Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Will something save America from the machines?

Had dinner last night with a dear old friend, who is a very talented actress and is devoted to historic restoration and her old line elegant church where she sang for years in the choir. She is lesbian and quite moderate about most things. However, she was not moderate last night about a young minister the church "regents" brought in. 

The young minister is an evangelical, the first of his kind in this church, which has been infiltrated by evangelicals. He goes on and on about Jesus this and Jesus that, as if no one in the church ever heard of Jesus. My friend was in a state about it, and some of her church friends are in a state about it. 

Finally, I told her, the young minister is a robot. It didn't seem to go in. I said again, he is a robot.  A robot. Still it didn't seem to go in. I said, he is a machine. That seemed to go in. A machine. 

I said the only thing that can reach him is something like Saul of Tarsus experienced on the Road to Damascus, which led to him becoming Paul.

Email yesterday from a Florida Keys lawyer amigo:

Sloan—Ease back into law, carefully—do a favor for one client; you must overcharge the next 4.

My Washington Post subscription allows me to share access to great journalism. Check out this gift article, at no cost to you: The college football coach turned U.S. senator objected to Biden’s victory on Jan. 6. He’s not looking back. “I have no regrets,” he says.

I replied:

Thanks -

I have way too much ongoing physical discomfort to ease into anything. I lived with it when I practiced law, and it's more intense now. I feel like I am practicing law in matters concerning my father's estate, which caused me to arrange my estate to eliminate even one lawyer having anything to do with it. And yet, I am unwilling necessary party in two lawsuits in my father's estate, and I may have to take the offensive, instead of just defending. I feel like I'm dealing with machines there, and in lots of other places. My take away on the Tuberville article is he is a shape changer machine. It looks to me that machines are taking over America, like they took over Russia, Communist China, Iran, Afghanistan. 


Link to American Historian Heather Cox Richardson's October 19, 2021 Substack letter, which draws attention to very real threats to the remnants of democracy in American elections:

My comment under Heather's letter:

America does indeed seem on the brink of losing what little remains of democracy in national elections, and perhaps in state elections. I see no concern about that in Republicans I know. In that sense are those Republicans any different from Vladimir Putin, Communist China, Iran, the Taliban? Are those Republicans any different from religious zealots? Are they any different from robots, machines? Can they be stopped by divided Democrats and Independents who cannot vote in contested Republican primaries? I hope something will save America from the machines.

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