Sunday, October 6, 2019

the razor's edge living, politics and 2020 hurricane season in Key West

It's Sunday, October 6, 2019.

I had hoped I was done writing about Key West and its righteous ways.


Two nights ago, Friday, my homeless lady friend, Kari Dangler, called me from the sheriff's jail on Stock Island, Key West. Her one free phone call. She said she had been arrested by KWPD for camping in public. She was sitting on a blanket, waiting to watch a local school football game just about to start. I told her, as long as she's in Key West, city police will keep arresting her and putting her in the sheriff's jail.

As I walked somewhere yesterday morning (Saturday), I passed a fellow with a long, white beard and white, wavy hair, who said, "Is that you, Sloan?" I didn't recognize him. Said so. He told me his name. I said I didn't recognize the long, white beard. Great seeing you. What are you doing in Alabama? J said he came to attend the wedding of a friend's son, and was out for a morning stroll. He had been one of my best vicious van dweller friends in Key West, until city police started threatening to jail them for hanging out at Higgs Beach. Jail them, because their vehicles were their homes. Their only homes. I told J about Kari being in jail, again, this time for sitting on a blanket at a football game. Camping.

Key West was making America great again long before Donald Trump ever dreamed he would try his hand at it.

J and I talked about all sorts of things, like we did at Higgs Beach. Joe is medically disabled. He also is really smart. Looks into many things. A real skeptic. Remains convinced 911 was an inside job. As do I. 

Making America great again, long before Donald Trump ever dreamed he would try his hand at it.

J talked about the real power people controlling everything behind the scenes. People whose names are never seen or heard in public. A secret cabal. I said, yes, those people exist.  They have been called "The Illuminati." J said the cabal knows they need to keep creating conflict, having two dogs barking at each other, then two more dogs barking each other, to distract the masses. Without the two dogs barking, the masses might be able to rest, think about things, wake up to what is really going on.

J told a few cabal stories. Dropped some cabal names. George Washington. Ben Franklin. Dick Cheney. I could have added the first President Bush. I mentioned Donald Trump. J said Trump's in the cabal mix. I didn't say all of them are well known. 

I said there is something going on right now, which does not involve the cabals. I looked at the weather forecast on my I-phone, said, it will be 93 degrees here today. It was 95 the past few days. In October. J said maybe the cabal has a way to heat things up. I said this never happened here before. J said I could not know that. I said it never happened here during my life. I'm 77 in two days. The oceans are full of plastic. This is a lot bigger than a cabal.

A woman had come by and asked us to tend her dog while she went into a nearby business. She now was in the conversation. She said her doctoral thesis had been on the making of a Nazi American president. I said Trump is a Klingon. The Klingon leader, actually. I found this pic online, using my I-phone, and showed it to them. They laughed. I said I had used that pic often at my blog. They laughed.

I said my problem with worrying about secret cabals is it ignores the ETs, which are very real and over which the cabals have no control. And, worrying about cabals ignores the angels and the demons, over which the cabals and the ETS have no control. P said he wasn't sure there were ETs and angels and demons. I said I had seen them all. They are there. 

J and the woman went on about the sad state of things and what might be done about it. I said, when people ask me what I think is really going on with something bad, I say they won't like my answer, because there is nothing that can be done about it. Lucifer is behind it. 

J and the woman went on more about the sad state of things, and what might be done about it. I said that method looks outward, instead of inward. That method never worked, and it never will work, evidenced by human history. 

J asked why we are here on this world? I said, to become who we really are. It's really important to dig into things and see what is not visible on the surface. But if research in a library is all we do, then it is for naught. What is important is to take risks, to speak and act publicly on what we know. 

The woman told of being in her office and library after an aunt had died. The books were her own writings and research and school text books. Including her doctoral thesis. She saw her aunt and all the books flew off the bookshelves onto the floor. Her aunt had the final say. I asked if this was a dream? The woman said, no, it actually happened in her office. I said I didn't think she understood her aunt. 

I told them about the movie, "The Razor's Edge," starring Bill Murray. A seeker of arcane mysteries, the "hero's" most cherished possession was his small collection of books on that subject. After much searching, he ended up living in a Buddhist monastery, in very high mountains, perhaps northern India. He swept floors and stirred a large black cooking cauldron, day after day. 

