically, a big electrical storm means something new, change, is headed my way. So, stay tuned ...

Sloan Bashinsky
Elizabeth Oh, my friend also told me that she thought she had sent my blog post yesterday, which contained the report I posted above and two somewhat related reports, to some of her women friends in the church, but it turned out instead she sent them a link to an earlier blog post, which I had told her I had posted in a spiritual alchemy group on Reddit and Reddit banned me. She said she could not understand why that happened, she had read that post. I said that post was a nuclear bomb if dropped into a spiritual alchemy group. I asked her to send yesterday's post to her friends and explain what had happened.
Here are inks to yesterday's post, which she meant to send her friends, and to the nuclear bomb post. Actually, both posts could be viewed as nuclear bombs. 

Sloan Bashinsky I love the sound of softball rather than hard. Might do that for a change. So yeah, fresh, soft, receptive change. Gonna play that song, Cool Change. Best of luck with your Sunday and so on. 

Sloan Bashinsky
Elizabeth Was advised to play softball in at the church, but perhaps not with the women, who'd already received the spiritual alchemy blog post by mistake. When I told a friend about that, who has angels hard on his case, he said, no way it was an accident those women received the spiritual alchemy post. They were supposed to receive it. My woman friend already had suggested the same.
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She might want to check out other churches, especially more open

Sloan Bashinsky
Ann That's a way to go at it, but this is her church for decades, and I imagine this is where God wants her to stay, at least for now, and deal with it in ways that she can.
I don't know the minister, and as reported elsewhere here this morning, I was shown in dreams last night to attend this church this Sunday and see for myself.

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