Monday, October 11, 2021

Christ's love will win America's coronavirus war after America rejected God's first cure?

This below was reposted by a hard-core south Florida Republican on his Facebook timeline:

Krista Lee
October 4, 2021
This week I gave up being a nurse
I worked my final shift.
This week I showed my children
From your values never drift.
Take the shot or turn in my keys
I just ran out of time.
The email laying out my fate
Burned forever in my mind.
No choice, no say, no exemptions heard
The mandate made it clear.
I must comply to keep my job
Sacrificing my health, I fear.
I look my husband in the eyes
He’s got to make enough.
Pushing the fears he will be next
Paying the mortgage will be rough.
Standing strong in my conviction
I do accept my fate.
Watching those around me fold
The pressure they could not take.
Next they come for the children
Since the adults all complied.
Up to date or keep them home
From the health pass you can’t hide.
Times are dark as people divide
The hate you can’t ignore.
To free this world we must only stand
Christ’s love will win this war.

Sloan Bashinsky
Did Christ’s love ever win any war? Or start any war? Red China started this war. Not fair, I don’t think, blaming Americans for trying to win the war with medical weapons available. Too damn bad the cheapest, fastest, nip it in the bud weapon, zinc and an old malaria drug, was in President Trump’s hands, but the left and its media and Fauci and the medical industrial complex went haywire and burned the cure at the stake, and wanting votes more than anything, Trump abandoned the cure for Operation Warp Speed- vaccines, and now Trump’s default weapon is rejected by many millions on the left and the right and in the middle. 

The hard-core Republican "liked" that comment.

Meanwhile, if Krista catches Covid-19 and has an awful headache and her body aches all over and she is gasping for breath, will she stay home and rely on the Christ to save her, or will she head to the nearest ER and expect to be admitted and put everyone there at risk to catching what she declined to be vaccinated against? Where I live, Alabama, hospital ERs and ICUs were maxed, people with life-threatening medical conditions not Covid-19 couldn't get a bed, because of people like Krista.

Last below is the zinc and old malaria drug cure that would have won the war in April 2020 after the doctor was interviewed on FOX by Sean Hannity, who had learned of the doctor from Mark Meadows, and President Trump then promoted the cure as a miracle, but it was burned at the stake by believers and non-believers alike.

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