One day, a monk told him the lama wanted to see him. The lama told the seeker it was time he went up on the mountain, alone. As he headed out, the lama handed him his rucksack containing his precious books. The seeker then is seen sitting in a cave with a view of snowy peaks and valleys. He is seen meditating and suffering. He has a small fire going in front of him. He is not well dressed for the climate. He is cold. He is not progressing. Then, he picks up one of this precious books and tears out pages and puts them in the fire. He burns that book in that way. And another book in that way. And all of his books in that way. He returns to the monastery and the lama tells him it is time to leave.

The seeker returns to Paris, where he had lived before his journey brought him to the monastery. He met and fell in love with  a woman. She was an addict and had a pimp. He tried to save her. He came close, but she was an addict and the pimp didn't want to let her go. The pimp was really angry she had tried to leave him, and when she tried to leave him again, he slit her throat and killed her. The seeker wonders out loud what was the point? 

The point was he had stopped seeking and had started living and taking risks and trying to do his best.

The woman, who had joined J and me, said she had wanted to write a book. I said that was her aunt's point. She needed to get out of her old books and write a new book. And, given she was getting to know J, she should get herself a van and travel in it and meet people, and write about it.

J asked, what were the odds of him seeing me on the sidewalk in Alabama this morning, and then the woman joining us? Very low odds, J said. No, I said. The odds were 100 percent. That's always the odds when God is involved. No coincidence, J said. Correct, I said.

During a nap later yesterday, I dreamed I was running for mayor of Key West. I woke up, figuring that had to be about my encounter with J, and with Kari being jailed again by KWPD, for being homeless.

Last night, I summarized all of that during a phone conversation with my mainland friend, Young Prophet. I said I would love to be told by the angel bosses of me to publish a blog post in which I tell the people of Key West they might not care for next year's hurricane season, because of how their police and city commission keep jailing Kari Dangler, because she is homeless. In fact, they might not even want to be in Key West during the next hurricane season.

Young Prophet knew I had published several times that African shamans, pissed off over Key West putting a dog park on top of African slave remains, had steered Hurricane Irma dead at Key West. And, a few days before Irma's arrival, Kari told me of waking up that morning and seeing two huge arms and hands come down through the clouds and nudge Irma slightly eastward. And, just before Irma reached Key West, she turned slightly eastward and presented only her weak (left) side to Key West. 20 miles up US 1 and above there, received all of Irma. It looked like Hiroshima up there. A direct hit on Key West would have destroyed thousands of home and apartments, and most, if not all, of the beautiful old-growth Keys in Key West. The city no longer viewed as "paradise". 

Young Prophet knew I had published several times that Key West was spared that horror, because Kari Dangler was trapped there. And, instead of the city's police continuing to persecute her for being homeless, and racking up serious karma, the city commission should give her a key to the city, a rent-free apartment, and a monthly cash stipend, for so long as she lives in the city.

Young Prophet agreed with my assessment that Kari had a purpose in Key West, and I had described it, and what could befall Key West during nest year's hurricane season. I said I was reluctant to publish it without my angel bosses saying I should publish it. 

In a dream last night, a police officer caught me hiding behind a bush. I had on me a loaded six-shooter revolver and a large iron screw, which I handed to the officer. I woke up. Six is the number for Melchizedek. 

Whenever Melchizedek is involved in my human dramas, I'm expected to be tough as iron and to lower the boom. On myself, the dramas, and the other people in them.

Key West people, I give you what I feel is a required heads up. I am not a prophet, but it won't surprise me if Key West is wrecked by a hurricane, or hurricanes, during next year's hurricane season, and you might not wish to be there for it.

A nice lightning and thunder storm parked last night over where I live. Enough rain to break the long drought in my patch of town. A high of 87 degrees is projected for today. Such storms always herald change headed my way.

October 6, 2019

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kdawg68 said...

Did Kari tell you she was arrested while laying with Sex offender list and convicted rapist and sodomizer Clyde Messmer? Check it out your self Fool. She been running with him for few months LOL And her and Clydes arrest were several hours maybe even days before any football game Hell everything I just told you is easily checked thru football schedules and keysso arrest info times of arrest locations etc. She still lying thru her teeth you still eating it up. Stupid old man. I swear