Thursday, October 24, 2019

no country for shrinking violets: The Tree House murder prosecution in Key West

This is the 3rd post at this blog regarding the Key West Tree House murder prosecution of Franklin Tyrone Tucker by the Monroe County Sheriff Department, the Monroe County State Attorney Office, and the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Florida. 

  • I know everybody involved if I had to bet my life on it I would bet Rory Did the Stabbing and TY cooked up the plan. He had been running streets with rory for several weeks. Give me a break. I had actually told a case worker and co worker ince that Rory was gonna kill someone so it does not surprise me in the least. I would be looking into rorys prego gf whereabouts if I was Dennis ward, She is no shrinking violet either.
  • Interesting comment, "Mud Dawg". Looks to me you accused Ty of murder with your eyes wide open. If Ty wasn't homeless, that would be viewed a libel, per se. Looks to me you bet your life, and your soul, that Ty cooked up the murder plan.

    Since you say you know everyone involved, that causes me to think you should be questioned by law enforcement authorities that have nothing to do with Key West or the Florida Keys. Say, the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

    If I were Dennis Ward, I already would have asked the Feds to take over the investigation, including investigating the Monroe County Sheriff Department and my prosecutor, Coleen Dunn. I also already would have asked the Florida Governor to appoint a special prosecutor from the mainland to replace my office as the prosecutor. I also already would have asked the Advisory Committee to the Florida Supreme Court to investigate and recommend a circuit judge from outside the Florida Keys be assigned to preside over the prosecution henceforth.

  • The Tree House case was broken by Key West the Newspaper ( You can read all about that by opening this link:

    You can read all about the investigation done by Ty Tucker's very rich mainland lady friend by clicking on this link:

    You can read all about the lady friend's and my discussion of Ty's case in yesterday's post at this blog:



    kdawg68 said...

    Your a Idiot I knew them all from KOTS TY was Homeless and worked for me after KOTS! TY cooked up a robbery plan Most likely Matt was only killed when he intervened And tried to protect Paula. Jesus Dude you are really out there. I am actually surprised I was not contacted by law enforcement since I did Run Kots while they all stayed there and employed both Johnson and TY. I would never work Rory because I was convinced he and his Wife were both dangerous people.

    Sloan said...

    Looks to me you should be sitting down with the Sheriff Department, the State Attorney Office, the FBI, etc., and, under oath, telling them what you wrote in your comments at this blog, and anything else you know about the people involved.